Tamil National Alliance: concerned about Sinhalese influx to North Sri Lanka-OPEN LETTER
Posted on March 26th, 2010

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1 . Canada


Members of Tamil National Alliance (TNA)
Jaffna, Sri Lanka

Dear Members of the TNA:

Re: TNA HIGHLIGHTS Sinhalese influx into North Lanka

I was livid to read what P.K. Balachandra had reported of your concerns about the “Sinhalese influx into North Lanka”.  Let’s get this crystal clear to all you shadows of the late Velupillai Prabhakaran, NORTH LANKA IS NOT A NO-MAN’S LAND FOR US SINHALESE.  It is our land as much as yours.

What is indeed your problem TNA?  What is it in your genes that you feel that you have the right to seek territorial purity for Tamils in the North and yet you think that you men with three finger stripes of ash across the foreheads have the Hindu Trinity rights to invade the South and claim 41 percent of the population of the capital Colombo and own 75 percent of the prime real estate of its suburb Wellawatte, and yet,  keep out the Sinhalese from the North who have every God given right to own and occupy real estate there, especially in Jaffna and live and work there and to be happy ever after like you Tamils living happily ever after in the South and the Hills.

You TNA Tamils have the gall to flood Sea Street in the Pettah with business sign boards hanging from the roofs promoting your “””…”iah” clan in Tamil calligraphy””…” the Selliahs, Thambaiahs, Nalliahs, Suppaiahs  and Rasaiahs, but have immense difficulty to accept the signs of the Silva Bakery, Perera Grocery Stores and the Sumana Kopi Kade in Sinhalese calligraphy in the heart of Jaffna.  That is a hell-of-a-how-do-you-do, isn’t it TNA?  My knife cuts both ways and not one way and that is where you lot and I differ!

Well”¦well”¦.well”¦ Premachandran, Sambandan and Sridharan lets cut out this crap once and for all.  Lets not go through another 30 years of violence killing each other just because you think that your blood is more crimson and purer than my Sinhala blood.  Rubbish!  And let your Tamil kids be kids enjoying “ƒ”¹…”hide-and-seek’ and  “ƒ”¹…”hop-scotch’ and not play “ƒ”¹…”cops and robbers’ in Tiger fatigues cradling Kalashnikovs which are heavier than most of them and get killed in the battle frontlines because you adults feared to face the army bullets. I hope you TNAs have learnt a lesson from the past 27-years.

The army has about 40,000 troops now in the Wanni.  Very soon, the troops’ families will join them” you griped to Balachandran.  What’s wrong with that may I ask? 

That is what we call “Family re-unification” in Canada.  Like, when one of your Tamils get on a plane with a legitimate Sri Lankan passport at Katunayake airport on the way to  Canada’s Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, and then mid-air this Tamil does an ABRACADABRA and destroys the Sri Lankan passport, and when he/she lands on Canadian soil claims with crocodile tears welling in the eyes to be a Convention refugee fleeing persecution and discrimination in Sri Lanka and have no valid document.  The person goes through the normal Immigration Refugee determination procedures to get permanent residency (PR) and a Canadian passport.  Once he gets the PR, then the “Family reunification” act kicks in immediately. So this Tamil brings over the mother, the father, the brother, the sister and the whole family caboodle and later all of them become jet-setters travelling to Sri Lanka often, the country that they ran away from saying that they were persecuted and discriminated. This is a classic case of “Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the liar of them all!’

If such “ƒ”¹…”Family reunification’ is good for you Tamils, it certainly should be good for the Sinhalese army personnel who are legitimately guarding the Sri Lankan territory, especially the North and the sovereignty of Sri Lanka.  If the families are not reunited, they will have a legitimate right to grieve as much as you Tamils have complained to the Human Rights Commission that your rights have been violated by the Sri Lankan Government.  It is as simple as that.  So what is your gripe TNA?                                    

 “Once a settlement comes up, infrastructural facilities like Sinhalese schools and Buddhist temples will come, and the cultural character of the Wanni will change,” gripes, Suresh Premachandran who is contesting from Jaffna District.

