Egotistical party politics threatens our National Sovereignty
Posted on March 10th, 2010

Anura Seneviratna, Dr MB Ranatunga, Sumith de Silva, Asanka Haradasa, Sapumal Watteaarachchige, Ira Mediwake, Ranjith Wijetunge, Dhanapala Godagangdeni, Sam Samararatne (for expat Hela team). 

Graceless reduction to egotistical psyche from wholesome and potent national cohesion is indeed a tragedy. But we cannot be blamed for it if causality is thoroughly examined, which is mainly the sinister impact of systematic de-nationalization campaign in the past, conspired by the pretenders to our national politics in pseudo-national garb.

 The impact is: as a nation of people, we were transformed into destructive  individuals, unaware of the meaning of national sovereignty and the inviolable rights enshrined within it, in defence of our today and posterity. In this confusion, nation and race were misconstrued; instead of nationhood we have a majority and ethnic complex similar to non indigenous minorities, a reference normally to settlers in a robbed land or ownerless land. Although, we uphold our sole ownership and leadership to our home “”…” we are made to behave in our national motherland without national aspiration and confidence to say this island country belongs to our Nation.

 This attitude and outlook encouraged the minorities to strive towards  separate national entities, which stemmed from the excessive and illegal rights dished out to them by most of the past pseudo-national rulers since 1948. This paved the way to an attempted minority Tamil invasive terror to turn Heladiva (SL) into a second Tamil Nadu and the extinction of the Hela nation. With the liberation of the island achieved “”…” we are now facing a general election but the invasive threat to our national sovereignty is continuing globally by the Tamil entity led by Tamil Nadu’s Tamil national leadership. Add to the bargain, the traitorous opposition political party and their minority racist, alien-national illegal political parties are in cahoots, continually threatening the country’s national sovereignty. 

 Most of us may now have forgotten the liberation of the country promised by the current leadership having achieved at the cost of thousands of lives. While indulging in the current freedom of safety “”…” the party political and egotistical ambitions are high in the agenda. Narrow self interests can take priority over the big picture which is out of focus at our peril. Elephant does not see its mighty size covered by the big ears and we have underestimated our Island Country and Nation for its physical smallness. Yet, the endless global Tamil and international thrust on us signals that we must be quality not quantity. To take our place as a nation and country on earth “”…” it is the most appropriate time to rise up in defence of our National Sovereignty as our fundamental inviolable human right as a nation of people within our Island Country. As this exercise is justifiable and noble, which is common to every nation ONLY in their national motherland “”…” we must be wise, firm and strong consistently against vultures.

 Undoubtedly, we as a nation are not united due to party political and selfish divisiveness, which is amply exploited by the minorities to their undue separatist advantage to de-stabilize the nation and country.   Instead of narrow egotistical party political mindset, we should look ahead to elevate ourselves towards Sovereign National politics where Country and Nation as our priority.

 Our ancient kings requested that every citizen should be alert to the national politics on a daily basis, as it directly affects from the rice grain to the defence of the country. But since we embraced foreign divisive party politics “”…” politics has become a bad word now, while allowing the party politicos to play merry hell at the cost of the nation and country.

 Anura Seneviratna, Dr MB Ranatunga, Sumith de Silva, Asanka Haradasa, Sapumal Watteaarachchige, Ira Mediwake, Ranjith Wijetunge, Dhanapala Godagangdeni, Sam Samararatne (for expat Hela team).  


12 Responses to “Egotistical party politics threatens our National Sovereignty”

  1. M.S.MUdali Says:

    The Hela Team lives outside of the current affairs of the world. Tamil Nadu politicians, the DMK, gaveup separate nation idea in 1962. In India it is an offence to call for separation of states. The USA has the same law enshrined in the constitution.

