Sri Lanka: Lessons to be learnt by Canada
Posted on April 22nd, 2010

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1 Canada

April 22, 2010

Rt. Hon Stephen Harper, Prime Minister and Leader of the Conservative Party Canada 
Hon. Michael Ignatieff, Leader of the Opposition and the Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada   
Hon. Jack Layton, Leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada 
 Hon. Gilles Duceppe Leader of the Bloc Quebecois of Canada
House of Commons, Ottawa, Ontario

Honourable Gentlemen:

Re: Sri Lanka: Lessons to be learnt

With all your parties showing concern about Sri Lanka going way back to 1983, permit me to elaborate on what I believe should be lessons to be learnt by all you leaders and  members of your caucuses from today’s Sri Lanka. A reality check of some sort.

 Eleven months after the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) were militarily eliminated on May 18, 2009; Sri Lanka has had two country wide elections to elect the President and Members of Parliament.  The popular image of the government of President Mahinda Rajapaksa that you all would have liked toppled is in tact convincingly as if been stuck with super-glue.  And there have been more than four million visitors, both local and foreign to the Ja-panaya (Jaffna) peninsula which was closed to visitors by the Tamil Tigers for almost 30 years. You all may be astounded but that is how the cookie crumbles and is a plus for Sri Lanka and her President that you all vilified at gatherings with your Tamil constituents.

For anyone who had been following the Canadian  foreign policy on Sri Lanka, it is no secret that we Canadians wanted and still do is to see two nations (Sinhalese & Tamil) within Sri Lanka to satisfy the demands of your 250,000 Tamil constituents.  A strange truth when we ourselves would do everything and anything to see that French Quebec would not separate from Canada.  That is how hypocritical we Canadians have been and it stinks to high heaven.  We even evoked the War Measures Act in October 1970 to nip in the bud the activities of a few FLQ separatists with an arsenal of not more than 50 weapons.  They killed one person, Quebec’s Minister of Labour, Pierre Laporte, and all of the Province of Quebec’s and Ottawa’s street corners were deployed with soldiers with their guns drawn to shoot.  But when Tamil Tigers were responsible for at least 90 percent of the over 100,000 deaths in Sri Lanka, you parliamentarians cried foul when the Sri Lankan government went after the bastards with their guns drawn.   All that happened during the Gong Show in the Parliament chambers on February 4, 2009.  Remember?  That is the Canadian hypocrisy that stinks to high heaven.

 Our Canadian foreign policy on Sri Lanka was very apparent to every intelligent person who followed your Emergency Debate on Sri Lanka on February 4, 2009 evening in the Parliament Chambers where most parliamentarians who spoke on the war between the democratically elected Government of Sri Lanka and a non-elected group of terrorist thugs,  the Tamil Tigers the most ruthless terrorists in the world, were passionate in support of the Tamils who wanted  their separate, mono-ethnic, racist Tamil state,  Eelam, while being witnessed by hundreds of  silently cheering  refugee Tamils in the gallery.  I had no better words in my vocabulary to describe this debate as the “ƒ”¹…”Tamil Tiger Blarney Gong Show’.  It was embarrassing and I will elaborate why later.

Our foreign policy on Sri Lanka was apparent when every other foreign nation congratulated Sri Lanka for eliminating the ruthless Tamil Tigers which had haemorrhaged Sri Lanka for 27 years, who were responsible for the assassination of two heads of states, Rajiv Gandhi of India and President Premadasa of Sri Lanka, Canada’s Conservative Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lawrence Cannon put out a pathetic press release without such a congratulatory acknowledgement.  So my Conservatives too decided to pander to the 250,000 GTA Tamils, wanting to claw some of their votes.  Even though Conservatives happen to be my political party I have no qualms to say  to them, “Shame on You Lot” and spare them my curse, “Pox on all of you”.

These Tamil Tiger terrorists were a “ƒ”¹…”Made in India’ brand having been  trained by Indira Gandhi’s India in their military camps in  Besavakan, Kongurukulam, Lampert, Parangimali, Aranagar and Kumbakonam in the south and at the foot hills of the Himalayas.  Having taken hundreds of the sandal-footed Tamil guerrillas who could not shoot straight for the life of them, they were sent back having graduated as terrorists in military fatigues, Jack-boots, cradling AK47s like babies in their arms, and festoons of live bullets around their necks to fight the Sri Lankan armed forces. This was after the July 1983 riots in Colombo when the Tamils got the worse of it with the death of 345 Tamils and the Tamil shops being burnt and destroyed in the capital Colombo.

