Posted on February 16th, 2010

Malin Abeyatunge

First let me say that I am a Buddhist. The Chief Sanghanayakas of the 4 chapters (hereinafter called 4 Chapters) in Sri Lanka have planned a Sangha Sammelenaya (SS) on the 18th at the Dalada Maligawa Mahamaluwa. First and foremost, may I request the venerable monks not to use the sacred historic site (Mahamaluwa) for their political agenda. As reported in the print media, they are organising this Sammeleneya (a) to oppose the arrest of Sarath Fonseka and requesting the Government to release him (b) to protect democracy and (c) forge good governance.

I believe the learned venerable monks know that no one is above the law (even them as sangha if they commit any crime) and wrong doers who commit any crimes will be dealt with according to the rule of law. Accordingly Sarath Fonseka will be dealt in the same manner for having committed state crimes whilst he was donning the Army uniform. Then the 4 chapters want democracy and good governance. Arresting Sarath Fonseka for attempted coup is a step towards protecting long cherished democracy in the country. If by any chance, he was elected as President, the country would have ended in a blood bath when treating his threats made to his opponents during his election campaign.

Ven.Monks say that it was wrong to arrest him as he was a war hero. I must reiterate the fact that Sarath Fonseka in his election campaign warned that his opponents will be sent to Bogambara Prison and even warned them to have mats (peduru) ready to sleep. That threat itself is good enough to arrest him immediately but the government was naƒÆ’†’¯ve to give him another chance. The 4 chapters want such a person to be released ignoring the crimes he alleged to have committed Sarath Fonseka who uttered those vengeful words against his opponents which are meant for Rajapaksa family and the UPFA politicians are getting 5 star treatment in a naval luxury quarters. Isn’t this good governance Ven. Monks?

 Venerable Monks of the 4 Chapters want Sarath Fonseka who is currently under investigation for a range of charges allegedly committed while donning the Army uniform, released. What a joke?

 The actions of calling a Sangha Sammaeleneya for the above discussed reasons is dividing not only the Sangha but the Buddhists as well. LTTE Diaspora, INGOS and NGOs are a waiting eagerly for this to happen including the Anglo Saxons who are propagating to spread various sects of their Christianity in countries like Sri Lanka. The proposed SS is providing ammunitions to them to do their job easily and see that Buddhists getting divided.

 I have few more question for the 4 Chapters. When most venerable Dalada Maligawa was bombed by LTTE, did you calla SS like this? No. When 39 Buddhist priests who were on a pilgrimage to Aranthalawa were gunned down by LTTE, what action did you take? Nothing. When hundreds of Buddhist devotees observing sil was gunned down by LTTE, where were you and what actions did you all take? Nothing.

 You all should have called a Sangha Sammeleneya and discussed ways and means of dealing with the LTTE treachery against Buddhists and Buddhist sacred temples. But you all did nothing then. But now, sadly, you all are calling a Sangha Sammeleneya (albeit you call it apolitical) to get a traitor released and agitating for democracy and good governance which is totally unwarranted and bad timing. I am sure the 76% of Buddhists would not support these 4 chapters’ action and make this humble appeal to cancel the proposed SS even at this last moment.

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