Really, Suresh!  Isn’t that the normal sociological phenomena?  Come to Canada’s Ontario’s Scarborough.  Within the past 20 years, the Tamil refugees have turned the place into a Little Jaffna.  There are Tamil Grocery Stores, Sari stores, Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Vadai and Thosai boutiques, Tamil Curry Huts, Hindu Temples you name it, and they have it.  Added to all that they also have gun-totting and knife-wielding Tamil gangs to claim their patch of  Canadian territory.  Isn’t that a natural phenomenon in an evolution of a new society?  So let’s cut your whining as the Sinhalese are no different from you Tamils.  Perhaps they are a bit lighter in complexion and talk English with a slightly different accent.

It is time that you Tamil “ƒ”¹…”Eelam’ dreamers accept that you are a minority in Sri Lanka  which is a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and  multi-religious society and that you Northern and Eastern Tamils should learn how to live peacefully together with the majority Sinhalese as the Tamils do in the South and the Hills who have been doing it for donkey’s years.

And your claim of a “Tamil Homeland” in Sri Lanka’s North and East has created a problem in my mind, because that’s a bunch of baloney.  Is it why you ethnically cleansed the Sinhalese and kicked 27,000 of them out of the North between 1971 and 1981, by killing and terrorizing.  Then of course, in October 1990 you all kicked out 100,000 Muslims out of the North giving them 24 hours to move out.  After those dastardly acts, and now you all think that the North and the East are purified and are yours and for the Tamils alone, and portray such legitimacy internationally.  Ha! Come again. Give me a break TNA.

Remember how you Tamils ethnically cleansed the Jaffna University campus.  Let me tell you what happened and after 33 years my blood still gurgles with resentment.

On 22nd July 1977, the United National Party (UNP) formed the Government after an overwhelming victory.  Three weeks later on 13th August, in Jaffna, Tamil extremists attacked the government buildings and Sinhalese shops, and you guys still spit about the July 25, 1983 riots when the Tamil shops were attacked by Sinhalese mobs in Colombo

There were around 400 Sinhalese lecturers and undergraduates at the Jaffna University at that time.  The Vice Chancellor on hearing of the anti-Sinhalese disturbances closed the University.  While Tamil students went to their homes, the Sinhalese students had no place to go.  The staff met and decided to move them to the Third Floor of the Main Building.  While some Tamil staff members went to their homes a few stayed back to protect their Sinhalese colleagues and students, (Well”¦all Tamils are not bad and so are the Sinhalese who took in thousands of Colombo-Tamils into their homes to keep them away from being harmed during the July 83 riots).

Around 10 o’clock that morning a group of Tamil Tigers tried to force their way to the Third Floor, but were prevented by the Tamil staff members.  Tamil Tigers went back, threatening to return.  The Tamil staff members stayed on.  At about 2 o’clock in the afternoon an armed gang of Tamil Tigers forced their way in.  The Tamil lecturers again did not allow them to go up and at this point, a professor informed the Government Agent (GA) of the situation.

The GA arrived around 5:00 PM and provided meals to the Sinhalese students and lecturers who had not eaten since morning.  By 7:00 PM he arranged the Army and Police to escort the 400 students and lecturers who were taken south out of Jaffna in buses all lying on the floor out of  the line of a hail of rocks and stones.  Just a note for you TNAs.  The July 1983 riots didn’t flare up suddenly.  This ethnic cleansing of the Sinhalese was part of the powder-keg that you Tamils started stuffing for it to explode one day and it did happen on July 25, 1983.

You griping TNAs, should note that while the Sinhalese undergraduates were stoned out of the Jaffna University Campus not a single Tamil undergraduate was touched by the Sinhalese in the Peradeniya and Colombo University campuses.  My TNA friends, why are you hiding this incident to your western cronies?  Admit to them that you guys are no paragons of virtue.

“Tamil nationalists point out that the predominantly Tamil Wanni has been substantially denuded of Tamils by the war which had gone on for 30 years,”  you TNA Thambis were crying to Balachandran. Don’t we all know it!

