Money corruption – what is money’s worth?
Posted on April 22nd, 2010

Chinthana Helagama.

Breaking the queue to get a job done in an office by knowing some official personally has become a norm and this may gratify one’s ego in doing so too. This is to show not only monetary realm is limited to corruption. For hospital appointment, find a job, get child into a school are citizen’s rights but personal influence or bribing an official to obtain these has become a standard custom. One who does not know an official in person or cannot afford to offer a bribe can cause a helpless citizen to fail in gaining admission to a hospital and suffer an untimely death is tragic. This sad situation is not only a violation of one’s citizenship right but human right too.

 Voter turnout at the general election was low attributed primarily to peoples’ disgust at the corrupt MPs and ministers. The main complaint against MPs is money corruption or draining public funds costing the country and nation immensely. Today’s money corruptors are blatantly open in doing so demonstrating their absence of fear to do wrong and decency. They even call the non corruptors as fools and even consider them as a threat.

 Need to locate causes for this addiction to money corruption. What is its worth for such greed for money? Money economy was initiated by the West in a major scale purely as a conspiratorial tool for world hegemony. This conspiracy succeeded and we too became a victim. The money economy was fully mobilized with the industrial revolution, has become a major threat to natural environment, while the world is descending into a destructive path.

 World has given money the most valuable position, so attempts to gain it by any means can be considered as reasonable. While money profit is the greatest profit, the extreme addiction to it may be passed as not wrong. As money is king, everywhere, everything, everyone is given it crowning glory. Some countries offer certain services free but now even these are beginning to demand money. By instigating the whole world into money economy, the West has reduced most countries into destitution by self appointing them to the ownership of the world. The insidious neo-colonialism of the West has got most non European and tropical countries under their thumb, while grossly violating their national sovereignties. This is wholly barbaric and illegal.

 No matter how much money is in possession whatever is obtained by paying money does come from earth’s resources. Hence, if we can live with earth’s resources, servility to money is not needed. From rice grain to the most complex item is produced from the resources of earth. Due to money most humanity has distanced themselves from agriculture for making a quick buck some times inappropriately, resulting in the use of heavy machinery to produce food for a large population. This is responsible in producing harmful food artificially, leaving a negative impact on the environment. Mankind and all living beings can sustain only on a healthy earth. Hence, infinite value is earth not money.

 On the other hand West is constantly churning out more consumer goods of artificiality to increase greed and addiction. Much food and drink, apparels and wares, medicines with much chemical additives are pushed into the world market. The Media weapon is used to advertise these as luxury comfort goods, so that people will spend more money to obtain these mostly harmful and non essential goods. It is pay more hard earned money to make themselves unhealthy in body and mind.

 By harmonizing with nature a simple and satisfactory life style can be achieved. Although, we can stand upright is taken for granted, seldom thought it is solely due to earth. Our sustenance, progress, culture, joys and sadness as well as in death our body is received by earth for recycling. Therefore, earth or our national motherland is our priceless resource. There is nothing without country is rarely seen. Why we are chasing so much towards man made money, is it non realization of nature’s glory? If this is the truth, instead of offering priority to money; everyone can consider one’s daily job, profession or any work is nothing but one’s noble service to humanity. If we can positively condition this, to be one’s tastiest and ultimate profit “”…” anyone can shed this shameful corruption once and for all.

 Chinthana Helagama.

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