A Reply to Mr Robert Blake, US Secretary for Asia
Posted on April 15th, 2010

By Garvin Karunaratne, Ph.D. Michigan State University

Mr Robert Blake has stated that Sri Lanka should now concentrate on a political solution for the minority Tamils. He urges power sharing with the Tamils whom he says were suppressed. If at all they have been suppressed it was by the LTTE who held them in bondage. They have now been liberated from that bondage by no other than President Rajapaksa.

The simple answer to the likes of Robert Blake, has been already voiced by Minister Dulles Alahapperuma- that the international community need not interfere with our domestic affairs. Once President Rajapaksa had to remind David Miliband the Foreign Minister of Britain that Sri Lanka is no longer a colony of Britain.

It is of importance to note that no less a person than Secretary of State Hilary Clinton tried her level best to stop the Sri Lankan Armed Forces from hurling the final blow to annihilate the terrorist LTTE in April and May 2009.

To put the attempts of Hilary Clinton and Robert Blake in actual context, the attempt by Hilary Clinton was to offer a new lease of life to the LTTE just before they were being wiped out of the island, while today’s attempt of Robert Blake is to enable the minority Tamils to re group again and to help them in their quest for self determination and a separate state.

Both Hilary Clinton as well as Robert Blake are unaware or do not want to know that the majority of the Tamil population lives away from the North and the East. They also do not know that the Wanni- the name given to the Dry Zone of Kilinocchi, Mullativu, Vavuniya and the north of the Anuradhapura consisted of dilapidated tanks(reservoirs) with very few inhabitants and that too only on the major tanks. I know this for certain because my administrative duties in the Department of Agrarian Services included repairs to minor irrigation works and also servicing Cooperatives for agricultural development. When Anuruddha  Ratwatte took over Jaffna from the LTTE in 1996, the LTTE moved- fled  to the mainland and forced people to move with them. Thus the population in Kilinocchi and Mullativu increased after 1996. Till then it was very sparsely populated.

Robert Blake does not understand what a political solution implies. In the varied discussions with the LTTE it has always been held that they want self determination and the right to have access to foreign donors. The USA is a vast country comprising 50 States and it would be of interest for Robert Blake to come to know that none of the States of the USA have any of the above powers.

Further Robert Blake has to understand that there are enclaves of Tamils in many parts of the island. In the Fifties 95% of the population of Wellawatta, a suburb of Colombo was Sinhala, but today 80% of the population is Tamil. What will be the situation of Trincomalee District which has a third of all three communities-Sinhala, Tamil and Muslims. What of Batticaloa District, where the Tamils are entrenched in the Batticaloa city while further south the Muslims are entrenched in Pottuvil. Further the Muslims have their own concentration of habitats in Beruwala, Mawanella and Akurana, near Kandy. In short, any political solution administered in any manner will essentially see Sri Lanka disintegrating into a number of warring states, like what really happened to Somalia, where today the administration has moved to Kenya and the seafarers have taken to pirating on the seas. It will interest Blake to know that pirating a ship means that the riches are shunted to Kenya where real estate is bought by Somalians.

Mr Blake please keep your hands off us. We have a newly elected Government elected by the people with a majority of 2.4 million votes.

It is an able Government, the only Government in the entire world that had the ability to defeat the LTTE, a most formidable terrorist organization. Leash out that same force on to the economy and the USA will see stars. It will be as Caesar said, “Veni, Vidi, Vici”- I came, I saw I conquered. If Mr Blake wants to know that is what President Rajapaksa is in action. He is proposing a grass roots level Janasabha- an organization that belongs to the people which will control all development, empowering the people.

ƒÆ’‚£ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¡‚¬Unfortunately for the World today, though President Obama has ascended the White House, the USA has not yet abandoned its nefarious activity of destabilizing countries. The attempt by Hilary Clinton to stop us annihilating the LTTE as well as Blake’s attempt to give a new lease of life to the LTTE through “power sharing” now has to be read with the recent revelation of the role that the USA and its CIA possibly played in the 2008 Mumbai Massacre, leaving over 160 dead and over a hundred wounded. In Daya Gamage’s words, “A former US government agent David Coleman Headley received promises of leniency and extradition protection from American prosecutors for his role in the 2008 Mumbai massacre” Headley “pled guilty to various criminal charges on March 18, (2010) in connection with his terrorist activities in India, and Pakistan”. What is more important is that Headley admitted that “he helped plan the bloody massacre by conducting surveilliance and selecting targets, gathering GPS coordinates for the terrorist team’s boat landing” but ” the US Government has decided not to allow foreign authorities to question him or subject him to trial. Prosecutors also agreed not to seek the death penalty and he may not even serve a life sentence”. Further it is said that “Indian investigators who traveled to the USA to interrogate Headley were turned away”. (From: “Mumbai Terrorist- a US Agent” in Asian Tribune:13/4/2010)

The manner in which Headley has been given a lenient sentence speaks volumes. Why has the USA taken action to be liberal with a master terrorist. This is the USA that incarcerated terrorist suspects in Gunatanamo Bay. The terrorists had to be kept in isolation and the USA had to release most of them because there was no firm evidence. In the case of Headley there is firm evidence. In the words of Unfree Media Asia: “CIA links to Headley, the American facing trial for planning the terrorist strike in Mumbai”¦. will remain secret at the insistence of the Obama Administration”.