The Tamils had a choice and they were the architects of their destiny, don’t you think so TNA?  You Tamils got on your mythical train of Eelam which wasn’t going anywhere other than burying children under 12 inches of soil because you all abducted them and sent them out to war to be killed by bullets.  The smart Tamils placed their palms together, looked up and thanked God for providing them an opening to get out of Sri Lanka in search of greener pastures bypassing their Motherland India and in countries further west.  So they got on planes to fan out, and so they paid volumes of money to ship captains to take them by sea and dump them near a western shore.  That was the choice of your people TNA, so let’s not gripe.

Here are the facts about the North and East which you claim to be your “ƒ”¹…”homeland’.  If it was a joke then I just didn’t get it.  You can read this, absorb these facts and if you don’t like it roll the paper into cigars and smoke it if you wish to but my facts will not lie.

Let me roll back to the pre-development days of the east of Sri Lanka in particular of the Gal-Oya project initiated by the first Prime Minister of Sri Lanka (Ceylon) after Independence, D.S.Senanayake, as some of you may not  have yet been born, thus the false claim of the “Tamil Homeland”  by the older generation may deem true in your naivetƒÆ’†’© eyes.

With his vision the 62 mile long Gal Oya (river) rising from the Badulla range in the Central Province was dammed in 1949 for the welfare and prosperity of all Sri Lankans.  Let me repeat for the welfare of all Sri Lankans which includes your Tamil people.  The repository of water left after damming now forms the lifeblood of the peasant farmers of the historic region of Digamadulla, who some of them were massacred by your Tamil Tigers for purposes of ethnic cleansing.

Prior to this project, contrary to what you Tamils would like us to believe that it was predominantly a Tamil area, on either side of the Gal Oya River grew relentless jungle.  The actual denizens were Veddahs (aboriginal people and not Tamils) and wild animals.

It is still recalled by a few old Veddahs how their parents trekked a few miles along the jungle trail to visit the dam site overlooking the Inginiyagala rock, which still stands as a giant sentinel and never met a Tamil woman or a man along the way.  Those days only foot paths and animal tracks criss-crossed that vast amphitheatre which was entwined by dense jungle.  I wonder where the hell the Tamils were hiding  in this area as you TNA claim that it was your Tamil country (homeland).  Your claim for this land is an egregious nonsense. 

Thus the “ƒ”¹…”state aided colonization’ in the Gal Oya project refers to the process by which largely unoccupied and unutilized land belonging to the State which was “ƒ”¹…”traditional homeland’ of the aboriginal people, the elephant, the sloth bear, the leopard, the monkey, the deer, the mynah and the jackal were colonized by peasant farmers.  They were given meagre financial assistance to enable them to gain both a livelihood and feed their fellow citizens with the fruit of their toil.

With these facts you better tell us where your Tamils were and at what point did they join the Act? 

These are the facts TNA and I don’t believe your fairy tales and nor would many thousands of others.  So lets stop whining about the “Tamil cultural character of the Wanni will change” with the “Sinhalese influx into North Lanka”.

Let’s not start another fight.  Let’s not kill each other with another 30-year war. You Tamils in the North and East better learn to live peacefully with the majority Sinhalese as they do in the South and the hills of Sri Lanka.

You all should better get used to seeing the business signs of Silva Bakery, Perera Grocery Stores and Sumana Kopi Kade in the heart of Jaffna, as much as we have got used to seeing and patronizing  Selliah Thosai boutique, Rajaiah Pharmacy, Suppiah Sari Emporium and Nalliah Jewellers in the heart of the capital Colombo.


Asoka Weerasinghe

20 Responses to “Tamil National Alliance: concerned about Sinhalese influx to North Sri Lanka-OPEN LETTER”

  1. S de Silva Says:

    Well said Asoka!! If the Sinhalas cannot settle in Jaffna, the Tamils cannot settle in Colombo and so on….If Tamils want a separate state based on Tamil ethnicity, that can only be in their palce of Tamil ethnic origin – TAMIL NADU (or Dravidastan) and NOT in Sri Lanka. This point should be announced very loud and repeatedly by the Sinhalas to shut these Tamils up for good.

