Catholic Justice Commission of Brisbane Archdioce’s
Posted on March 8th, 2010

Sarath W

The recent article by Peter Arndt on Sri Lanka is just another attempt by some ignorent Australian playing god just because he works for the Catholic Justice Commission. It is strange to hear a Australian talking about human rights. One has to  only look to the Australian abroginies to see what human rights they have. It seems to me many Australians including the Catholic church here believe they are not human and therefore have no human rights.
Before commenting on Sri Lanka and suggesting the Australian government should work with the other western governments to impose trade sanctions against Sri Lanka, Peter Arndt should look into his own backyard and campain against the Catholic church  to work for human the rights for the abroginies.
Every Sri Lanka, Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims or other monorities suffered in many ways for over twenty years because of the LTTE scum and the Sri Lankan government should make no apologies for wiping them out.There may have been some human right abuses in achieveing this outcome. But never forget the army lost over six thousand men during the last few days by trying to save as many civilians as possible.
Tamils in Sri Lanka enjoy all the benefits as the other Sri Lankans do, definetely much more than the rural Sinhalese. Can Peter say the same about thr abroginies in Australia? Tamils are only about 18% of the Sri Lankan population, but they are about 40% of the professionals like thje engineers, doctors, teachers etc. There over twenty Tamils in the Sri Lankan parliament. What is the lirecy rate amoung the abroginis in Australia? How many abroginies are in the parliament in Australia?
Peter should think and read about Sri Lanka before talk. He talk like any other in Tamil diaspora pay roll like Hilary Clinton, BBC, ABC and UN organizations.
Im am a catholic and often ashamed to call myself a catholic as it is obvious the Catholic Church in Australia uin only interested in Making money. Pehaps the Pease Commission got a big donation fron one of the LTTE fronts. The church is building more and more churches and schools in well to do communities so that it can make more money. But what is the catholic church do in those poor abrogini communitie? I bet not much as it is bad for business.

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  1. Ratanapala Says:

    The Christian Church first started off two thousand years ago as a money making organization aimed at toppling the Roman Empire. It toppled the Roman Empire and even acquired it. Today it is the world’s richest real estate owner. Christianity is the creme on the cake it uses to attract its victims. The blood drained history of the church speaks for itself.

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