Posted on March 19th, 2010

Ranjit Wickremeratne

My Motherland is just a tear drop in the vast ocean of ours with around 20 million inhabitants. We Sinhalese were living with other races for many many years. This is our country. A Sinhala nation with 75% Sinhalese and 25% other races living side by side as citizens of Motherland Sri Lanka. We were invaded by Potuguese in 1505 then by dutch in 1602 and then by one of the evil empires English in 1803. Before and after we sinhalese battled with all our enemies in the battle field and won and the last one was the mother of all battles which we won not by the help of others but by ourselves the mighty Sinhalese.

Our courageous Sinhala Lions bravely faced the enemies of our Motherland and freed our nation from the evil local and foreign parasites who tried to divide our beautiful paradise island of Sri Lanka my homeland. Though we got our Independence in 1948 people of our land felt the actual Independence after we freed the nation from the clutches of evil terrorism created by our own and financed by outside enemies of our land. Now every citizen feels Love and proudness towards the homeland except the traitors and calloborators of the white masters of the evil empires.
Every Government after the independece govern the country  as it was owned by them the politicians.We just listened to what they say and ate and drank what they gave, every politician except few killed the opponents and insulted each other to stay in power by this we lost some very good inteligent useful political figures in our land. Now we feel a difference atmosphere in the country,everyone feels that this is my beloved country and we all must be part of it and should help to build this land of a gem together as one nation. In 12th century our Sinhala nation was ruled by a true Sinhala king called Parakrama Bahu and later on we were ruled by so many gallant noble Sinhala kings and make our land a prosperous and a beautiful land of peace.

We had traitors to the Motherland in those days too like nowadays. They were given money and land for their treacherous acts of evil against our homeland and now too happens the same with our own traitors and calloborators who were paid in millions of dollars to do acts of evil against our Motherland. Those days traitors were hanged until death now too our leader should be strong as ever like our ancient kings and hanged these if any found guilty of treason to the motherland until death like rats.

Our country cannot be divided or allow any human being or organization to come and disturb our newly born freedom and peace in the land. 20 million is a very small population for a country and of that 74% inhabitants in my Motherland is Sinhalese who has only this land to be called it home so from that we have a small percentage of traitors like Sarath fonseka,Sarath Silva two womanizers, Ranil the joker, and the gay brothers Avamagala,Somahansa,Mano and Hakeem the two tone losers who were paid by their International masters to create problems which allows them something to put their fingers in to our country’s affairs. International vultures like Blake,Monkey moon, Solheim, Miliban, ,Pillai the witch, and many more like them in the International community who were paid by International terrorists organizations around the world to create unneccessary problems in small countries like ours.

They dont talk the truth or see the truth because of money paid in millions by some evil organizations, they always do the opposite and they think they can do what ever they can in any country around the world because they are white and the most powerful people on earth.Sorry Mr.Whites we Sinhalese are not afraid of you people. We are a sovereign and a democratic country ruled by a democratic goverment led by our true Sinhala son from the south. He is the only President who spoke in Sinhala and Tamil language in the UN forum in front of millions of viewers in the world. He is the only President who speaks the main two languages and freed our nation from 30 bloody years of war. He is the only president who travels to the north and east and look in to the griveinces of the Tamil people and talk to them in their own language and take action to solve their problems which no other leader has done for so many years. We should be proud as citizens of our Motherland to have such a leader to lead us for the future. These foreign parasites should visit our land now and see for themselves how we Sinhalese treat other races and religions in our homeland without accusing unfairly by sitting in their luxury chairs inside luxury buildings far away from our land. 
Now the time has come to teach a lesson to these foreign and local parasites after the parliament elections. If our citizens who loves our tiny nation,who loves freedom,who loves democracy,who loves their children, fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters and all human beings irrespective of color,race or religion wants to have better life, better living conditions,better health care ,better jobs,better peaceful enviroment without violence, terrorism, corruption, drugs, etc should blindly vote for the party led by Hon.Mahinda Rajapaksa to give him a strong parliament to carry on his Mahinda Chintanaya next phase of development. We suffered almost thirty long years,many of our sons and daughters, mothers and sisters in the armed forces sacrificed their lives to liberate our land with their lives and many of our places of worships,government offices,banks,bridges,rail tracks etc were destroyed by the cruel war which started by one cruel monster by the name Prabakaran financed by our neighbourly big brother India. Thanks to our President,His fearless brother Gotabaya and the gallant forces of our land,sea and Air for liberating our Motherland and getting rid of Prabakaran and all his gang of murderers.