  2. OaO Asithri Says:

    Another Bull’s Eye from Asoka! Agree it is time that these rabidly racist “We Tamils” got a dose of realty. Yes, they certainly have no problem in “colonizing” a vast area of Colombo, but have a problem with Sinhelas visiting or doing business in Jaffna! If these rabidly Tamil racist kooks want a pure-Tamil nation, then yes, they must vacate Sri Lanka and go to TamilNadu (translated: “Tamil Nation”) in India where 65 Million Tamils happily live in a “We Tamil” mentality (yes, it is no secret that them Tamils too have a problem with the “majority culture” as there too they hold disdain for the Hindi language and N. Indian culture). One thing for sure, Sri Lanka must NOT pussyfoot with these rabidly Tamil racist kooks as that is what brought about this 30 year mass death and destruction to Sri Lanka.
    With all due dispatch, GOSL must pass anti-hate laws, with harsh penalties for violators, and anyone such as this TNA Balachandra who utters racist slogans or egregious accusations (motivated by racism) must be promptly arrested and prosecuted to the hilt. After the mass death and destruction we have seen, allowing the fanning of racial hatred by these kinds of statements (by this type of TNA kook) is NOT the way to achieve national reconciliation!

  3. Jan Chandra Says:

    Congrtulations Asoka for the excellent article. Most people are not aware of these incidents. I think you should write a book for the benefit of the future generations. Lankaweb should copy this article to Mr Moon as information for his panel.

  4. Sita Perera Says:

    Every Sri Lankan must read this article more than once. It should be translated into Sinhala and put into our History Books

  5. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    From contemporary point of view, your article sounds accurate, interesting and timely. However from the historical point of view, which is the more legitimate and appropriate view, it is not enough and far short of any justice to Sinhala people. The northern part of Sinhale’ (Lanka), called Raja Rata, was the ancient kings’ land during the time Sinhala people run the worldly affairs. Acknowledgement of any squatter claiming that part of land as theirs is more like giving away ownership of the Old parliament building to bats now living there. Obviously, there is a serious breach of trust placed upon the monarchy that contributed to the decay of our ancient civilisation. I regret to tell that it was the direct result of some unworthy scum being recognised as our legitimate rulers, women/men of loose morals, Buddhists with their suicidal belief and our common failure to recognise the importance of natural resources to sustain CONTINUITY OF LIFE.

    Sharing the land with Tamils is not an option at all. It is true that we did not do the right thing in the past. But, there is enough time as our future to correct past wrongs and to seek compensation for the damage done in the past. We must learn from historical events and adopt/adjust our conduct to see that the wrongs of the past do not haunt us or our future generations. From Sinhala point of view, Tamils are enemies of our people and they are in the same category as English and other invaders. Those who threaten our existence should never be left to survive to regret later. Others, whether Tamil or not, who got displaced as a result of invasions must be returned to their original places with their original rights, not as refugees as happened to some Tamils who went back to their places of abode.

    Your notion that Sinhala people should accommodate and acknowledge the current status, a direct result of English invasion, occupation and genocide of Sinhala people, is a serious anomaly that should be countered. As well, it is an acknowledgement of the right to commit such genocidal crimes with impunity. Then, I believe that Sinhala people should use the same means to reverse this effect. I do not believe that English are the only people who have certain rights as god given to kill and grab land belonging to others. Until 1948, there was no such direct Tamil problem as any demand could have ended up sending them back to where they belonged to. Unfortunately, the pathetic scum not worthy to call our leaders, who took up the establishment left behind by the English, were the instrument of failure that created this Tamil Fantasy.