The USA has blocked Headleay’s extradition to India and Indian interrogators who were sent to Washington to interrogate Headley were turned away. ( From “Secrets of a CIA double agent at the heart of Mumbai’s massacre”Unfree Media Asia:”23/3/1010) India had allowed USA investigators to question the terrorist that was caught alive in the Mumbai massacre.

It is stated that Headley was working as an agent of the USA and attached to the international terrorist organization called Lakshar-e-Taiba. (From: “Mumbai Terrorist was a US Agent” JBSOrg-John Birch Organization: 30/3/2010). He had gone through five weapons training courses- two courses lasting 3 months with the terrorist L-e-T. He had once been sentenced to six years imprisonment for heroin imports, but in this case too clemency enabled him to get released in 2 years.

The decision of the USA to set Headley almost scot-free despite the fact that he pleaded guilty to the charge of planning the Mumbai massacre, the fact that the US Administration has decided not to extradite Headley to India, had not even allowed the Indian authorities to question him face to face- all these point to the fact that the USA was involved with the Mumbai massacre in some form or other.

Mr Robert Blake owes to tell the world why the USA did allow Headley, an accepted terrorist, clemency and why the Indian interrogators were not allowed to question him. A categorical statement is due as to whether Headley was an Agent of the CIA and of the role he played in the Mumbai massacre.

The insistence of Robert Blake for Sri Lanka to go for a political solution, viewed with the revelation of the Headley treatment at the hand of the USA shows beyond all doubt that the USA has a hidden agenda in destabilizing Sri Lanka.

A few years ago another agent, John Perkins made a confession of his work as a chief officer of a multinational that provided Aid. His task was to fabricate reports to countries giving them funds, in a manner that the funds found their way back to the donor countries, leaving the countries indebted. He admits that the methods used included bribes to coax and cajole the people in charge. In this book:Confessions of an Economic Hitman, he also states that when countries did not submit to his manoeuvres, then the “ƒ”¹…”jackals’- the CIA took over. Put two and two together, has not the USA handed both India and Sri Lanka to the jackals?

Woe be unto us if we do not heed the Ides of March!

Garvin Karunaratne, Ph.D. Michigan State University Former Government Agent, Matara District,

15 th April 2010


3 Responses to “A Reply to Mr Robert Blake, US Secretary for Asia”

  1. gdesilva Says:

    Remember Prez Clinton’s slogan ‘It’s the economy, stupid’? Well, what Prez. Rajapaksa needs to tell the world loud and clear is ‘It’s the balkanization of India, stupid’. Sri Lanka is just a stepping stone for the CIA to facilitate the process of breaking up of India so that the ‘Western democracies’ can continue to control this emerging market and so that their citizens can maintain a higher standard of living by exploiting the people in the sub-continent. They will attempt to do the same in China if they succeed balkanization of India. Obviously, this is no secret to both India and China but what has not happened so far is creating an awareness about this situation among ordinary people so that they will not subscribe to CIA sponsored ‘colour revolutions’ (which, fortunately was a total failure in Sri Lanka).

  2. Ratanapala Says:

    I am glad that somebody at last got the big picture. There is no point in barking at the US led Western Christian Powers. Their agenda has always being to break up big countries like India, China, Pakistan, Indonesia,Burma etc. The LTTE operation in Sri Lanka was just the stepping stone to breakup India. In China they failed at the Tian-an- men Square. Chinese in their indomitable style gave a full demonstration of what will happen if they come to meddle with China. Little Sri Lanka gave a full demonstration ending up a the Nanthi Kadal lagoon. Unfortunately India still remains like a whore to be violated and infiltrated by these powers and their agents. This is the sick giant of Asia who has no sense of direction in what she does. The breaking up of Pakistan is now before our eyes. India is helping in this score little realizing that it is India next. They failed the Sri Lanka tack, now they will try others to do the same. The Christian Church led by the Vatican is the unseen hand that tries to destroy nations from within.

    Sri Lanka must understand these forces, act wisely and have a plan of action to defeat the agenda of the Christian Powers. We simply cannot sit back and think that everything is hunky dory! Eternal vigilance is the price of our freedom, for there are enemy agents still very active within Sri Lanka. First and foremost it is of paramount importance to protect the person of the President. All it takes is a single well aimed bullet, or a well placed suicide bomber to end what has been achieved so far and put country back into chaos.

    I would like to see more discussions on how the Western Christian Agenda can be contained and defeated rather than endless complaining as if acts of these powers are by misunderstanding or by mistake. What they do is part of their longterm agenda for the region. We just have to know how to live with these malefic stars and not get devoured by them. Just a Pope Jean-Paul II said that their target for the 21st century is to make Asia – Christian!

  3. aravinda Says:

    Yes, it was a well laid plan to break up India. Sri Lanka was only an appetiser. The whole Asia must thank President Rajapaksa for saving the continent. This victory against world’s most powerful terrorist organisation (LTTE) is a historical event in modern history. Sri Lankans defeated neo-colonilism at the door steps. It is an event like ” Ten days that shook the the world” in October 1917, or like French revolution of 1789. This will change the way Asia will treat Western powers in future. These killers and thieves can be stopped.

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