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Posted on March 23rd, 2010

Geethanjana Kudaligamage

I had missed a sentence in my previous article published in Lanka Web, for which I owe an apology mainly, to Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe and the Lanka Web readers. No doubt, it might have caused enormous mental pain for Mr. Wickramasinghe for not recognizing his merits in performing arts. Although as a Buddhist I don’t believe in god, still I swear to god, I regret of it every day and night. Despite the fact that this error was done about a month ago, I felt that I must redress it at least now clearing my conscience. Therefore I thought to rewrite the paragraph below, in which I have typed the part that was missing in bold letters. The paragraph need to be read as follows”¦

 “The other thing is when I think of Gen. Fonseka, for some reason his name always signifies to me with that of Gamini Fonseka, the celluloid warrior in Sinhala cinema. However the reason for me to bring his name here is to point out a similarity between silver screen and the political arena. In silver screen in Sri Lanka, Gamini, was the “Sakwithi” (the emperor) where as in the political arena, Ranil was the “Andare” (The clown)”

 I hope Mr. Wickramasinghe will be glad to see his receiving this well deserved due credit for his artistic talents, for his life long contribution of keeping Sri Lankan public entertained even during the time of war. Given due recognition to his talents, his friends made him to lead the foremost comedians’ club called “You “ƒ”¹…”n’ pee” a group well known for their creativity for making people laugh until they (people) get “pissed-off.”

On the other hand, no one would disagree with me if I say that what ever happened in politics, Ranil is an outstanding history making performer in performing arts, the living “Yin-Yang” in Sri Lanka. He has elevated Sri Lankan comedian arts to ever greatest heights.  

But sad factor in our society is that no one in the government media recognized the true talents of this young genius, hailing from a poor shanty village of Kurundu watta (a shanty village next to Kehel watta in Sri Lanka).

 This single fact nakedly proves the social injustice, the depressing truth, that Sri Lanka is heading to a politico-social hell hole in near future under the despotic rule of the capitalist bourgeoisies, Idi-Aminist, Pol-Potist, Ahamadinjadist, Chinest, Putinist, murderous, nepotistic, corrupt regime of  Rajapakse, a member of the post colonial elite ruling class of the hegemonic metropolitan center of  Weeraketiya.

    It is utter distressing to note that, although there are so many slogans like “No child is left behind,” Ranil has been left behind for numerous occasions by ungrateful Sri Lankans. (People of Sri Lanka consider him as a child with grey hair) No wonder why Ranil continually chanting the slogan “God Damn Sri Lanka!!! all the time.

 Mr. Wickramasinghe’s undeclared contribution to performing arts

As some reliable sources close to Mr. Wickramasinghe reveled, he silently had undertaken an extremely ambitious project called “Don Sirisena” (Some critics have confused this name with Don Juan, but it should be Don Sirisena) merging two distinctive fields of silver screen and political arena? Within few years of tireless research, he outperformed veteran performer Don Sirisena, and legendary British performer Mr. Bean in many ways.

 The true contribution of Mr. Wickramasinghe in his intellectual/aesthetic capacity is the fusion of two distinctive aspects of performing arts, for the first time in the history of theater, namely “performing the political” with the reverse of it “politicking the performance.” He had invented this latter aspect of the art form by accidently realizing the tendency of “destructive creativity” in the reverse of the first one. The occasion of the invention even more stimulating for he had invented this as he was watching a Tamil movie, in which, the protagonist (lover) makes the girl (main female character) annoyed in order to win her heart. (i.e. Ranil W’s Jaffna performance for winning the heart of the south) I know this may sound little confused to the average person. Actually the truth is that his art is too-classic to understand through common logic.  

 Although he had inspired by Don Sirisena, he kept his distinct project well within the high standards of intellectual traditions mainly by reversing Don Sirisena’s lifelong project of generating humor by presenting humorous scenarios with pretentious seriousness. Ranil’s greatest invention was the overturn of it. He generated humor by presenting serious scenarios in hilariously humorousness. This aspect again was tremendously demonstrated in his recent Jaffna performances.

 In addition, many critics say that Ranil outperformed both Don Sirisena and Mr. Bean mainly by a unique tongue action. All these three performers were well known for using specific individualized tongue actions as principle techniques of their comedian performances. But Ranil proved that he is well ahead of the other two by introducing another specialty to the technique called “split tongue action” or widely referred as “Anda” (slippery fish) tongue action.” In this specialty technique, he developed a complex system of swallowing and splitting the tongue at climax of performances. His concert “Unitary State” showed in Jaffna was fully presented using this specific “Split Tongue” action. People in Sri Lanka hilariously thrilled when they see him using split tongue technique to say words like national security, unitary state, territorial integrity and sovereignty.

 Despite the dismay of whole government rank and file, it is well known that his principle well wisher and the patron is the current president Rajapakse. And also as the well known rumor goes, the president has given him perks for several times for performing in his (Rajapakse’s) behalf.  

 What ever treacherous media says about him, we all know Ranil is doing the right thing. No one can criticize him for adhering to an inimitable, unorthodox technique of serving Sri Lanka.

 Well done Ranil, we all wish you luck to be in the leadership of the “You “ƒ”¹…”N’ Pee” club forever!!!

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