    Unfortunately, it is going to be the turn of Sinhala people to do what others have taken for granted to use their natural rights to ensure that enemies of their people are sent to hell dead or alive using all available means. Given the impotency of the government to act decisively, as it is made of idiots who just think only about their bellies, we are yet to become a self-sufficient military force to be reckoned with. Another tool is to return the favours in the same mode and leave no opportunity for them to survive. I wish we use our original animal instincts and behave like animals to retain our right to life than going down the path to extinction with pathetic values that are depicted as sacred by some loonies. Active discrimination and organised action to regain our rights are the only options available to us until we chase out the goons running the country who are more inimical to Sinhala people than to migrants. In fact, they have gone to extreme lengths to appease the migrants settled down by English, their forefathers, at the expense of what remains with our people. We can learn a lot to do in this area from the English gentlemen who have mastered the art of discrimination and rejection.

    Let me add a more profound fact to the story. We lost a large swath of our land to the marauders, and now we are faced with giving away the last part of our land that remained a bit secure for a while (until arrival of European invaders from the sea) due to the Palk Straits. There is one thing that we can not give away. It is the right of our future generations to live as we do or better. If our past generations had failed, it becomes our incumbent duty/responsibility to correct such losses as well. There is nothing wrong in what we do as we are talking of resources that belong to us from the time we evolved as humans. It is also the time to distinguish between native people and illegal settlers.

  6. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Asoka is good story teller than seeker of any justice for all Sri lankans. His UNP helped LTTE in many ways.

    1. LTTE was trained in Tel Aviv at the expense of Sri Lankan government under UNP.
    To know more he better contact or write an “open letter” as usual to Victor Ostrowsky and Claire Hoy who
    authored the book “BY WAY OF DECEPTION”. Both of them are Canadians.

    2. UNP let the LTTE to over run many army installations in the North to supply weapons to LTTE. That was
    stopped when Chandrika elected as President.

    3. UNP again helped in a “BIG” way to LTTE by carving out Vanni to LTTE with the bogus peace deal brokered by
    Norway. Many praised the foolish act of Ranil as a lasting peace even in Lanka Web.

    4. When IPKF was in Sri Lanka, UNP lead by R.Premadasa supplied millions worth of weapons to LTTE criminals.
    No one in the LankaWeb worried about that kind of honey moon between UNP and LTTE.

    Catholic Church is always worked as COURIER between Tamils and UNP. That is why Dr. Jayalath Jayawardene of UNP came to Canada to participate in a meeting organised by LTTE in Ottawa. I hope Asoka too got an invitation from LTTE for the same.

    Can Asoka or his supporters explain why UNP involved with LTTE if you guys believe UNP is for United Lanka?

    Further Asoka told a story of Jaffna University during 1983. Nothing happened as Asoka claims. But that is another bogus racist story based on lies like the one “VADDUKODDAI MAHA VIDYALAYAM” in his another article.
    Many Sinhala students stayed in the rented homes and later the LTTE violence increased VC of the Jaffna university asked the UGC to transfer them.

    But he acknowldged the help of the Tamils to the university students because he knows well he cannot write a story of DUTUGEMUNU episodes. Some Sinhalese braved against the WELL ORGANISED SINHALA MOBS HELPED AND SAVED THE TAMILS in the South.

    P.K.Balachandran of Hindustan Times reported the influx of Sinhalese in recorded numbers to Jaffna. 99% of those are on pilgrimage to the Historical Nagadipa or Nainatheevu. The rest on business missions. I see the old days of Jaffna again. I encourage my relatives to go and see Jaffna.

    The Buddhists from the South go to Nagadipa and Nallur as well. Room rents sky rocketed in Jaffna. A sleepy city now become alive and active. Thanks to President Mahinda for enabling citizens to move FREELY.

    Asoka cries about the THOSAI kadais in Ontario. Why cannot he start a KIRIBATH kade in Ottawa?

  7. Sita Perera Says:

    Priyantha Abeywickrame is writing crap, there is no sense in what he’s writing. He just writers his mind. I say again, Asoka is spot on. Well done Sir. MS Mudali I believe is a frequent Sinhala basher in the DBS Jeyaraj blog. MS Mudali is criticizing Asoka for the idiotic things done by the UNP. Asoka’s letter is addressed to the TNA –for the damage they are doing to my mother country as we speak. Before writing your comments if you guys can’t properly read and understand then please don’t write here. I am alarmed about these paratroopers to this forum to sabotage the main argument, when they see that someone is telling the real truth.

