Posted on February 6th, 2010

Mahinda weerasinghe -Author of. Mission to Oslo

(UD “”…” Norwegian Foreign office)Translated version of the attached Article appeared in NY TID 5. “”…” 11 February 2010. Page 43 -IN Norwegian it was called “Norsk fallitt pa Sri Lanka” Translated this would mean “Norwegian collapse in Sri Lanka”

The voter turnout for the Sri Lankan presidential election may have been as high as 80 percent, according to election officials.

The Asian international monitors who were in Sri Lanka to oversee the election concluded that the presidential elections on Tuesday were conducted in a free and fair manner.

Incumbent President Rajapaksa ended up with a tally of 6.02 million (58.16 per cent) against 4.12 million or 39.89 per cent received by Gen Fonseka. The 39 percent voter mass mainly consisted of Tamils, Muslims, Christians (mainly Catholics), and the merchant class of all ethnicities. Thus we can safely assume that the Sinhalese Buddhist chauvinists voted en block for the sitting President.

Considering the fact that it has only been just eight months since the defeat of the Catholic LTTE terrorists by the Island nation; it was no mean achievement. The western countries, and especially Norway, the NGO’s such as Human Rights Watch who did their utmost to protect the LTTE terrorist leadership from being eliminated in May 2009, has being working overtime to block the stabilization of the Island nation.

 For an example they strived to block the loan from the IMF at a time when Sri Lanka was as affected as any other country by the global recession. They suspended the EU’s Generalised System of Preferences, a trade arrangement through which the EU provides preferential access to the EU market (GSP) to Sri Lanka. By this EU hoped that it will help their candidate in the electoral process.

This extreme antipathy to Mahinda Rajapakse government is reasonable.  MR and his government had blocked the neo colonial forces interference in the internal affairs of the nation at every turn. This was not an easy thing for the  neo””…”colonists to digest.

Indeed some time before the elections, the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Report blatantly stated that, “ƒ”¹…”A regime change is considered imperative; Rajapaksa must go’.

In fact with the extermination of the LTTE terror leadership; the Tamil Diaspora brought some bizeer accusations to the fore.

In an open debate on national Norwegian TV, the LTTE proxies challenged Raymond Johansen (State secretary of the Norwegian Foreign office). They were demanding to know “What has Norway done for them ever”. The LTTE placards outside the Parliament (stortinget) of Oslo made this accusation were more explicit. “ƒ”¹…”Norway’ these declared “ƒ”¹…”has not carried out its pledges’.

Norwegian man on the road wondered, what was this unwritten “ƒ”¹…”understanding’ they have not fulfilled. Have the UD bureaucrats given assurances to the racist Tamil terrorist that they would chop Sri Lanka up and give them a major part of the Island to create their ghetto Elam state?

Now the LTTE jokers are demanding that Norway and the west fulfill their pledges and deliver!

Christians such as Kjell Magne Bondevik, Arne FjƒÆ’†’¸rtoft, Jon Wesborg, Vidar Helgesen, and Erik Solheim should be requested to spell out what these pledges given to the Jaffna Tamil Catholic church (Synonymous with LTTE) were, so Norway can in time fulfill those pledges. After all, a word is a word.

Perhaps in order fulfill a part of such pledges the parliamentarian from National Freedom Front (NFF) MJ Muzamil, MP was offered a 30 million rupee bribe to defect. Muzami claimed that the money has come from the US and Norwegian embassies. Indeed in order to validate this charge the 30 million rupees were spread out on the table for everyone to see, a huge sum by any Sri Lankan standard. Now the bribery and corruption commission will take charge of the money, and if the accusation is flash then they are bound loose a huge sum of money. 

Indeed “The accusation is untrue and totally unacceptable, Norway has never “”…” and will never “”…” interfere in an election in another country,” the Norwegian embassy declared. This made me curious to an extraordinary reality: this being the first time the Norwegian foreign office denied publicly to any wrong doing. Now I wonder why.

Peculiar thing about the democratic electoral process is, one person has only one vote to cast.  But Human Rights Watch which is the the mouthpiece of the Tamil terrorist organization LTTE is interpreting the election result as “anti-Tamil”.  Do they mean that Sri Lankan majority should vote for the division of their country in order to create a ghetto Eelam state where undiluted Jaffna Tamils can reside?

Indeed through its helplessness to manipulate the 2010 election in Lanka, the UD had lost its last chance to destabilize the Island.  

As far as the Norwegian Public is concerned they can look forward to two positive blowbacks from the election results, their money cannot be covertly utilised for “mediating peace” in Sri Lanka , and the Paradise Island has opened up to them to tour without LTTE suicide bombers lurking  in every street corner. Norwegian friends of Sri Lanka must be jubilant for the positive news coming out of Lanka at the moment.

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