Mahinda’s Victory
Posted on February 7th, 2010

Reyyaz Salley  – Islamic Solidarity Front of North America

 Mahinda’s Victory is People’s Victory was the title of the article I wrote in the Daily News on 22 December 2005 soon after the Presidential Elections. In the last four years he delivered the most anticipated election promise in 2005 “”…” that he can be relied upon to restore peace in the country, a country which has been scarred by conflict for so long was pausing for breath, and wondering what comes next.

Year of war and the worst financial crisis in decades “”…” still not over “”…” few believed that President Rajapaksa can turn things around in few months, even a year. He revised the Mahinda Chinthanaya that outlined his policies in the 2005 presidential elections, this time spelling out more development programs, increased jobs and ensuring a “better tomorrow.”

He looked for ways to reinvigorate the public and rally the believers. Finally, the voters spoke emphatically. They do not want fear anymore. They want stability and a continuity of development work which has brought kiri to gama and kekiri to Colombo in opposite of the norm.

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To be fair to the man, he inherited a heap of problems. Sri Lanka was fighting two wars, the open-ended war on terror and a limping economy. A pack of other challenges was also hanging heavy over his head; relations with the West over the war with LTTE, a whopping budget deficit, unemployment and many others.

And he could not get a reprieve. He was expected to deal with all on day one. Charm and charisma had to be sidelined. The Sri Lankan people, and the rest of the world, had had their fill of promises and illusory happy endings. To deal with any of these tenacious issues, the President had to play hard ball; tough, compromising, sometimes accommodating and sometimes plain dirty politics.

None of the immediate challenges he faced was easy. To put the economy back on track he had to face head-on the opposition, a skeptical media, the public and the consequences of his new policies. Every move he made was immediately scrutinized by his political foes.

The President had to show that he was a tough customer, a fighter who was determined to carry out his vision, and promise, even if it meant that he was risking getting his mouth bloodied and hands soiled. If it was not this attitude he wouldn’t have won the war and we might still be living in constant fear.

For the first time following a thirty year long war, voters in the north and the east of Sri Lanka have cast their vote without any intimidation. The people have chosen who they want to lead them into a new era.

The UNP along with the UNF led by it and the JVP are all part of an “unholy alliance” backed General Fonseka. Ranil, Mangala, Rauff, Mano and Sambandan along with the “sahodarayas” want us to believe that Sarath Fonseka will climb down from the executive presidency and bring about a new system under an Executive Prime minister within a few months after being elected president.

They did, what they can best do. Conspire. Scheme. Manipulate. Poor General Fonseka was pushed into a point of “no return”.

Today’s elections result is the real answer to the question who can win the peace, and bring Sri Lanka the stability and prosperity it seeks.

Suba Anagathayak to all the Sri Lankans and most of all to our beloved President Mahinda Rajapaksa!

Reyyaz Salley Chairman
Islamic Solidarity Front of North America

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