  8. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    Dear Sita Pereira, I know what I wrote is beyond your senses and was never meant for you. Thanks any way for not been able to understand my crap. You want others to properly read and understand what others write. Does it not apply to you? By the way, you seem to have taken over the rights to make comments. If it is not about Sinhala people I would not give a damn. I wonder whether Sita want Sinhala people to share the future with genocidal murderers who have killed their own kith and kin many times with the sole purpose of annihilation during the last two and half millennia, thanks to being migrants living in some one else’s land serving English masters. I wish to differ and advocate to do the right thing by now to stop ever happening that.

  9. Jan Chandra Says:

    Sure enough Lankaweb and all true blue Sri Lankans thought the cease fire was a good idea. But it was only Ranil and his henchmen who knew what was behind the scenes. He misled the community. UNPers always say ‘Ranil has the solution’. The tragedy however is that there is no one else who knows of the solution. Sri Lanka is not Ranil’s personal property to do whatever he only thinks is right. We are a democracy and people should support the strategies and policies that affect them. As we can see ‘Ranil has the solution’ did not work with the cease fire issue and many others as well. It only helped in the sacrifice of thousands of our young boys for the war. Hope Mudali and the UNPers would reflect on these matters. It is never too late to reflect on the issues and act according to your conscience, that is if they have any.

  10. Claude1045 Says:

    It takes a well-informed person like Asoka to write a meaningful article for the edification of others and there are mis-guided arm chair critics to find fault and to establish their one-upmanship. Why could not they write an article of this nature by themselves in the first place !!!!!

  11. Chintha Says:

    Well Said Asoka. Yes you should publish a book with all your articles, they are very informative for future generations to read.

    And are we going to devolve power to these racist ??? We must have strict legislations against racial discrimination, in the North and the South.

  12. Fran Diaz Says:

    If TNA had any sense, they would go first go to Tamil Nadu & solve the problems of the some 5 Million Tamil Dalits (Untouchables). That is where INSTITUTIONALISED DISCRIMINATION of Tamils happen.
    Untouchability was never practiced in Lanka. That is why Tamils of Tamil Nadu want to come to Lanka. That is why TNA still wants a separate state in Lanka for Tamils. That is why TNA keeps creating dissent in Lanka, hoping that Tamil Nadu would solve its Tamil Dalit problem which has gone on for some 3,000 yrs through the Laws of Manu. Bashing Lanka to cure Tamil Nadu of Dalit problems will not work. Go to the heart of the problem first in Tamil Nadu. Good luck to you, TNA – you have to convince some 55 Million Caste Tamils to help eradicate Dalit problems. It can be done, if done with a pure Heart.

    Lanka should abolish Ethnic & Religious based political parties.

  13. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    Dear Ashoka, You seem to have a lot of followers visiting Lanka web, probably one of the few web sites that would give you an opportunity to express your genuine and informed views, made most of the time as a Canadian citizen interested in Lankan affairs. I wish your effort is made to gain more results by asking the people who would listen to your arguments, I mean, the current leadership in Lanka, for some reason. However, when you start your article with the sentences like “It is our land as much as yours.”, it has no truth in it if you apply any normal rule known to the humanity or nature governing ownership of land. It could have been more accurate if you said “ It is Sinhala land that you squatter, stolen, grabbed by ethnic cleansing, Sinhala genocide, etc.” which is much closer to the truth. Being an activist is one thing, but ignoring the truth is something very different. Tamils dare to make this bizarre claim of homeland because of the subservient and stupid regime in Lanka that has failed to act and tell the truth about Sinhala people as they themselves are outsiders like Tamils who try to legitimise their own existence by borrowed Sinhala labels. If the world knows what Tamils have done to Sinhala people over time and what Sinhala and Tamil are, we do not have to do anything, but the world community (not English IC) would tell them where to get off.