The riots happened when the bodies of 13 soldiers who were ambushed by the Tamil Tigers on the night of 23 July 1983 were brought to Colombo for burial. This riot was the culmination of the violence that was meted out on the Sinhalese by the Tamil Tigers since 1972 who were up to all kinds of villainy like murders, kidnappings for ransom, bank robberies, gang robberies, destruction of public property, burning buses, trains, ethnic cleansing and much more.  They were no paragons of virtue nor were they innocent babes in the woods that they said they were and sold their fairy tales to you bunch of Canadian parliamentarian fools.  And you all bought it hook, line and sinker.


The lesson that ought to be learnt is that the Tamil refugees who arrived saying that they were “ƒ”¹…”persecuted and discriminated’ by the majority Sinhalese was a well oiled scam and we Canadians were taken for a ride and our treasury was emptied having to cut welfare cheques to sustain these Tamil refugees who arrived in the thousands.  The monthly welfare cheques when converted in to Sri Lankan rupees would be a quadruple amount that the majority of them would have earned in Sri Lanka for a month.  That’s how lucrative this refugee business was. Thus was the scam and it was big time.  Ninety percent of these refugees were economic refugees and the riots of July 1983 was a God’s send as 90% of these refugees who by passed their Motherland India where 55 million of their brethren lived in Tamil Nadu and landed on Canadian soil wouldn’t have had a chance in hell to immigrate to Canada  had they gone through the legitimate immigration point system to come in as legitimate immigrants.  This was a scam and a million dollar business with human traffickers becoming millionaires within months.

The lesson that ought to be learnt is that Canada should stop being a bunch of “ƒ”¹…”goody-two-shoes’ vilifying Sri Lanka and pretending to the world that we are a humane lot opening our flood gates to the Tamils who decided to fly out of their cuckoo’s nest in search of greener pastures in the pretext that they were “ƒ”¹…”persecuted and discriminated’ by the majority Sinhalese.

“ƒ”¹…”We were discriminated and persecuted’ the Tamil refugees said when they landed on their knees on Canadian soil seeking political asylum.  I understand the numbers looked exciting to bloat every one of your party’s voter bank, so you all pandered to them and accepted their lies.

Perhaps someone in any of your parties could tell me how the following events could be interpreted as “persecution and discrimination”.  Any takers?  Come on I challenge you “”…” Bob Rae, Jim Karygiannis, Derek Lee, Maria Minna, Judy Sgro, John McKay, Albina Guaneiri, John Cannis, Robert Olipant, Irwin Cotler, Borys Wrzesnewskyj, Gurbax Malhi (from the Liberal pack); Pierre Poilievre, John Baird, Maurice Vellacott, Deepak Obhrai, Jason Kenney, Patrick Brown (from the Conservative pack): Jack Layton, Paul Dewar, Peter Julian, Wayne Marston (from the NDP pack) and Johanne Deschamps, Jean Dorion, Maria Mourani (from the Bloc pack).

When these refugees decided to grow  wings after the July 25, 1983 riots, according to the 1981 Census, the predominantly Tamil Ja-panaya (Jaffna) District in the North had 555 government schools for a Tamil student population of 207,524 compared to the multi-ethnic student population in the capital Colombo of 231,690 students, who had just 251 Government schools.  Where may I ask the discrimination is?  It certainly doesn’t translate according to my 5th Grade arithmetic I learnt in Ceylon (Sri Lanka).  How about you my dear Canadian parliamentarians?  Speak out.  Let’s see how good your 7th Grade Canadian Arithmetic is.  Did the Tamils fool you or what? 

Forty-one percent of these Ja-panaya (Jaffna) District schools had government approved science laboratories compared to the island average of 19.6 per cent.  Well”¦well”¦didn’t the Tamils who landed on their  knees crying to you parliamentarians take you all for a hell-of-a-ride straddled on donkey backs?  I really pity you bunch of fools.  Weren’t the Tamils not a privileged minority (then 12%, now 3.9% of the population) and the Sinhalese were the wronged majority (74% of the population)? I challenge anyone of you to infer another response other than my conclusion.  I know you all want the Tamil votes and you all will ignore my challenge.   That happens to be your choice and my business as a member of the voting public is to extract the truth from you lot and to show that you all have a fraudulent mindset about Sri Lanka.

