Ranil Wichremasinham exposed
Posted on March 21st, 2010

Ben Silva

Ranil Wickremasinham looks more like a Tamil Christian disguised as a Sinhala Buddhist. The statements he has made are simply unbelievable .He does not have to do more work to bring the downfall of the UNP. To win, the ruling party can merely publish this gonaƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢s statements.

RW started his campaign from Jaffna. This alone is a message to the Sinhalese voters. When the Tamils ethnically cleansed the Sinhalese from their own homeland, and destroyed Sri Lanka and killed many Sinhalese, including women, children and babies, this fool wants the Sinhalese to apologize. From where did this fool come from and where has he been living all this time? Does he know any thing about the history of the Sinhalese or Sri Lanka ? Does he not know that the invading Tamils caused the destruction of our irrigation system, which led to the downfall of the Sinhala civilization ? Does he not know that the Tamil invaders repeatedly invaded Sri Lanka and repeatedly destroyed Sri Lanka, in a barbaric tribal manner. I have absolutely nothing against the present day Tamils, and many are good citizens of Lanka, but we must never forget our past. I treat the Tamils in Lanka with respect and affection, but I am aware of the damage racist Tamils can do.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ The same fool RW, who is now talking about democracy, secretly signed a CFA with the terrorist group LTTE, when the whole world was united against terrorism. He then allowed the terrorists to build up a navy, an army, an air force, an administrative system including banks and a legal system, which laid the foundation for an enemy state within our motherland and he did nothing to prevent it. Can the Sinhalese forget that the same fool allowed the Aussie cyanide queen and her husband to fly in our helicopters, and made SL soldiers to salute Thamilselvam, a terrorist leader.

This gona, a mega fool, handed over 2/3 of our coastline, and half the country to be under terrorist control. The control would have been permanent if the occupied territory was not liberated at the last minute by the brave security forces under the leadership of Rajapaksa brothers. It has to be reminded that it was this fools uncle’s private constitution that is now used as a tool to divide the country.

RW now wants to scrap the High Security Zones [2]. Is this joker planning to give part of the country to the terrorists again ?

How can he even ask for votes from Sinhalese voters?

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6 Responses to “Ranil Wichremasinham exposed”

  1. sarathk Says:

    Ranil is a born foolish IDIOT. His foolishness cannot be fixed. The sinhala voters should get rid off this bastard from the political arena but unfortunatly most Colombians are also bloody idiots. That is why he can win his seat.
    Lucky, he has no children.

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Has anybody noticed Dr. Levin Rajaratnam paying a glowing tribute to RW, and calling him a perfect gentleman. That is a subtle, and purported election booster to coincide with RWs election campaign from Jaffna. All the while he was praising The President. Iam realy confused. Tantamount to a tort.

    It appears that Dr. Levin Rajaratnam is trying to play chess with the Jaffna tamils, and make them dance to what he opines. THE JAFFNA TAMILS NOW WANT PEACE AT ANY COST, AND WILL NOT WANT TO BE BRAIN WASHED BY EDUCATED MANIPULATORS, WHO WANTS TO SEND THEM UP THE GARDEN PATH. RW is trying to get leverage through this Dr. The Jaffna Tamils, and for a matter of fact, even other Tamils, in the Vanni, Trincomalee, NUwara Eliya, and Digamadulla areas, must be amused at RW coming with both hands in supplication, to pay Pooja to them, and would be laughing from their posteriors with unstoppable release of flatus. Keep an eye Ben !

  3. Geethal Says:

    Ben Silva’s personal criticism of Ranil Wickremasinghe is perfectly valid. But the way he writes about Tamils, he simply has to be labelled a “racist”.

    I’m voting in the Colombo Disrtict. I haven’t voted for the UNP for thirty three years. This time I will, but not for R.W. We do need change, but whatever party we vote for we must research the candidates carefully. Let’s hope people don’t vote for the largest cut-outs. They have been put up by “gentleman from the underworld (“pathala loke”) – Duminda Silva, Thilanga Sumathipala, Tiran Alles, must be some U.N.P.ers as well!

    Vote intelligently; I won’t presume to advise you for whom.

  4. Nihal Fernando Says:

    Dr Levin Rajaratnam has been praising President Mahinda Rajapakse all the time and I was surprised to see his sudden change with a birthday tribute to Ranil W. The tribute was good but he would have offered him also a nice birthday present, a bundle of grass or hay. Probably, he would have kept it for himself. After all who knows that Ranil was born one day prematuredly. I hate family planning but whenever I hear this man Ranil making idiotic political speeches without any logic I really believe in family planning.

  5. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Ben Silva:

    Your comments shows you HATE Tamil citizens with a PORTUGEUSE name. Are there any rules there about the place to start political campaign?

    I hope the Tamils have more RIGHTS than the the PORTUGEUSE over Sri Lanka.

    If you are a Catholic, I ask you why TYRONNE FERNANDO who was the FM in the UNP cabinet barked “PRABHAKARAN is a TRUE patriot of Sri Lanka?

    Further if your claim about the origin of Ranil, why do the Sinhala Buddhists entrusted the Historic Kelani Raja Mahavihara with a Christian family of Wijewardene?

    I always caution the attitude of Catholics/Christians in Sri Lanka because they work for the interest of foreigners than Sri lankans.

    Levin Rajaratnam always barks at the Tamil Allies of Prez Mahinda and keep silence on the allies of LTTE or LTTE.

    Now the war is based on Patriots or Traitors. Forget Tamil or Sinhala!

  6. M.S.MUdali Says:

    PrabasFlaccidHead :

    Read the head line! What is that “Ranil Wichremasinham”? The author of this article “tells” starting political campaign in Jaffna is anti-Sinhala and pro Tamil. Cant you understand the “racism” he shows here?

    Are you telling here that Jaffna is not part of Sri Lanka or the people of Jaffna are aliens?

    Kings of Sinhalese are different from Sinhalese kings!

    Is Sinhala Buddhism a NEW kind of Buddhism?

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