India Gets Tough – ‘The Leader’
Posted on March 10th, 2010

Herold Leelawardena

It’s been more than nine months since LTTE, Piripaharan and all its key leaders have been wiped out. But Tamils do not sound or look as if they have forsaken any of LTTE ideals. One could see that trend from their fall to TNA, the LTTE proxy. If not, why did they vote for Fonseka? Did they not expect to accomplish their aspirations through him?

Everyone knew that UNP, JVP and TNA policies are poles apart. Needless to mention Fonseka had his own vicious plan. How could a bunch like that work together for the benefit of the people in this country? Truth is; they had their separate plans for their own gain.

Make no mistake; today, JVP motive is the same thing of the yesteryear. JVP knew they will soon be reduced to nothing if Rajapakse remain in power. TNA knew Fonseka will neither transfer power to parliament nor abolish Presidency. TNA knows that Fonseka would bring about instability and confusion. Until then, the wily TNA is lurking in the shadows of Fonseka for the right time to call upon the International Community to demarcate the boundaries for Eelam. A fox like Ranil cannot; but knows this danger. But his hunger for power supersedes the good for the country. Intelligent as they are or with some extra terrestrial compelling Sinhala Buddhists had understood all this and had voted Rajapakse to power en masse.

President Rajapakse need not fear for votes. Right now 70% of Sinhala Buddhists favour him and are firmly against RanilW. And a good number of Intelligent and realistic Tamils and Muslims are also with him for they know that peace dividends could roll down to them as well. And soon that number would swell up to 50%, soon.

For all that to materialise, President Rajapakse should not drop our guard and allow LTTE rumps to regroup. They should not be allowed to bring back their suicide bombers to bomb our buses, trains and public places. We should go after all those LTTE rumps wherever they lurk. And to do that effectively, we should get even the devil’s help to train our intelligence sleuth.

Let’s not fool ourselves. Almost all Tamils want Eelam. Just like Shylock wanted an exact pound of flesh. Some of them wanted a shortcut route (war and violence) to it and others want to take long road (13A, federal, con-federal and etc) to it. But in the end they all want to get to the same. So much so, the Diaspora Tamils are looking for new Piripaharans to revive their fight for Eelam.

There is a greater danger though: the so-called international community (IC), their NGOs and Christian evangelists continue their endeavour to divide Sri Lanka. They are not averse to LTTE ideals. The way they go about supporting well known former LTTE agents prove this point. LTTE were the pioneers and the masters in the art of suicide bombings. Yet, for the last thirty years this clique had been propagating that LTTE were a special kind of terrorists “”…” freedom fighter terrorists.

In such circumstances should expect anyone to protect us? No. We have to protect ourselves from those that supported and helped LTTE for the last thirty years. And we should not forget that those that helped LTTE include IC, NGOs and Christian Evangelists. They wanted to revive LTTE rump and ignite another war to destabilise this country.

 Needless to mention, we have to protect ourselves from countries like Norway that had provided logistical and moral support for LTTE.  

India should understand that however much devolution we offer, Tamils will not be satisfied. So, India should leave us to solve our problem our way. India should not forget that it had lost one of its greatest sons for LTTE scum. And, it is we that rid those scum at Nandikadal. Let India make no mistake; help Sri Lanka government in every possible way to suppress LTTE rumps. Otherwise another great son of India might be lost forever. 



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