Posted on April 5th, 2010

By Dr.T.Jayasinghe

Mahinda Chintana document drafted and launched in 2005 to be presented to general public in the form of a manifesto in connection with the then Presidential election has become something more than an election manifesto that normally gathers dust or end up in the WPB after the election.It was heartening to note that President Mahinda Rajapaksa while successfully fighting terrorism in the country saw to it that development plans set out in the 2005 Mahinda Chintana document are implemented. For him war was never considered an excuse to curtail any development activity. He took great pains to get funds from various funding organisations and friendly countries.His stature, leadership and diplomacy played a great role in this regard.

 Many ongoing development projects and those that are completed during the last four years show that Mahinda Chintana has come to stay like another Das Capital. Carpeted roads, power plants, irrigation tanks, hydro power projects, housing projects, harbours: both fishery and commercial, air ports and many other visible development activities along with peace that has given rise to an influx of foreign tourists, provide sufficient proof to the success of the Mahinda Chintana concept.It is envisaged that this development program will carry a package of 3 million employment opportunities both direct and indirect.

 Defeat of terrorism opened new vistas specially in the area of foreign investment and naturally 2005 program had to be expanded to meet the new demands of the country in keeping with the global environment so as to take the country to meet the challanges of the modern world.Bright future was the broad vision and the target.

 In this regard H.E.President once again entrusted the task of expanding the 2005 Mahinda Chintana document to the same team of veteran intellectuals  headed by Mr. Ajith Nivad Cabraal, Dr. Jagath Wellawatta, Dr. Willie Gamage and a few others and they came out with a more vigorous Mahinda Chintana document with proposals that could take Sri Lanka to reach that vision of a bright future. In order to achieve this goal, science and technology component was naturally  given high priority. Assisting in this sector was a group of apolitical intellectuals from a number of Universities and institutions. These national minded technocrats were waiting for an opportunity to make a contribution with their knowledge and skills as they strongly felt that development of technology is the future of this country.

They were able to give Mahinda Chintana a new dimension and they are of the view that if their proposals are implemented we could see a Sri Lanka surpassing many so called developed countries.This group of technocrats had proposed new and modern ways of developing the information technology (IT)space technology, telecommunication,  agriculture, power and energy etc.These technocrats say that they have the know-how to launch a satalite of our own and having a satalite for Sri Lanka under the Mahinda Chintana program will be a dream come true.They are confident that we can have a silicone valley in every province if our talents and resources are gainfully exploited.

 However there are two developments that had discouraged these technocrats. The first is that they feel ignored by the parties concerned and  if the authorities decide to solicit the services of foreign experts who are always enimical to this country, proposals in Mahinda Chintana will end up in a dream.Since the implementation of the scientific projects by local scientists is the most important criteria for their success only local technocrats should be given the responsibility even if foreign expertise is obtained.

 The second disappointing feature is that these technological development  proposals are never mentioned in the election stage.Most speakers appear to be satisfied with flogging the UNP and JVP dead horses ignoring the salient features in Mahinda Chintana.Media never carried any account of the future scientific plans of UPFA.Even at this last moment country should be enlightened about the salient features of Mahinda Chintana that will carry Sri Lanka towards a Bright Future.

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