Racist alien-national political parties violate national sovereignty
Posted on February 11th, 2010

Anura Seneviratna, Dr MB Ranatunga (for expat Hela team).

No country in the world allows non indigenous settler minorities to set up their racist alien-national political parties. It is a dangerous precedent leading to insidious invasion of the host country by minorities. If one day, the population of non indigenous minorities exceeds the population of the host nation “”…” in the first general election they will acquire majority seats and form a government, which will then become an alien-national country annulling the country’s national sovereignty. Due to this dangerous repercussion, no country allows the formation of racist alien-national political parties for non indigenous minorities.

 In Britain and France, where many non indigenous minorities have settled down as naturalized national citizens: have the freedom and right to serve in politics and it is happening. But they can enter politics only through the existing national political parties and have no right to form their own racist alien-national political parties. This is justifiable, if not it will eventually generate a threat to the country’s national sovereignty from minority communities.

 In Heladiva (SL), unlike in any other country, the non indigenous Tamils of Tamil Nadu (Tamil Country) national origin and Muslims with 50 countries of Muslim national origin have illegally formed their racist alien-national political parties. These directly threatens the Hela national sovereignty. The nation is divided between two national parties at elections, while minorities solely vote for their racist parties. As the rest of the nation is divided between two parties, the winning party always runs short of sufficient seats to form a government. In this predicament either of the major party has to woo for support from racist parties to increase seats to form a government. In return for the support the racist parties demand for illegal alien-national rights for their communities, which are granted in desperation paving a dangerous situation to the national sovereignty of the country. One such situation was the recently contained Tamil invasive terror attempting to transform Heladiva into a second Tamil Nadu and the extinction of the Hela nation.

 The birth of racist alien-national political parties solely sprung due to the artificial nation called Sri Lankan, which illegally suppressed the authentic Hela nationhood giving rise to separate and divisive official entities of “Tamil, Muslim”. These excessive minority rights are grossly violating the Indigenous National Hela Sovereignty by threatening to carve out alien-national enclaves within the Sovereign Hela Territorial Integrity.

 While the pseudo nationhood of sri Lankan is violating the indigenous Hela nationality: the racist alien-national Tamil, Muslim political parties are aiming to invade our country and extinct the nation. It is imperative that these illegal racist parties are annulled and educate the minorities to support the national parties as a universal and civilized norm.

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