Unfortunately one hero in the war became a traitor to the Motherland and to the leaders of the land by becoming a mouth piece to the white evil International community for vast some of money and better living in the most powerful country on earth. To punish all these traitors and to say “back off” to the cruel International community who wants to punish our Motherland unjustly the President should have two third majority in the parliament to change the laws of the land to suit our own democracy and punish those who are against the land of their birth. These local parasites like Sarath Fonseka,Sarath Silva,Avamagala etc doing a big damage to our country by giving false information to the International community therefore these people should be brought to justice and punish them for treason without a pardon for any reason.

 Those who are complaining to world forums like UN,Human rights about our country should and must be brought to justice how much powerful they are in our public service. In Cambodia one star General was suspended for one year and send him to jail for ten days for assaulting a 10 year boy and two teachers. In Turkey the government has arrested nearly fifty generals and officers in the Armed Forces for plotting against the Government. So why not in my country why so much hew and cry about our traitors like Sarath Fonseka,Sarath Silva by the International community. We have our own laws and a justice system and these cowards should be tried according to our laws and should punish them without any delay.They should be inside the cage and they deserve it without a doubt.
 We should thank from the bottom of our hearts to the President,His brother Gotabaya and our heros in the Armed Forces for freeing our land and made it a peaceful place to live with harmony among all citizens in our paradise island of Sri Lanka after the brutal war of thirty years and the vultures and parasirtes in the International community should understand that there is no truth in their accusations towards our Motherland at all. Our citizens walks freely from south to North and East and enjoy the beauty of our land with joy in their faces. Before May 2009 we saw only dead bodies and carnage all around us.

Thanks to our gallant war heros of all sections of our peoples we celebrate our freedom in dignity and in respect to each other. My dear citizens say NO to violence and division and say Yes to Unity,Peace and Prosparity. HANDS OFF SRI LANKA and allow our peoples to live as human beings together as one nation under the lion flag. It’s a shame to those who are in the most powerful countries like America,Canada,Europe,Norway,Australia to bully a small country of twenty million innocent habitants unneccessaraly because you are powerful.   Nobody can buy our freedom and faithfulness to our Motherland.

 TRAITORS WILL BE TRIED AND SENTENCED IN THE NEAR FUTURE for the benefit of our land of birth because there is no place for traitors and calloborators in our new world. If you parasites want to be our friends come in good faith and help us to build a new tomorrow. We welcome our friends with open arms as we Sinhalese are very kind hearted with a rich culture who lives with Tamils,Muslims,Malays,Burghers as one family in harmony for many years.
 Give the President what he is asking for in the next General elctions the two third majority and lets see how the parasites, traitors and the enemies of our land will act and do. We hope long time peace will prevail and people will have a new prosperous lanka in the future. Thanks to our HEROS. God Bless SRI LANKA.
 May Lord Buddha protects our land of peace.
 Love your country and safeguard your country from all evils.
 Show your appreciation to the President for ending the brutal war of thirty years.
 Live happily with your family in our dreamworld.
 Ranjit Wickremeratne



    Yes, we must give our President the 2/3rd majority so that he and his family would fix the barbarians, hoons and vandals once and for Sri Lanka for ever and ever!!!

  2. M.S.MUdali Says:

    I am very happy to read the praises on Prez Mahinda.

    He is the only leader able to represent N,E, S and W of Sri Lanka.

  3. donaldjeo Says:

    As president of Americans for Tax Reform, Norquist has persuaded dozens of federal and state GOP candidates — including, after an eight-year slog, Sen. Bob Dole — to sign a pledge not to raise taxes. “The tax issue is the central issue in the relationship between individuals and the state,” Norquist says. “Who should have control of the resources — the people who earn them or the parasites in the government who take what other people earn?” His intensity attracted the attention of Gingrich and he became a key grass-roots organizer with mcse — thinking of “everything that would slow them down and hurt them” — in the defeat of the Clinton administration’s health care plan. Now a confidant and tax policy adviser to Speaker Gingrich, Norquist’s main project these days is a Constitutional amendment mandating a two-thirds majority before either chamber can raise taxes.

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