The evil that men do live with them
Posted on February 19th, 2010

henry jayaweera

Dear Editor,
The evil that men do live with them (With apologies to the Bard).
Isn’t the cache of cash in the private vault of the son-in-law’s mother enough to convince the most diehard supporter of the General that they have been led up the garden path-just as the supporters of he JVP should have been when the cache of gold was found in Maskeliya, and the supporters of the terrorist boss should have been when Pathmanathan spilt the beans after his boss’ inglorious exit from life on earth?
The elected leader of the country must ensure that justice is meted out to all citizens whether they were presidential hopefuls or otherwise.
The Christian bishops-at least some of them- have a dubious history as far as patriotism and the wellbeing of the nation and her people are concerned, having supported the terrorists until they were (Thank God???) packed off.
Now, it seems, some misguided Buddhist clergy want to take on the pretended role of saviours of their brand of democracy-power by any means.
For goodness’ sakes, all of you!! Stand up for what is right and honest. Temper your politics with truth and justice. 
And let the guilty face the consequences of their evil. For that is how it should be-whether through the perspective of Karma, or the Final judgment.
The president and his government must carry on with what has to be done in the name of truth and justice for all.
Henry Jayaweera

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  1. Chintha Says:

    Why do you cut and paste the same silly comment every where . There is nothing unfair , unpolite or abusive about the above post. He is presenting his view.

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