    If there is anything Sinhala people could learn from Tamils, it is the territorial ambitions that form a basic part of their age-old culture that remains unchanged for a long time. Being Tamils, they carry this trait wherever they go. What I meant is to seek exclusive territory for many reasons, especially because of their desire to remain exclusive and outside. If Sinhala people had the same ambitions on land ownership, their country could have been free of any aliens who could threaten them. As a matter of fact, Tamil Nadu remains Tamil only though it is part of the defunct East India company that had allowed internal migration to a greater extent now reaching to the boiling point. If we had used at least a minute part of their trait and fought like them to retain our land ownership, I am not sure whether there would be any need for you to spend your time writing great many articles seemingly with little difference on the ground. But people like you have a greater potential to do better and more effective things that would change the future (One of the reasons to add my comments at this website that will end by the end of the year). Isn’t it worth to consider some change to our culture at least for the future?

    I decided to make my comments on this article, because I felt offended by your desire to write an open letter to TNA, a known entity for what it is, though it is your personal style applied to a much wider objective. There are people that you can deal with by writing letters and also there are many who wouldn’t give a damn. I wonder whether you consider TNA is such a worthy contender to communicate as equals to offer such a place in your article. But I wonder why there is a TNA alive and kicking after all these episodes and tragedies. We could have done away with them while the war was going on without much fanfare. Unfortunately, we are horribly slow to act, something that we must try to change. Anyway, I wish you good luck on your future endeavours. For those who seek action and effective communication rather than being over the top by reading an article, I like to ask them to monitor changes in policy and attitude in Lanka, where it matters on what people do and say. I hope those who try to represent Sinhala people would not get carried away by the illusive values (eg: multiculturalism, human rights, English Democracy, first world, developed economies, citizenship etc.) moulded by English colonialists to hide their own genocidal crimes, the worst of all, when coming to claim ownership of lands belonging to others.

  14. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Sita Perera:
    Asoka writes OPEN letters for more than ten years but he never published any replies he recieved. He is a HARDCORE UNP supporter for many years. He simply bark at others with his RACIST haranques.

    He cries against the Tamils who ran away from Sri Lanka but he too ran away as an ECONOMIC immigrant. He gaveup SL citizenship and so manythings like others. He posted many “LIES” here. It is true many TAMILS do not read Lanka WEB. His tirades like Maradane CHOPPE era “GAHAPPIYO, MARAPPIO” are very low class and unable to consume by any civilised persons.

    UNP and Tamil parties always co-operated with FOREINERS and serve them even today. This Asoka is thinking that bashing TAMILS will help UNP to hide its anti-Lankan politics.

    Further I never write in DBS columns because he is a CHURCH propaganda writter.


    Hey you all…. What you need to do is to forget about each others differences and the past to concentrate on what we Sinhalese (assuming we all are) need to do to re-gain our lost land. So, that we can develop it and keep it for all Si Lankans (people of all backgrounds). Finding defences in your personal views and facts of events would not help any of us. Please do write, while respecting each other for whatever little it may contribute to understand our sad situation.

  16. Sita Perera Says:

    I wish Priyantha Abeywickrama goes to another forum and write. The man can write some English at a lenght but his writings simply has not meaning. This is the pattern of all of his writing. I think it is better if Priyantha Abeywickrama and Mudali go to another forum, say the racist DBS Jeyarj’s blog. I will not tolerate your continued attack on the patriot, Asoka Weerasinghe

  17. cassandra Says:

    Well said, Asoka. Sadly, some Tamils still seem to think that areas such as the Wanni should be the exclusive preserve of the Tamils and people from other communities should not live there or anywhere else that they consider ‘traditional Tamil homelands’. The concept of ‘traditional homelands’ has been a good vote getter for the Federal Party, the TULF and other Tamil parties but has been one of the main factors that has ‘blinded’ the people of the North and the East and prevented them from seeing things from a broad national – as against communal – perspective. The whole of Sri Lanka – not simply one portion of it – comprises the traditional homeland of the Tamils and the Sinhalese and all the other communities who have been here for many years. Let’s accept that fact and learn to live and let live. It is isolation that divides people and sets them apart. It is communication that is a civilising force and you cannot have communication unless you live with each other and not in separate ‘ghettos’ where you only hear your side of the story and all the myths and fables that ‘your side’ tells you.