When the riots happened in July 1983, there were three Tamil diplomats heading our Foreign Missions abroad and one was in London.  Ha! Discrimination these Tamil refugees say.  When the riots happened in July 1983 and the Tamils decided to fly out of the island, a Tamil, Justice S. Sharvananda was the Chief Justice of the Judiciary.  When the riots happened in July 1983 and the Tamils decided to fly out to Canada whose flood gates were opened for them to come in as refugees, the Inspector General of Police was a Tamil, Rudra Rajasingham; and the highest legal officer the Attorney-general was a Tamil S. Pasupathi.  And yet these Tamil refugees who landed in Canada said they were “ƒ”¹…”persecuted and discriminated’ and you fools got sucked into their  hell-hole of lies”¦give me a break!. You are not going to drag me along this sordid muddy garden path that they paved for you studded with lies which you all decided to skip along merrily as at the end of the path were the Tamil votes.  This is a lesson that parliamentarians have to learn on the Sri Lankan issue. You lot were made a bunch of fools by these Tamil refugees.  The Tamils in Sri Lanka were discriminated you Canadian parliamentarians spouted and they ought to be given their separate state Eelam in the North and East of the island you preached”¦.my foot I say.

The lesson that ought to be learnt is that never again should we open the flood gates for scamming Tamil refugees who come floating in rusting trawlers, and never again should any Canadian incumbent government look away when these refugees collect funds in the millions of dollars each month to fund their war back home that they left behind.

The good example  is how the Liberal Government for 13 long years let the Tamil refugees collect two million dollars a month to stuff the war chest of the Tamil Tigers who were killing innocent civilians for the want of their separate state Eelam, when we Canadians refused the French to have their own separate state within Canada.  That is how blatantly hypocritical we Canadians have been. 

The lesson that ought to be learnt is never again should our parliamentarians patronize fund raising events for Tamil terrorists which prolonged the war in Sri Lanka.  Like when Liberal Finance Minister Paul Martin and International Corporation Minister Maria Minna with several back benchers attended a Federal Associations of Canadian Tamils (FACT)  $60-a-plate fund raising dinner in Toronto on May 6, 2000 for the Tamil Tigers.  You Liberals did not go unscathed as the opposition MPs from the Canadian Alliance, like Monte Solberg, Ted White and Stockwell Day peppered you all with questions during Question Period and you all weren’t comfortable at all and called them racists.  But they were right and you Liberals were wrong.

While the Liberal parliamentarians were feeding the Tamil Tiger war-chest by participating in a fund raising dinner in Toronto, the Tamil Tigers were mounting a major offensive called Unceasing Waves III that aimed to drive government forces out of Sri Lanka’s northern  Ja-panaya  (Jaffna)  peninsula.  The terrorists captured a key army base at Alimankada (Elephant Pass), and were advancing toward the town of  Ja-panaya (Jaffna).

“If funds did not come, the weapons would not be unloaded on our beaches,” said Lakshman Kadirgamar, Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister who also happened to be a Tamil and later assassinated by the Tamil Tigers with a sniper bullet.  Never again should the Canadian parliamentarians hurt that island nation, just because each one of you want to get back to parliament with the help of the blood-soaked votes of the Tamils.

The Lesson that ought to be learnt is just because Canada provides $20 million dollars in aid to Sri Lanka, Canada has no business to poke its nose into Sri Lanka’s internal affairs.  And Sri Lanka has every right to admonish us and tell us, it is none of your bloody business just go and fly a kite.

The Emergency Debate on Sri Lanka on the evening of February 4, 2009 in the parliament chambers was a case in point and it was embarrassing.  You all spoke with gusto and some like Jim Karygiannis with an orang-outang animation, all wanting to save the Tamil Tigers from extinction. And that was what your Tamil constituents wanted.  And that was clear.

The lesson to be learnt by Jim Karygiannis, Judy Sgro, David Lee, Robert Oliphant and Albina Guanieri who were accusing Sri Lanka of “Tamil Genocide” was that you “ƒ”¹…”Terrible Five’ were a bunch of sick-liars as the Sri Lankan armed forces were not killing the Tamils but were fighting to save 300,000 Tamils who were herded like cattle from the west to the east of the island for two-and-one-half years and  finally kept hostage in a sliver of beach sand  in the east coast by the Tamil Tigers.  They saved them and eleven months later except for 65,000 who are still waiting to be resettled, the others have gone back to the renovated homes and some newly built standing on land-mine cleared terrain.  There were millions of landmines planted like mushrooms by the Tamil Tigers who were beaten back.  That was a miracle and Sri Lankans do believe in miracles.