    But this Hela team keep silence on the involvement of the Catholic Church with LTTE but simply blame the Tamil minority. Catholic Church is more powerful than any political party in Sri Lanka. Catholic Church tried to create an EAST TIMOR like state in Sri lanka by supporting LTTE. (Catholic) UNP too helped the East TIMOR idea by carving out an area to LTTE. Hela Team again keep silence on UNP which is a Sinhala political party.

    If you pay few thousands to a Tamil nadu political party, they will shout for anyone. Demonising Tamil nadu is a by gone era politics.

    Hela team better identify the people who are in Sri lanka but work for USA, Vattican, and UK. Because they are directly involved against the Sovereignty of Sri Lanka. Most of such people are Sinhalese than Tamils.

    But Rajapakse brothers know these culprits and take care of those foreign “agents” very well!

  2. anura seneviratna Says:

    Tamil Nadu (Tamil Country) did not give up separation but diverted and channelling through the Hela Island as they are unable to confront the Indian subcontinent, having tried before and not merely because it is an offence. Comparing the Indian subcontinent with different indigenous nations with USA, a robbed continent, after massacres of indigenous nations of people is not comparative. However, it is justifiable within the Indian subcontinent if separate states wishes to be independent nations. Not only separation is an offense, it is a gross national violation of Hela sovereignty, which is a unitary entity in the sovereign island.

    “Add to the bargain, the traitorous opposition political party and their minority racist, alien-national illegal political parties are in cahoots, continually threatening the country’s national sovereignty.”

    In the above statement, within the words “traitorous opposition political party” includes the Catholic Church. UNP is not a Sinhala party.

    Tamil Nadu is well entrenched it is the driving force but we are brainwashed to avoid it conveniently.

    We have identified those traitors in Heladiva (SL) as pseudos and some are garbed in Sinhela names.

    Long live Rajapakse brothers, who brought us independence, not in 1948.

    . the H is really in et Indeed, it is an offence

  3. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    Thank you for your great effort. You are like angels of the Gods carrying the message of the future to the defeated, misguided and lost souls with original Sinhala heritage who have become self-misled slaves working for naturally born slaves unwittingly. When I said “Gods” I meant the original natural meaning given by the Sinhala people who created the original word, not the illusive meaning given by the miserable lot who try to make a living out of the extremely miserable and the gullible among them.

    For some reasons, we find all the challenges inside our own sanctuary. Obviously, there were some infiltrations and both sponsored and natural events that contributed to our problems. Ignorance also played a significant part to our ills. Alien occupation has left behind many dual-personality entities. With Hindu invasion and Tamil occupation, we have a soulless Tamilised group believing themselves as Tamils specially in the Rajarata area and the appearance makes them to look similar to Tamils, though they carry some original Sinhala characteristics. However this did not happen with European invasions due to differences in appearance though there is a sense of dilution on their values with those who opted to remain Sinhala speakers. As you say, we must stand up on our legs firmly than trying to seek solutions from those who themselves are part of the problem. I am very much surprised how there could be so many aliens taking cover behind local costumes at the higher echelons of the society. Whether it is part of a challenge, a sort of natural event, or some sort of external factors that try to undermine our position within us is a matter of intense interest.

    Quite contrary to many false claims, Sinhala are the only true native human community among all such groups who can claim the true “native tittle” to Sinhale’ (Lanka) on the basis of their presence from the time of living in the world to creation of the modern humanity that they pioneered. Their harmonious existence with the nature is the best proof of this claim. Even those in some parts of the world who are identified as natives of those lands were outsiders at some early stages, though they were being settled without bloodshed that we have seen during recent times. With such authority, why we wonder around to claim our ownership is an interesting natural behaviour. In other words, those living in someone else’s land are the more ambitious to expand (This includes Tamils) until they reach doom, and also more vociferous and more consistent in claiming rights to the land. A prime example is the conduct of English colonies, who pretend to be in those lands even before the humanity was born. This opposing conduct is also a proof of what we really are.

