Ban ki-Moon: Your persistence to appoint a specialist panel to advice you on Sri Lanka
Posted on March 22nd, 2010

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1 . Canada

March 21, 2010


Mr. Ban ki-Moon  
Secretary-General of the United Nations   
 New York, US

Dear Ban ki-Moon:

The latest reports coming out from your office of your insistence to appoint a panel of specialists to advice you on Sri Lanka’s “accountability issues” reminds me of the Nursery Rhyme about the Moon that you and I learnt when we were kids which I thought would be better recited like this  –

“Boys and girls don’t come out to play/ The Moon is grumpy and will be dark all day/ Go eat your supper and go to sleep/ as the ugly Moon is after Sri Lanka the creep/ Don’t come with your whistles/ nor with a call/ As Moon has no good will, not at all.”

It is so transparent Ban that your problem is to garner enough votes from the Western nations to get voted in for your second term. So you are pushing their agenda to nail Sri Lanka to the wall unfairly.  You are singing for your supper to the tune of the Western Nations composition.  Don’t you hear your own voice that you are hitting some rough and flat notes in your singing?

So what’s the western nation’s gripe with Sri Lanka one might ask?  They just couldn’t handle the thought that their distant ally, the Tamil Tigers were decimated  by the Sri Lankan armed forces with fewer sophisticated war weapons compared to NATO which is struggling to eliminate the Taliban in Afghanistan, and stunned to see China gaining Sri Lanka’s geo-political influence with its strategic placement in the Indian Ocean.  Right, Ban?

Your conscience is no better than a vulgar, scoundrel politician who would sell his Mother for a penny to get voted into public office.  That should not be a South Korean way of thinking, don’t you think so?  That is certainly an aberration of the Asian moral code, isn’t it?

So you insist that you will appoint a panel of specialists to furnish you with their advice on the “accountability issue” on Sri Lanka.  And, of course, Sri Lanka opposes your arrogance and she is backed by the 118-strong NAM (Non-Aligned Movement) countries, and Sri Lanka, as you know will not let you nor anyone else push them around.  And  no doubt you noticed how they dealt with David Miliband, Kouchner, Navi Pillay, Philip Ashton,  Robert O’Blake and the like.  And that is their democratic right.

Ban how come you seem to be a bully and grumpy when it comes to puny Sri Lanka and add external pressures in the management of the internal affairs of Sri Lanka. You singling out this puny democracy for such harsh treatment should stop, as the relevance of the UN is slowly getting corroded and eroded and the NAM  Nations are getting angry.

To start with Ban, Sri Lanka doesn’t care for your so called “Experts” as they have identified your Navi Pillay as a Tamil Tigress from South Africa which is inundated with Tamil Tigers and their sympathizers, and Prof Philip Alston as an absurd-minded stupid professor.

Even a high school student who has been introduced to the workings of the United Nations in the Civics Class would tell you, “Sir, Ban ki-Moon, aren’t you violating the United Nations Charter by trying to interfere in the domestic affairs of a member state, Sri Lanka,  and inflaming the political sensitivity of that island nation.  If I am applying what I was taught at class Sir, your selective targeting certain countries like Sri Lanka deems contrary to the founding principles of the United Nations.  Sir, don’t you realize that your pushing the Western Nations agenda on Sri Lanka could do more harm than good to Sri Lanka’s relentless efforts aimed at reinforcing the reconciliation and national unity of its peoples after their horrendous war of 27 years with the Tamil Tigers?”

The question that many and I keep asking is, why are you so concerned about Sri Lanka’s alleged human rights violations, when human rights violations are happening all around Sri Lanka.  Like when unmanned US drone aircrafts functioning from US bases in Pakistan are killing innocent civilians having missed their intended targets?  What is commonly occurring that you seem to be ignoring are the killings of bystanders by the US forces in Pakistan and Afghanistan.  It does seem that you wear blinkers all day.  Well, it is time that you remove them so that you can be fair on Sri Lanka and a moderating diplomat par excellance, fit to hold the office of the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

I think you are off your rocker Ban and keep your hands off Sri Lanka.  Believe me, Sri Lanka has no intension to learn your Moon Walk, as it is regressive and President Mahinda Rajapaksa of Sri Lanka is not prepared to walk back on his progressive policies and efforts on reconstruction, rehabilitation and reconciliation of the peoples of his country after that 27 year ugly, and innocent people killing war with the western countries supported Tamil Tigers, the most ruthless terrorist group that existed until May 18, 2009, before they were eliminated by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces single handed with absolutely no help from UN’s western member states.

And the time has come for you, Ban ki-Moon, the Secretary-General of the UN to say “Thank You” to Sri Lanka for having blazed a trail in the civilized world’s war on terror, and given back the right-to-life to all Sri Lankans and liberated children from the clutches of the Tamil terrorists who recruited them to be cannon fodder as their Baby Brigade, and cadets to become human suicide bombs for the insane Tamil Tigers.

 And that is the bottom line Ban and do take heed of my unsolicited advice which comes  to you without an exorbitant fee.