  18. Fran Diaz Says:

    We would like to thank Asoka Weerasinghe for all the work he has done, unpaid, for Lanka & her People. His strong stand for justice and bringing out facts for all to read over the many years has helped greatly to shape thinking of people in Lanka &
    abroad, to arrive at conclusions on important issues that would bring Peace & Prosperity for all of Lanka. We heard that Asoka left his job in order to help Lanka, a sacrifice of no mean measure. Thank you, Asoka. May you Live long & Prosper. May Lanka be blessed by many more sons like you.

  19. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    Ref. Latest Comment by Fran Diaz, it is an interesting development and hope Asoka gets the best opportunity. I wish there are others who are ready to give up English and embrace Sinhala as theirs. Any body who wishes to live longer should pick Sinhala way as we found by going through many other ethnic group value assessments.

    I am making comments here what looks like crap for some, in fact, seeking a specific blend of Sinhala people, I mean those who got a natural link to very ancient Sinhala roots with a good grasp of pre-Buddhist Sinhala world, and succeeded in finding one important person who is already doing a great service to Sinhala people. If by any chance, there is someone else who understand my crap (They are the only people that would have a resonating conscience to my strange mantras or ramblings), please do the right thing by helping your own near and dear ones to regain our lost Sinhala fortunes. For others, please ignore my crap as I am always reminded of a leading English academic taking three long years to admit that he was “Stupid” while trying to understand my crap, now tried by many others at all levels of tertiary education around the globe. Those of you in touch with latest developments in Technology or Economics would have already heard of that crap in a warped form decorated with GREAT English names as authors.

    Is there anyone who fit the description of Volunteer, I mean Sinhala version, who does have all needed to live a healthy life and still has some spare time or resources to help their near and dear ones (close relatives) to live a better life, but not the English version of scum who find a way to rip off what people offer to needy? Sinhala society is made of individuals that connect to their families collectively forming the society and is not like any other. By helping your near and dear ones, you are contributing the greatest effort to serve the Sinhala nation. We run such a scheme and love to see others doing the same. We know that a society stands tall only when they are superior in knowledge and have enough resources. We have superior knowledge in plenty and are keen to share with Sinhala people who can join to create resources.

    It is interesting to see the western concept of ratings is introduced at this website. I wish you add the number of readers for each article so that I can make up my mind to seek another forum to write my crappy comments in addition to the very popular Lankan news portal that tends to publish every silly comment I make. I like the editor to read the following extract borrowed from a formal document regarding English justice system that sounds a bit similar to western rating systems. “… The concept of using ordinary civilians as jurors itself is a questionable approach to my conscience. As it looks a mockery to judge the criminality of an incident using ordinary people who lack the depth and breadth of knowledge to make such judgements given the ruthless and sophisticated nature of the individuals engaged in such incidents, and also under the gaze of clever lawyers who themselves are capable of turning justice up side down by their ingenious arguments. I believe that it could have been a much better option to have jurors with para-legal background customised to act as jurors among the population. I wonder whether using ordinary people itself is an act of denial of justice quite contrary to the expectations…”

  20. Fran Diaz Says:

    Priyantha is not talking ‘crap’ as he says. It is very important that in an island society as in Lanka, people do help each other with the PUREST of MOTIVES, i.e. just to help another to see that person healthy & happy, and not for personal gain. Such is Lanka’s Buddhist Heritage – acts of random kindness, for no personal gain. The Buddha Jataka stories are full of such acts, even extreme self sacrifice (Hasalaka Her).
    Such acts of kindness & compassion could start within families, from the Temple groups, or even writing in ideas for well being & development to the Sinhala & English media, or even to your own e-mail group. Start with yourself, don’t wait for someone else to do it first ! Such acts of random kindness & compassion are happening within our community even now. Let’s start an Avalanche of it – that it is smart to Help Others. If we Meditate, we will be guided.
    Good luck to your delicately beautiful idea, Priyantha. May it prosper & grow !

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