    Some of these pathetic migrants demanding separate lands for them may be an interesting pointer to the future. I hope that you read a local news item recently about an elephant who went on a rampage attacking vehicles on a nearby road, in fact, to demand humans to save three baby elephants stuck in a nearby marshy land. So aggression, a natural act quite misguided in its nature, very often used by children to ask for something, may be telling us that they are asking us to give back their lands, essentially partitioned by our ancestors to allow a harmonious life that prevailed before the advent of Hinduism, a suicidal and divisive faith that turns everyone against everyone to achieve what are essentially individual needs common to all humans driven by natural instincts. Under no circumstances, there is any human other than Sinhala who can claim any rights to our country under any circumstances.

    Your text “Our ancient kings requested that every citizen should be alert to the national politics on a daily basis” is very interesting. One of the major factors contributing to current turmoil is the Maha Sammatha selection of a single person to decide all community affairs that later became corrupt and incompetent and now close to its end. The next stage of our governance, only kind of such thing in this world, that has come up with many faces, will address this and stop the pure animal life forms taking the human form, the main contributor to the current chaotic state of humanity, with proper mechanisms to send back to wild where they belong. This claim is based on one of the reproductive processes that makes it a very simple task to create a human body though creating the correct functional human body demands prior human existence.

    I wish you stick with your principles to judge your decisions/loyalties/claims than depending on certain individuals, whatever the achievements they may have claimed in public while ignoring very public gestures that show their other sides. As an example, anyone trying to destroy the Sinhala identity and merge us into a meaningless, lifeless and useless identity such as “Sri Lankan” (funny word like Sri Sinhala Landers), based on divisive English colonial masking should not be considered as leaders of any worth. As well, anyone who promotes any language other than Sinhala to our people also should not be considered as a person who could be called human in that sense if not misguided. In other words, if someone asks you to give up your clothes and wear leaves and branches, use stone tools, or abandon your houses and live in caves, such persons are not your true leaders. Those asking us to follow alien languages and practices, even disguised as lifestyle skills or whatever, are the same lot of unworthy individuals who contributed to our down fall. If you have some idea of what damage is caused to our Sinhalaness by implementation of such barbaric proposals, initiated by closet English off springs left behind, you would leave them to rot hanging by trees than calling your saviours.

    I know that you have the strength to ignore your enemies and to hold firm. Being surrounded by the totally opposite of what it has to be, finding the right from wrong is a very difficult task. As a matter of fact, I hope that you will see the current system of governance in Sinhale’ is a completely alien outfit forced on us by the worst of our enemies using the sort of people I mentioned somewhere in this comment.

  4. M.S.MUdali Says:


  5. anura seneviratna Says:

    There is nothing pure in this world. Much commonality within the human creature but it does not make us a monotonous human creature either. It gives us variety in races, nations, languages etc. give and take is natures design. There is not a claim of absolute purity or truth but within the beautiful variety of nations of peoples – each world of nation’s sustenance within each indigenous national motherland is world heritage. It has given us diversity in countries and nations.

    It is unwise when searching for solutions, to look into the begining or end of the world but tangible present is the moment of truth.

  6. orpheusperera Says:

    Thank you guys for your combine effort. I hope you can convey this message to all politicians , along with the message in the next article “Patriotism Disregarded” by By Dr. Levins and T.C.Rajaratnam. Some one should be able to trnslate this into Singhalese and Tamil and publish in all the papers in Sri Lanka.

