Bring resolutions to oust Banki Moon from UN
Posted on March 20th, 2010

Dharma W – Auckland New Zealand

Is this man still deserved to hold this sacred position?

Doesn’t he have a moral obligation to listen to majority of membership?

How ethical his biased decision to go against its own members nation?

He must remember power of the truth which went against him once may go against him again !

Against the stiff resistance and opposition of 64% of the UN membership, that is from 124 (non aligned) countries out of 192 UN membership he is taking measures to appoint phony panel of judges to enquire human right violations in Sri Lanka during successfully completed brutal war against world’s most ruthless terrorist organisation and establishing democracy and working towards total restoration of law and order. He must remember there are powerful Security Council members to back Sri Lanka if they bring a resolution to remove him from office with fullest support of majority of membership consisting non aligned countries and few more friendly nations.

Isn’t he a lame duck secretary general?

Just an onlooker for many international issues  such as  financial crisis, international terrorism, climate change, illegal whaling in southern pacific, incessant abducting of vessels and crew in African waters, etc even without issuing substantially analytical statement against them he roam around the world and bestowing himself with honorary degrees. In many occasions when civilian ware killed in Afghanistan, pirates abduct and killed or ransomed to release crew, terrorists are forming floating governments trans nationally, lucrative illegal fundraising taking place as never before. Rich and powerful countries running  floating factories turning out whales in to food products in marine reserves of Southern Pacific even without world noticing it. Organisation and man appointed to run it is keeping quite as if such things never happen

Is he trying to please and protect the vested interest of his rich master countries?

 Since illegal or legal international weapon dealers losses their business when terrorism was completely wiped out many countries that has lucrative weaponry industries are against it. They only continue in doing lip service to war against international terrorism as long as their countries are not badly affected or if they are affected they export the theatre of terrorism to some other country. When they want to acquire or gain undue advantage from resources of other countries they go out and setup terrorism machinery and then fish in troubled waters. Some countries exploiting neutral nature of their member countries and abusing their (neutral friend’s) passports for terrorism or so called antiterrorist acts. Whether the issue highly relevant or not is not a matter to this head of sacred organisation. He looks as at the face of his powerful rich masters for directions then act like an obedient servant.


Sri Lanka doing UNs job

Fundamental reasons of setting up of UN are to take effective measures against such acts which individual country or group of countries could not do on their own. UN has turned in to larger scale Red Cross or St John confining its services to disaster relief. Very head this organisation making it worthless. Respect and dignity this organisation commands diminishing in the hands of ineffective leadership. Instead people is losing their faith on it and thinking going against it or departing it.

As whole world knows government, heroic arm forces, and peace loving population of all ethnicities and communities of Ari Lanka make immense sacrifices and wiped the 30 year long curse cast upon them, by totally wiping out world’s most ruthless terrorist organisation. There were many instances when many non government organisations sometimes even UNs subsidiary organisations mixing up their mandate and primary objectives and working with terrorists against very governments or people whom they are designated to support. But government of Sri Lanka was careful enough not to make any issues out of them as it is not good for the global body. After all she too was active member of it and in way has to protect the organisation despite the odds.

During the last lap of this anti terror war and humanitarian effort to rescue civilians forcibly held by terrorists, many organisations and countries individually or jointly made very determinist efforts to protect terrorist leaders and keep the terror campaign alive for some more time. These interested groups tried to corner and defame Sri Lanka by bringing in resolutions against democratically elected government of Sri Lanka trying and protect the terror leaders whom were at the verge of annihilation. In fact Sri Lanka was performing a duty of world body by trying to eradicate international terrorist group. With the seasoned excellence effort of international diplomacy and ardent support of friendly nations Sri Lanka was able to defeat.

Now the ugly head of the  interest group rising again through the very head of this world  organisation. This should not allow happening. Sri Lanka government and it’s able leader and foreign relations managing team must look for every rule in the book to prevent this effort even taking resolutions to remove the head of this organisation with the support of non aligned, other friendly nations and friendly members security council. Then Sri Lanka will become the first country to defeat international terrorism in its all forms.

Dharma  W – Auckland New Zealand

6 Responses to “Bring resolutions to oust Banki Moon from UN”

  1. Chintha Says:

    Cat is out of the bag. Look who’s talking supporting Ban these days. Culprits are exposed. And our traitors want to find out who killed terrorists.

  2. Sita Perera Says:

    Ban is under the pressure from the Western Powers. Our Envoy in New York must handle the situation wisely

  3. jayatissa Says:

    He is just a puppet dancing according to the western rytham. Now a days hard to see professionalism. All of them are working for quick gains.

  4. S de Silva Says:

    Ban’s first duty is to uphold the UN constitutuion which includes the rsonsibility to deal with all member nations equally without bias. How biased he is can be seen in the manner he is hounding Sri Lanka sponsored by the West, LTTE funds and supporters !! He is being pressured by the conniving Navi Pillai. So as a minimum they BOTH have to be take off the case on Sri Lanka and the GOSL must apply maximum pressure with other firendly nations to achieve that. GOSL should NOT allow entry nor enter into discussions on the subject and issue a statement to that end closing the subject.

  5. Siri Says:

    I agree that it is time for the “BANKI MOON” to be kicked out of office. He is a backboneless Western pupport put into power by them to dance to their tune. They are able to pass Sanctions and declare Illegal wars without a word or objection from him. He is a big impediment to World Peace as he is silencing the world body and preventing it from speaking out on atrocities. The World has changed in the past few years since he was installed in the Sec. General’s position. Today the West has lost power and have to resort to subtefuge to gain their objectives. They do not have a majority vote anymore in a democratic society. When he tries to over rule the decision of the NAM that has a majority vote in the UN membership, he is insulting the NAM membership and saying that their voices do not matter, and the only voices that count are in the US and EU. What can we do with this man other than to bring a vote of no confidence on him and ask for his resignation.

  6. Newslanka Says:

    True that for the common good he must go. But is there provision in UN charter to oust secretary general. Who knows weather Un charter is something like JR’s constitution

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