Justice for the Hela Nation is long overdue
Posted on February 8th, 2010

Anura Seneviratna (for expat Hela team).  

National motherland of the Hela Nation is the whole Hela Island of Heladiva. Helabasa – Hela culture “”…” National Hela Sovereignty is the inviolable fundamental human right of the nation of Hela people ONLY in our national motherland.


  • The pre-historic Heladiva is masked by pseudonym of Lanka has caused  the wrong name in our national land deed, making it vulnerable to our national heritage.
  • The nation is degraded to a race against Hela nation. Although, root of a nation is race distinguished by genes, evolved into a nation is inclusive of all migratory races but not limited to blood alone.
  • Although, within Heladiva all should be Hela citizens but Helas are cornered into a majority while non indigenous races are separated into minorities violating the national Hela sovereignty. This eventually makes the Hela nation vulnerable to attempts of invasion by minorities.
  • By identifying Heladiva artificially as Lanka, in addition to the country’s sovereign Hela nation, language, culture – it promotes Tamil, Muslim, Christian of alien origins, posing a dangerous threat to the invasion of Heladiva and extinction of the Hela nation. While Tamil origin is Tamil Nadu, Muslim origin of 50 Muslim countries and numerous Christian countries; the threat to tiny Heladiva by alien entities is a direct violation of justice due to Hela nation.
  • Due to the Lanka mask world does not see the truth of national Hela sovereignty, hence made to believe by the fraudulent global Tamil propaganda spewed out of over 100 million Tamils of a Tamil homeland struggle within Heladiva.
  • Usage of Lanka for Heladiva (island of Helas) can invalidate the sovereign heritage of the Hela Nation of only 14 million and our sovereign island territory.
  • The illegal racist and alien-national political parties not found in any other host country “”…” can be a severe threat to the national Hela ownership of Heladiva. 


Anura Seneviratna (for expat Hela team).    


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