  7. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    Ref comment by MUdali, you are proving to be another type adding up to the versions created by Sangaree, Sampanthan and late VP, who ignore the plight of Sinhala people by accommodating Tamils amongst them. Only solution is to let the true Tamils get their original rights in their original land. Tamil speaking non-Tamil aliens must be sent to join VP, the symbol of that type who uses Tamilness to exploit Tamils. Even Tamil Nadu is not the original native place of Tamils. I do not wish to add more to this as it could cause more pain. In a previous comment, you made a very silly comment about the two distinct Sinhala sounds by claiming that they are equal. Sinhala is the only language in the world that carry a unique meaningful sound combination to every word. Try Bada, Kata and Ba-the (-the sounds as “the” in English). Since you questioned about origin of others, I like to suggest that you may be also a Tamilsed person of Tamil-Sinhala heritage created during occupation based on certain characteristics found in your comments. I do not think that you have any ability to challenge Tamil Lexicon as you did before. There are many speaking Tamil language who do not have the original Tamil values. What if Tamil is a poorly understood alien language spoken as an adopted version (like English) with little to share on the true meaning of words?

  8. M.S.MUdali Says:


    If Tamil Nadu behind separation, how could J.R.Jayawardene’s government pay MOSSAD to train LTTE in Tel Aviv?

    You better read the book “By Way of Deception”. You may disagree with the book but later develpments/ incidents proved the “love Affair” of UNP and LTTE Terrorists.

    How can you or other “Sinhala Patriots” ( You guys have no chance to know the TAMIL PATRIOTS during the last thirty years) disregard the CARVING OUT OF VANNI for the TIGER inhabitation by UNP? Are you going to say “UNP TOO INFLUENCED BY DMK AND M.KARUNANITHI?”

  9. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Which Tamil Lexicon you refer?

    Sinhala has some UNIQUE words which are not found in other languages. That is the charactor of each language!

    Further you are afraid of DNA. That itself shows your ” your fears”.

    If the DNA tests done on Tamils and Sinhalese, 99.9999 % of the Sinhalese cannot go beyond South India but some of them end up in Lisbon or Amsterdam or in Londan. Further the “Arya Sinhala” talk will die.

    You have no knowledge of Tamil and telling me about “Tamil values”.

    If Sampanthan, Sangaree or VP thought as me, no trouble in Sri lanka but you follow them!

  10. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    Dear Anura, your comment is very interesting. However I want to add something different as someone who tries to go against the norm. The concept of purity is purely based on comparison. In absolute terms, everything could be pure or not depending on how we classify it. It is true that human is not a monotonous creature. But, we made some attempt to find two totally equal humans and also two totally different humans, and found some interesting thing to say that every element that make not just humans, but every other kind of creature has unquestionable uniqueness that lead us to its root. Refer your “give and take” concept attributed to the nature’s design, we find more to the process than than that. In other words, human creation (reproduction) process is a truly natural process that has nothing unusual or mythical about it though we have many unknowns tagged as mystic or illusive. The basic process through which a child is born tells a much clearer version of the event than we think. As you know neither the new born is a copy of the parents nor totally different. We all know that parents do not have a clear or visible control over what the offspring is. It is our finding that there are events that decide the outcome and essentially it is only “take” (not give and take) as you say. But there is more to it as some children have characteristics that their parents never had suggesting more to it than even “take” as there is what we call “make” in it.

    Essentially one dimensional analysis, which could be attributed to every western bit and piece of knowledge lead us to “chaos theory” as there is no direct and/or unquestionable relationship between any two entities of all kinds that make our world. But more vigorous multidimensional analyses would suggest strong relationships at least between some of these events. As a simple example, humans giving birth to other types of creatures or vice versa never happens. When this is expanded to infinite degree analysis (this is not as clumsy as we think as the word ‘infinite” says), there is a perfect relationship between all entities that make our realm for what it is. On this basis, there is nothing unexplainable or mystical in this world where everything has all the natural factors that decide natural events. Having said that, our problem is we are confined to our own humanness that deny us the view from outside, which makes us to believe things putting ourselves in the middle of everything.

