Intellectuals say Sarath Fonseka should be dealt with the law due to his betrayals.
Posted on February 14th, 2010

Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation.

Intellectuals state that there is no injustice on inact military law on Sarath Fonseka who has betrayed war heroes who liberated the country from decades-long war.

Senior lawyer Gomin Dayasiri says any presidential candidate is bound by the law in the country and no exceptions.

Sarath Fonseka as a military commander has let down his own Army for appeasing personal agendas. Mr Dayasiri points out that Sarath Fonseka’s aim is to take revenge from President Mahinda Rajapakse. He re-called that Fonseka’s vindictive politics was severally defeated by the general public in last presidential election.

 Professor Nalin De Silva says Sarath Fonseka advocated for the imperialism. Therefore, he was categorically defeated at last election.

Mr Fonseka intends to produce the president and defence secretary to the international criminal court. Therefore, Professor Silva emphasizes that Sarath Fonseka should be dealt with the law due to his betrayal activities.

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