Sunday Morning Herald,Ref; your editorial on 21/02/10, under the heading “Rajapaske is the cause, not the solution”:
Posted on February 23rd, 2010

Vajeera Warnakulasuriya,

The Editor
Sunday Morning Herald,

Dear Sir,

With reference to your editorial on 21/02/10, under the heading “Rajapaske is the cause, not the solution”: I wish to posit the following response.

 If the Sri Lankan President wanted to deprive the General Sarath Fonseka (Rtd) to be the challenger he could easily refused to accept his resignation from the Army. Match over, kaput! End of story. But he practiced the “Democratic” rights of the ex-General and relieved him from active service. Isn’t that magnanimous of the President?

 Since then there are enough evidences to show that this General has been conned by the leader of opposition to contest against the incumbent President as the leader of a United National Front. A person who they propelled to the post of Presidency and who polled 40% of the total votes is now not good enough even to be considered as a Prime Minister. This is how the Leader of the Opposition destroyed War Hero nothingness!

The CID has now recovered the U$527,000 dollars he was donated by some Western countries or a country to use for the election and very soon it will be the task for the Interpol to find which country is the source of supply. Due to the fact, they have been sequentially numbered and brand new bundles to detect the source shouldn’t be a problem!

Yesterday the JVP spokesperson, one of the parties of this United National Front has said, Quote “Herath emphasized that the Army wouldn’t have arrested the former Army Commander had he refrained from challenging President Rajapaksa. The veteran soldier had risked his life for the sake of the Opposition he said, emphasizing that they had no moral right to break up the alliance, which campaigned for him at the presidential polls” Unquote. In here he is referring to the present treatment of the opposition leader to the retired General.

 Army did not arrest him for challenging President Rajapaksa, but for openly divulging sensitive defense matters. His loose cannon action caused the government to defend those accusations in UN rights violation sector. For you to quote such obvious serious utterances by an ex-General of an Army to ignore lightly indicates those who have now entrusted to govern the Army are ignorant of the laws inherent in the Army Constitution. On the contrary they know their constitution. Hence the arrest is quite in order, it would be no different to that of any other countries constitution in the defense forces. Even though he is retired now, he is legally bound to keep the knowledge of the defence matters sensitive or not for a certain length of time away from the public. The arrest was delayed in order to avoid misconstrue the notion of some of the deluded voters that the President is afraid of losing.

The imaginary temporary imprisonment of election commissioner Dayanada Dissanayake as quoted by you was based on an alleged computer fraud done by the government to achieve the victory, this has to be very serious, if this was true then the rightful victor would have been the Sarath Fonseka! Lo and Behold the crucial accusation is not even among the list of malpractices forwarded in the election petition.

When there’s an election around the corner, you cannot send the incumbent Commissioner on retirement, as it is not possible to elect an impartial person in a hurry to the post of Commissioner of Elections to the satisfaction of all parties concerned. If one construes this as that he was kept under a threat, then that shows the ignorance in those who doesn’t know the process involved in the selection of an election commissioner!

 As for the asylum seekers in Australia, rightfully federal MP Mr.Barnaby Joyce classified them as “economic” migrates, if the Government believes they are genuine refugees, so be it, not only for the boatloads that came here, give residency to the rest in the North & East, they need not be subjected to a hazardous sea travel to come here, let the compassionate Aussies who are so concerned about the well being of them may foot the bill for a comfortable flight or a cruiser!

 Gorden Wiess and James Elder managed to get postings from UN to Sri Lanka for specific tasks, however they overstepped their line of duty and started giving adverse reports on Sri Lanka supporting the LTTE cause. This is natural when you work for two employers and the latter’s pay-cheque supersedes the former! Sri Lanka showed her displeasure on their conduct to their formal employer, the UN. On the seriousness of the complains against them UN had to terminate their employment, however they prefer to use the “glorified term” RESIGNED to “terminate” from UN duties. There’s nothing Australian Embassy in Colombo nor the Minister of Foreign Affairs here in Australia could do, as they were employed by the UN, and they have the right to hire & fire!

 Amnesty International and Reporters without Borders are the voice of pro LTTE supporters in Sri Lanka, most of the journalists whom these organizations have noted disappeared, are in fact now living abroad incognito. Most of the journalists were eliminated by the LTTE. A secret army vigilante of the retired General Fonseka has apparently killed one leading journalist who was making headlines on media all over the Western World, the suspect is now in the custody and investigations are proceeding.

Jehan Perera, is a NGO who is funded by foreign organizations, running a make believe Peace Council just to make adverse reports on Sri Lanka pretending him to be an independent journalist. It is not only the LTTE that the President had to overcome, also these recalcitrant journalists, who announce to the World they have no freedom of speech, expression or demonstration! All bunkum!!!

 The country went through a very difficult period after eradicating the Worlds most brutal Terrorist group. Then immediately embarked on resettling roughly 300,000 IDP’s living in relief camps. They were gradually resettled having reasonably providing the basic infrastructure so that they can get on with their lives, without fear of losing their husbands, brothers, sisters and the children to LTTE as in the past.

Sri Lanka should be applauded for the humongous task of caring for these unfortunate IDP’s and finally sending them back to their own land within a year after demining and preparing a safe living environment. This is an unprecedented event in the World considering the meager resources in the way of heavy machinery and demining equipment available.

One has to visit these areas now to see the Happiness and the enthusiasm to get back to do what they have been doing for donkey’s years without being harassed. These areas are now full of tourists and business in hospitality industry is booming by the hour! Their produce is now gradually coming to the markets down south, relieving the shoppers from the exorbitant prices they use to pay for them in the past. These are indeed positive signs of normalcy returning back to the Island!

 Now, one has to understand you cannot usher Peace overnight with the annihilation of the LTTE, one has to win the hearts and minds of a generation who had no links what so ever with those in the South. More over for the last 30years these innocent people were brainwashed with hatred of inconceivable proportions. Although your media portrays a gloomy picture to the Australian public, the ground realities in the Island are a gradual ushering of ultimate Pease is getting closer!

Finally no one needs to be alarmed that one of the Commonwealth countries are losing “Democracy” just because their Favorites have been unsuccessful to capture power in the country. Yes, indeed Rajapaksa is the solution for all the ills in that country that is why 58% of the total population voted him in on their free will. Only those who live in that country who knows best, who is best to govern the country under Unified, Unilateral one Flag!!!

 Please refrain from writing editorials based on reports from Tamilnet and poison the minds of the consumers with the view to tarnish the beautiful image of Sri Lanka!

 Yours sincerely,

 Vajeera Warnakulasuriya,
98088763, Melbourne

One Response to “Sunday Morning Herald,Ref; your editorial on 21/02/10, under the heading “Rajapaske is the cause, not the solution”:”

  1. aravinda Says:

    It appears that some half baked Australian journalists still treat Tamilnet as a credible source of news. I read Tamilnet and DBS Jayaraj for entertainment, to find out how many ways bullshit can be produced. Tamilnet is a mouth piece of LTTE, that is according to Reuters, Agency France Presse(AFP), BBC news, Xinhua and Al-Jazeera English. (refer Wikipedia). This is Australian balanced journalism for you. Why do Australian journalist write half baked? Is it lack of knowledge and reaserch material? Or is it just laziness? We would never know.

    One thing we can be sure, it is hard for many people to bear peace in Sri Lanka. It will even be harder to watch prosperity in Sri Lanka. The lasting peace will bring leaps in standard of living. In twenty years, Sri Lanka will rival Malaysia. I wish I could live to see that.

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