Ranil’s apology to the Tamil people.
Posted on March 20th, 2010

Henry Jayaweera

Ranil’s statement about our debt of apology to the Tamil people.
Ranil’s latest statement about how we owe an apology to the Tamil people smacks of his latest attempt to hoodwink somebody, this time the Tamil voters into supporting him at the general election.
Sorry, Ranil. It is not the Sinhala people who have to apologize. The Sinhala people have been very accommodating as far as the Tamils are concerned, as will be confirmed by all those Tamils I personally have associated with these last decades including the thousands of students I have had the honor and privilege to teach. They’ve lived among us in great harmony and cordiality which I dare say has been unique, until the politicians on both sides began to manipulate for their own gains. Chief among them was the royal goon, JRJ, who opened the door to LTTE manipulations by not doing his job of protecting the Tamils who sffered at the hands of the UNP -the Matthews et al- goons. That was JRJ, Ranil’s mentor and patriarch, wasn’t it? Also, if the Sinhala people have to apologize to the Tamils, so, too, should the Tamil people apologize to the Sinhala people for all the terror, murder and Mayhem perpetrated by the terrorists led by their sun-god or whatever. But we don’t need an apology. We need toi live in peace and harmony in a united, sovereign Sri Lanka, PEASE!
As a Sinhalese, I and many others have outright condemned ‘our’ politicians for what they did. Unfortunately, however, I have yet to hear similar statements from our Tamil bretheren, who still live among us without fear or anything else.
Coming back to my basic contention, yes, Ranil, do apologize to the Tamils for what your uncle and others of their ilk, and theUNP government of the day did! And get of oyur high horse of hypocrisy, and do something to ensure that the Tamils and the Sinhalese continue to live in peace and harmony as they have done for many generations in the past.
Henry Jayaweera

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  1. Dr.K Says:

    Ranil’s apology is correct only for the matter that UNP destroyed Jaffna library in the past making Tamils act against Sinhalese. But Ranil should know that the ethnic problem that developed into a war was created by Tamils theselves. I can still remember how Jaffna Tamils provoked Sinhalese and statred this issue in 1970s- The Sinhala students in Jaffna campus were asaulted, knifed and killed to force Sinhalese evacuate Jaffna. We Sinhalese should not apology to Tamils. It’s Tamil who should apology Sinhalese. Sinhalese have proved that they live in harmony with Tamils in every coener in Sri Lanka.

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