Posted on April 15th, 2010


Mr.Blake why do you want to visit my country when we are about to start our long journey with our President to take our beloved country to the 21st century. When our citizens enjoy our freedom and peace in the country dont come and spoil it Mr.Blake for God sake. You are not welcome here beacuse you are one of the Tamil Tiger sympathizers and we dont want to listen to your repeated tapes. Dont think that my homeland is Kyrgyztan or Pakistan but a free and sovereign nation after we eliminate your terrorists friends from our soil. You are happy that some Sinhala parties have lost in the elections but Mr.Blake dont think though they lost the elections that their voice is lost, they will be united with our President when ever any group or organization like L.T.T.E try to raise their ugly heads again.

We Sinhalese are all hardliners when come to any issue regarding our Motherland. Who the hell are you to lecture us or advise us? I dont think our President or the Government needs your advise or anybody’s advise to solve our problems. Actually speaking you and your Government is the biggest problem in the world not for any purticular country but to the whole world. If you dont support Israel who does the worst kind of human right abuses daily and allow Palastine to have their own country then most of the problems in the world now would have been solved. So Mr.Blake why dont you do that first and then come to lecture us or advise us?
Mr Blake you are telling Tamils suffered a great deal from human right abuses for long time and you are blaming us Sinhalese. We are the majority here in my country and we never abused any minority except the minority abused the majority for thirty long years. They violate every human rights during those bloody thirty years of terrorism. How many of our innocent civillians were killed during that time? How many innocent Tamils were killed by those L.T.T.E. terrorists? How many Tamils were denied their basic requirements in Tamil areas? Those murderers murdered innocent Tamils,Sinhalese,Muslims in cold blood,They were raped and robbed,kept in prisons of their own, denied education for thousands of tamil children, They kidnapped children and forced them to fight their dirty war against us. No country in the world with 75% majority will give half of their country to a minority with 7%. The minorities should learn to live with majority population in peace and harmony not try to steal land or country by wars.

We are very peaceful people we dont like wars or to fight with anybody like Americans. The Sinhala majority suffered thirty long years beacuse of the wicked, jealous International community who created the L.T.T.E. monster to steal our land and our rich resources. Thanks to my President and his brother Gotabaya they both managed to create a decent Armed Forces to eliminate the monster from our soil for all of us to live in peace and harmony and now go and see for yourself in the North and East what our President and his Government has done to upgrade the living standard of all Tamils who were living in those areas.

My President treat every citizen of my beloved Motherland as Sri Lankans not as minorities and he has visited them many times and spoken to them in their language and given so many facilities in record time after the war where no other leader in the past has done. You take an example from our country how to end a war and how to treat the enemy. How many thousands of innocent Tamils were taken hostage during the last days of war and how many were killed by Tamil tigers when the poor tried to escape from their hell? Why you didnt raise your ugly mouth at that time? Who killed who on those last days of war? Didnt you saw in the T.V how our generous, kind hearted, tired war heros were treating our enemies? Mr.Blake to preach others you should be perfect first then only people will listen to you or to your Government? So keep your lectures and advise to yourself and just visit my country to see the beauty and the peace prevailing in the country nowadays.
Mr.Blako please remember to respect our beloved President and the Government rather than blaming or finding faults here and there and stop supporting your friends in the opposition as they wont be able to form a Govermnet for another at least 25 years. You dividers are the ones want to divide our nation to Sinhalese,Tamils and Muslims but my President always treated everybody as Sri Lankans and he said there are no Minorities in my country so Mr.Blake dont put poison in to the minds of our citizens just keep away from my Motherland Please. How many countries in the world you people have divided in to pieces likewise dont come to Sri Lanka and talk about abuses of the minorities and not given anything to minorities and so on. Do you know how many Tamils and Muslims were there in the Government as Ministers,Junior Ministers and coporate heads? Our former foreign Minister was a Tamil and loved by all communities in the country and well respected in the world stage unfortunately he was murdered in cold blood by those ruthless terrorists L.T.T.E. whom you were supporting before and after their elimination.

You were having discussions with Tamil Diaspora who was with the terrorist organization L.T.T.E banned by so many countries including your country America and giving statements to the media supporting them and blaming our country and the Goverment for the war. Why dont you see the truth for yourself and then discuss anything you want with our President and solve if you have any problem rather than giving statements here and there. Our President is a listner and he knows what he is doing and where our country stands in all our affairs. You saw our elections and how peaceful it was and how the citizens voted so my Dear Mr.Blake just mind your own business and try to give your genuine support to my country and to the people rather than trying to inject new ideas which can help our enemies to think differently and plan something sinister against our beloved homeland again in the future.
The best thing you and your Government can do is to stop harassing small countries like us and start doing something genuinely to solve the Palastine problem. Stop supporting apathied regime of Netanyahu and allow poor Palastine people to live as human beings like you and me. If you are strong enough and have courage you can change the Israel attitude and bring them to their senses to treat others as humans.

We see in T.V. and news media how those cruel Israel soldiers killing and harassing Palastine Men women and Children, so who was to blame for those human rights abuses occur daily in the land of Palastine? Once peaceful country Iraq now like a cemetary daily deaths and destruction due to whom Mr.Blake? Did you found any weapons of mass destructions there upto now? What about Afganistan yes Osama bin laden mass murderer killed so many of your countrymen but did you found or killed him yet? Almost 10 years you coudnt found him instead you killed thousands of innocent civillians in both countries and no human rights for you Mr.Blake why only small countries like us? Your country is the most powerful country on earth as well as most hated country on earth am I correct? because you people  unnecessarily poking your nose to other peoples affairs. We like America and the people of America but you and your Government should be fair to all if you are genuine friends of ours. Our Governemnt is fairly and squarely elected by our citizens overwhelmingly so you and your Goverment’s  duty is to treat our President and our Government respectfully and honestly rather than finding faults and supporting our traitors and enemies to the country. I hope Mr.Blake will understand my viewpoint and do accordingly if not go to hell Mr.Blake.       
Respect our sovereign and democratic nation.
Stop supporting L.T.T.E. Sympathizers
Stop dividing our peaceful citizens

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