Asoka Weerasinghe


11 Responses to “Ban ki-Moon: Your persistence to appoint a specialist panel to advice you on Sri Lanka”

  1. Sarath W Says:

    Dear Asoka,
    I can’t believe you called this corrupt idiot Ban Ki sir.It is obvious the LTTE lovers are pulling this puppet’s strings. It is time the Sri Lankan government use our friends in NAM, and other powerful friends in UN to bring a no confidence motion against him.

  2. gdesilva Says:

    What a performance by the West…Ban Ki-Moon comes up with some expert panel proposal and within a matter of days the infamous David ‘Milibrain’ sings the same song. So far, haven’t heard dear Bobby Blake’s songs but I bet we will hear his (or his lackey’s) songs in the near future too! Now it is quite clear who is calling the shots.

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Hey Asoka,

    Once this Ba Ki Moon has accepted a substantial advance from the LTTE Treasury, he has to dance to his Puppeteeress’s tune. Poor Fella, I feel sorry that he has fallen to second place, and a Virago is controlling him, in the United Nations. South Koreans do not stoop to that servility eh ?

    I suggested to His Excellency The President, Mahinda Rajapaksha, in this forum, to initiate forming the SOUTH EAST ASIAN NATIONS, (SEAN) as a parallel body to the United Nations. I also suggested that he should harness his friends, India, China, Russia, Pakistan, Iran, and the Middle Eastern Countries to rally round this proposition. President Mahinda Rajapaksha has tremendous clout with these friendly Countries, and it is a question of him making the first move. Now, it is very clear that THE NAM Countries (118 ) of them, are resenting the moves by Ban Ki, and has expressed that in black and white. So President Mahinda Rajapaksha’s position will be very strong.

    With the advent of the SOUTH EAST ASIAN NATIONS body, a FireWall will automatically be built to ward off sinister moves by Interlopers, whoever, they are. So, let us make this subject pregnant, and watch the birth of SEAN.


  4. Sita Perera Says:

    Honoured Asoka
    Please don’t publish in Lankaweb alone, send a hard copy to Be Kiyana Moon.


    Get this sucker out on the moon, so he can walk backwards and leave Sri Lankans to do their forward march. We all know Mahinda will not let any of these bastards near the shores of Sri Lanka.

    Well done Asoka. Another well written article!!

  6. aravinda Says:

    Thanks Asoka, you speak for 22 million. For six years the world has waited for a panel of specialists to advice UN secretary ” Accountbility matters ” of Iraq war. The UN is yet to appoint this panel. Is he waiting for two million iraqees to die before appointing this panel to study actions of USA and UK?

    Instead of learning how to defeat Terror and hatred, Western nations are lamenting about peace and advancement in Sri Lanka. The LTTE remnents are still capable of financing these shameless rascals. They will never stop attacking Sri Lanka. We should never stop defending her.

  7. douglas Says:

    The very proposal amply proves that this man is the most unsuitable to hold the highest rank in U.N.O. He has not understood his role in UN. He has become “vice” not “wise”enough to help out a member country that struggled for decades to get rid of the most dreadful terrorist organization in the world. Instead of appointing a panel to help the people of Sri Lanka to march forward and build a prosperous and peaceful society, he decides to establish a panel of “Judges” to look for “accountablility”. What does this mean?, Does he want the Govenment of Sri Lanka to “shaw cause” for eleminating a terrorist out-fit?. It is a shame on you Moon. Please remember, you will not be allowed to “do as you please”, so long as these expatriates like Asoka are there. One good thing your “interference” has done was to awaken the citizens of Sri Lanka to give Rajapaksa a clear majority to rule the country. Await the General Election results of April 08 2010.

  8. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Sri Lanka must prepare anything to defeat UN in this case with the VETO of our friendly nations. That is the only solution we have now. Moon is not for HUMAN RIGHTS but for his next term in the office.

    Aravinda is right in his reply. What happened to the panel on the IRAQ invasion by US,UK and their allies with FALSE propaganda and lies about Iraq?

  9. Tomcat Says:

    Moon is trying to please his Western masters who killed thousands of civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and continues to kill in Afghanistan and Iraq.

  10. Sita Perera Says:

    Dear Asoka

    Consider yourself as a Saviour of our Land

  11. ahangama Says:

    Thak you, Mr. Weerasinghe.

    Moon is only a Westerner in Korean casing.

    Catholic Action through France converted South Korea into a Catholic Country. Then when they were losing to the real Koreans natives, J.F. Kennedy, the only Catholic president of US, was enlisted by Vatican to carry on the war. US troops are still holding the line between North and South. Lanka narrowly escaped when a coup d’état by the army was foiled in the fifties.

    Ban Ki Moon is a Christian Westerner. he has nothing left in him that could be called Korean.

    What the Non-Aligned nations should do is to organize a rival to UN and form their own development bank to replace IMF and WB. US and Europe unofficially agree for US to chair World Bank and Europe to Chair IMF. It is the continuation of colonialism.

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