    Refer notion of origin and things like absolute truth and other concepts seeking perfection has a true meaning as nothing can create nothing if you look around in this realm. For that matter, what we are focused on our own existence has a clear origin and a clear end for some while there are other such concepts that account for many other events/outcomes. Every event has a proper place in the relevant event chain though there are many events that are being put in wrong order due to inclusive/speculative nature of thinking and confusion caused by limited human capabilities. As an example, “Sinhala people came from subcontinent” is one of the worst canards by some individuals who even did not have a clue about the meaning of the word “Sinhala”, that has being accepted as true by many walks of life without even questioning. But I agree that what we have become today is the best outcome of all possibilities that would have led us, as every real moment is truly real though we may speculate as to what will be our tomorrow. However what comes next can be controlled by what we seek to be now within certain natural restraints. But what comes next could also be already decided by someone else a long time ago as the pattern of events are accounted for over a time scale though there are other scales that make even time scale irrelevant.

    The bottom line is that the vast majority of humans that claim to be human today may not even be humans if we apply how nature works and test them under natural conditions. This could be very interesting as ancient Sinhala people had this knowledge that makes me wonder who really they were, though there are many among us who are not even worth to call human given their human capabilities. Unfortunately, the life outside the nature took our the protection we had under natural conditions though we eliminated the destructive part of nature to a greater extent. Unless we introduce unnatural protective measures, we will continue to drift to the unknown ending with going back to where we began our journey.

  11. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    To Mudali – Tamil Lexicon, University of Madras (Madda – You find out what this word is).

    The words I said are very commonly used ones by everyone that could be the earliest forms of words that made the language which are now replaced by more advanced, but less enthusiastically used words due to the dominance of original words. Sinhala people have had a complete naturally evolved language (no clear rules or word syntax formations as such, but unique and logical – good enough for a long while to live as a community) before the coming of the structured language adopted by the people when expanding to accommodate new knowledge. There is no such thing with any other community. In fact every other language has adopted this structured language style in their versions. What differs in other languages is a measure of their local knowledge that can be used to find their land of association and their social characteristics. Is not it silly to imagine that the language came up like a mushroom with all its tentacles and every body started talking it just when it came into contact?

    You said I fear of DNA testing. I can offer you a test which will prove that I will match 200% ( or 2000%, or more) with Tamils if calibrated to what DNA matching offers. Unfortunately, the same testing will prove my Sinhala heritage many more times than what would make me a Tamil if such tests are used to judge my ethnicity. One such specific Sinhala trait making me is that I would never claim someone else’s land as mine ever, not even to share. This fact is more than enough to say that I could never be a Tamil. The testing mentioned above may sound a bit like comparing measuring with a micrometer and measuring with subatomic particles. Unfortunately, I can offer more sound testing procedures to show that every living creature is different, which truly reflects the nature. But, none can change my conviction because there is a more important reason to say about Tamils as an ethnic identity. Any way, do you believe that you are related to Banana as DNA match could be very significant though?

    I mentioned about Tamil values not just because we were at the receiving end of their deeds born out of their values, but because I have access to a process of laying down ethnicity based values for all humans belonging to all ethnic groups. For that matter, our reference standard is the animal human, the kind of our ancestors who were living in the wild. In fact this was the same as that of all other animals even today, a clear and convincing source of this reference standard. What so-called values that we champion as civilised are how far we exercise control over some of the values that make up the reference standards.

    I wish you could read the other comment on this article. Sorry, I do not wish to contribute to the notion of Aryan stuff because I came across too much of German thinking. Some ladies are very much smarter than their feeble hubbies.

  12. anura seneviratna Says:

    Jayawardanam was the prime culprit who directly and indirectly encouraged attempted Tamil invasive terror to destroy Hela/Sinhela Nation and country. In the 1970’s when he was asked by the British journalist Churchill, who was his hero his immediate reply was Elara. Conan Doyles diary states his Tamil ancestral beginnings.

    UNP’s Ranilan is J’s sister’s son who too followed pro-Tamil stance against our heritage and even now. He is still a regular visitor to Tamil Nadu.

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