Posted on March 25th, 2010

The Consortium of Sri Lankan Expatriates, Sumith DeSilva Member Representative, New York and New Jersey

The Consortium of Sri Lankan Expatriates, a well known patriotic organization that has been organizing successful protest campaigns against the ruthless LTTE for many years, along with other patriotic activists, takes the responsibility of organizing and participating in the event that took place in front of the United Nations on March 12th 2010.

Protest was a great success considering the freezing temperature, rainy, windy weather and it being a working day in United States. The protest was attended by over hundred patriots despite the bad weather. The protest was organized with a few days of notice and the attendance was voluntary. Members of Consortium representatives personally handed over a memorandum to the office of The United Nations Secretary General.

 It is regrettable that both Lankanews and Lankatruth , have published two identical reports about this event that are grossly inaccurate. Evidently, these reports were done purposefully, bearing in mind party politics, with no consideration of the damage inflammatory reports can impose on the image of Sri Lanka. It is apparent that these so called “reporters” lack in-depth knowledge and experience, and have personally disrespected Dr. Palitha Kohona and also the good office of the Permanent Representative of Sri Lanka to the United Nations in a despicable manner.

 All expatriates should realize that Sri Lanka is our country and not only Rajapakse’s, Wichremasinghel’s, or Fonseka’s. We, the patriotic Sri Lankans in New York, defended Sri Lanka against LTTE terrorist propaganda and other activities in New York, and now we need to defend Sri Lanka’s right to sovereignty against the pressure of the United Nations.

 It only reflects on the character of the writers who engaged in personal mud slinging and character vendetta at a scholarly diplomat like Dr. Palith Kohona. It is especially disheartening when one considers the fact that Dr. Kohona resigned from a comfortable position in The United Nations and joined the government of Sri Lanka, while the war was still going on and did a magnificent job during those turbulent times for the country.

 Disagreements should be based on substance. Therefore, we urge all expatriates to refrain from disseminating false and harmful propaganda. Instead, try to practice mutual respect and reap the real benefit of peace and harmony, with which we are all blessed after 30 years of terrorism.

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  2. Siri Says:

    Sumith, you have done a great job. I am glad to hear that the Sri lankan government has asked all the reporters to declare their assets. I guess only the reporters in Sri Lanka will come under this clause. If they have not been smart enough to hide their assets under somebody else’s name we will find out who has been taking money from Foreign Governments, LTTE Diaspora, Foreign NGO’s and the unpatriotic UNP to discredit Sri Lanka in the International Community.
    The BANKI MOON is out of his depth in the Sec. Gen’s chair. It is time he was sent back home. He was never very good and was just a puppet dancing to the tune of the Western Powers. Now the West is losing ground to the Developing and Progressive countries of the World. Arm twisting like in the olden days to buy votes costs money which the West does not have anymore and also the Price to buy votes in the UN has gone up. The World is changing and the sooner the West realizes this fact, the better for everyone. It is getting time to bid farewell to the BANKI MOON.

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