Letter to the UN – Ban Ki Moon
Posted on March 23rd, 2010

Warna Hettiarachchi Ontario, Canada

Mr. Ban Ki Moon,
Secretary General
United Nations

March 22nd 2010

 Honourable Secretary General of the UN,

 The underscored ulterior motifs of your attempts to appoint a panel of “international experts” to investigate and report to you on accountability issues during the winning phase of Sri Lankan Government’s war against terror are well discerned and identifiable. Here are the reasons why:

 (1)     Since annihilating LTTE terrorists in May 2009, Sri Lankan citizens did not see or hear even a single bullet fired. People are NOW safe, than being blown to bits and pieces by a suicide bomber or an IED (Claymore)? Why aren’t the Western Nations and the UN not happy about that?

 (2)     What actions have you taken against LTTE for repeated use of abducted children between 10-17 in terror attacks against several successive democratically-elected sovereign governments of Sri Lanka, other than softly written statements?

 (3)     What actions have you taken against LTTE for using young, delicate children abducted forcibly away from their loving parents and schools to be used as suicide bombers?

 (4)     You are under pressure from member nations of the US (aka Hillary Clinton), Canada (Liberals), the UK (Miliband and Gordon Brown, et al) and several other liberal European nations to exert pressure on Sri Lankan Government to plead guilty of saving its people, dawning peace and freedom from terror. This would please large Tamil Diaspora sufficiently to cast their votes in favour of Miliband and Brown’s bankrupt Liberal government to bring them back to power at the UK elections in less than a month. Sri Lanka is NOW free of terrorism and terrorists. Please do not force them to have terrorism destroying that little nation. They suffered enough since 1505 under the gun and firepower of Portugese, Dutch and English, Divide-and-rule Politics and a Western-Created Terrorism until May 2009 until peace and TRUE independence of parasitic Crowns of invading foreign powers.

 (5)     The UN’s vulnerability to corruptions and the latest UN-directly-involved multi-million Dollar UN Corruption deal was expose by Associated Press on Thursday March 18th 2010. Read on: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100318/ap_on_re_us/un_un_corruption

And I quote from the article “It is greatly disturbing that an organization plagued by corruption and mismanagement would disband its anti-corruption task force,” said U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida, the ranking Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, who has proposed requiring the U.N. to do more to fight corruption or risk losing U.S. financial support. “What will the (Obama) administration do to address U.S. taxpayer dollars being misappropriated, squandered, and stolen at the U.N.? We need to demand concrete reform now.” Mr. Moon, tell the world this was not true, but a hoax in its entirety.

(6)     Why was the proposal to appoint a committee to Sri Lanka NOT referred to the UN Security Council for approval? Was it due to that sponsors of this “committee” knew Russia and China would veto and reject it at the first hearing?. Then, Mr. Secretary General, tell the world that it was NOT illegal and that it was NOT against the UN Charter to appoint such a panel/committee WITHOUT the approval of the UNSC that will meddle with the internal affairs of a sovereign nation and that such action will not interfere with the constitutional rights of a sovereign nation to protect and guard its territorial integrity. According to the UN’s own scrutiny, no country should be allowed to destroy terrorist threats and the Western Nations must immediately withdraw from Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, which do not even remotely belong to the West. Sri Lanka DOES belong to Sri Lankan Government. They have more rights to fight the world’s most ruthless terrorists and defend their OWN land to bring peace to its people than any foreign force fighting in OTHER countries without any success to wipe out terrorism.

 (7)     The 118-member strong Non-Aligned Movement reprimanded your move to appoint such committee. And I quote: “The Non-Aligned Movement strongly condemns selective targeting of individual countries, which it deems contrary to the founding principles of the Movement and the United Nations Charter,”Neither the Security Council nor the General Assembly or its subsidiary, Human Rights Council, has made pronouncements on alleged human rights violations, nor mandated any particular course of action,” the letter noted. http://www.undpi.org/World-News/Non-Aligned-Movement-backs-Sri-Lanka-against-U.N.-chief.html

 (8)     Global Tamil Forum’s founder is Catholic Priest Emmanuel, who hailed and upheld LTTE suicide bombers as heroes and martyrs, and agreed on using Child Soldiers for their secession to a de-facto neverland of Eelam.  Miliband and Gordon Brown participated at the inaugural session of GTF in England 3 weeks ago in desperation to BEG for Tamil votes in Britain. Do you, as Secretary General of the UN agree with that? Your silence on this matter proves the two-faced hypocrisy of the Western Nations and the UN itself.

 (9)     It can now be logically deduced that the urge to appoint a committee of “Terror-friendly” buffoons and parasites who feed on corrupted millions of Dollars contributed by member Nations and other corrupting elements, was well-manipulated by the UN, in favour of a handful of world’s politicians to stay in power and contribute to more corruption and unaccounted funds? Associated Press says The story of Bistrong and the military equipment suppliers shows how vulnerable the United Nations is to corruption in how the billions of dollars a year that it oversees are spent.” 

 (10) Did not the UN send its “experts” to Iraq, in search of the elusive and now extinct “Weapons of Mass Destruction” after the US President George W. Bush’s and mostly British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s adamant stiff-upper-lipped confirmation of evidence for existence of such destructive weapons arsenals? How many Millions of Dollars of UN finds were wasted in vein and found absolutely nothing of the sort? Then, Honourable Secretary General, what is the credibility of the UN’s stand on any matter today?

 Honourable Sir, let the UN perform its “Proper” duties to keep global fraternity of member states individually “UNITED”, and NOT divided. Let us world citizens see you take the initiative to audit UN’s funding and expenditure structures and have UN transactions strictly regulated.

 And Finally, please leave Sri Lanka alone. Let Sri Lanka solve its own internal issues like they destroyed and defeated the world’s most dangerous, four-dimensional terrorist outfit without any of your and most other Western Nations’ assistance.

It was ironic that not even the UN could stop terrorism in Sri Lanka after all these years; it killed one of its Presidents and a Prime Minister of India and a world class statesman/Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar.

 If you must interfere, please ask Miliband to personally come to Sri Lanka and help extract landmines laden by his Tamil Tiger buddies to neutralize the mine fields. This will directly help resettlement of the IDP’s still in camps. And that for certain will get Miliband and his millipedes of Liberals led by G. Brown to garner real Tamil votes. Gordon Brown’s Bullying may work for British, but not for Sri Lankans. His intimidations and bullying of Sri Lanka through your UN office is abuse of power and exhibition of insecure profound insanity within.

 As for your panel of foreign parasites, with all due respect, Mr Ban Ki Moon, that will not happen as Sri Lankans will not just stand by and wait for foreign intruders come over and take control of their land any more.

 Your response in this matter is gratefully appreciated.

 Thank you.

 Warna Hettiarachchi
Ontario, Canada

Did any of you know that the world’s oldest map drafted by the Greek Astronomer Ptolemy had Sri Lanka on it depicted as a triangle called Serendib…. for those who didn’t know. It was marked for its natural history and richly aromatic spices as well as hospitality. We stand for all those even today, with much PRIDE!!!

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  1. gdesilva Says:

    Great letter Warna – perhaps a copy ought to be sent to Dr. Kohona at the UN?

  2. aravinda Says:

    Well done Warna. There is no Eelam in PTOLEMY’s map, and there is a reason for that. Whole Eelam concept was created by Tamil politicians in 1930s and 1940s.


    Well done!! It is a great article. Send it to all punks in the west. Can we please check the ancient name of our Nation? Is it Serendib or Taprobana? I know the Arabs called it Serendib, but Ptolemy I think called it Taprobana. Please check it.

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