The lesson to be learnt is that Canada shouldn’t be that pompous with a colonial attitude thinking that we can push Sri Lanka around; well you don’t as they have proved that they know what is best for their own people more than you Canadian parliamentarians.

When you politicians were parroting what your Tamil constituents were saying that the Tamils who were saved from the hands of the ruthless Tamil Tiger terrorists were now housed in deplorable camps, Sri Lanka was cooking one-million meals a day to feed the 300,000 Tamil refugees thrice a day.

What is important to note by you lot, especially the Liberals who were hostile in your comments about the majority Sinhalese who you spouted were discriminating the minority Tamils, it were the Sinhalese who finally got together  to cook a million meals a day to feed their Tamil brothers and sister who were ill-treated by their own Tamils, the Tamil Tigers for almost three years when they were herded across the island.  The Sinhalese refused to let their Tamil brothers and sisters to go without even one meal a day or die of starvation.  And that is the truth.  And meanwhile the foreign NGOs were running around in the north with an air of importance in air-conditioned SUVs kicking dust into eyes of the Tamil victims in welfare camps.  The damn arrogance of the “ƒ”¹…”white-man’ who think they know best for Sri Lanka.  That is a reality check on the majority of the INGOs.

This achievement of preparing a million meals a day was amazing and a miracle.  And Sri Lanka was right to tell you all, “Why don’t you mind your own God damn business and go and look after your native people who are suffering in the chilling North and we will look after ours.”   Sri Lankans certainly put us to shame when we can’t even feed the Canadian poor and our children go to school in the morning with empty stomachs.   It happens in our capital, Ottawa, and Paul Dewar, Pierre Poilievre and John Baird,  you know it as a fact.

A lesson that ought to be learnt by you lot is what I just read from the wire services.  President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s UPFA has secured 144 parliamentary seats from a possible 225 seats despite the criticisms by the Canadian Foreign Office of Sri Lanka’s prevalent violence, human rights violations, lack of minority rights and media freedom.  The Sri Lankan voters know what is best and the message sent to us Canadians is that”¦ ” just because you have given us $20 million dollars in aid, you have not been given the license to poke your noses into our internal affairs.  If you all want to sleep with the 250,000 Tamils, it is your business but try not to be their mouth piece, as we do not care two pea-nuts at what you have to say.”  I hope you  “ƒ”¹…”Emergency Debate’ parliamentarians are listening. 

Here is a lesson that ought to be learnt by you lot, especially the Liberals.  During the 4 February 2009 Emergency Debate on Sri Lanka, which I refer to as the “ƒ”¹…”Tamil Tiger Blarney Gong Show’, you all parroted your Tamil constituents’ complaints that their Tamil women in the welfare camps had been raped by the  Sri Lankan soldiers. 

This complaint was voiced by Albina Guarnieri to whom I wrote asking whether she had asked her male colleagues whether they would risk raping a woman in a welfare tent which were long-houses like that of the Iroquois, in front of many people and also when the adjacent long-house tents would not only relay sounds of snoring at night but also would hear very clearly the screams of a woman who had been raped.  Even heavy breathing of a woman who enjoyed being raped would have been heard by refugees living in adjoining tents. That was how ridiculous this damning accusation was.  The question was will the soldier-rapist be let go Scot-free without getting mauled and beaten to pulp by the onlookers?

It was a case of “Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the liar of them all”.  I wouldn’t have hesitated one moment to name Albina Guarneiri, for the very reason that Hillary Clinton who took the cue from her American-Tamils to accuse and muddy the well disciplined Sri Lankan army of rape had to apologize to the Government of Sri Lanka and its soldiers for her miss-step.   I hope, in particular that Albina Guarneiri learnt a damn good lesson trying to pander to her Tamil constituents.  The question that she should ask herself is was all this worth it when finally the dust settled she not only looked foolish but also looked a village idiot.

A lesson that ought to be learnt by you lot, especially the governing Conservatives, which also happens to be my party, that our alliance with the US, UK and other western nations who were supporting the Tamils and trying to bully and bring the Mahinda Rajapaka government to its knees re-arranged the geo-politics in the region where the alliance of Sri Lanka moved like a tectonic-plate towards the Euroasian landmass against the international domination of the US, UK, Canada and its allies in the west.

This Eurasian alliance was formed on the basis of the growing cohesion between Moscow, Teheran, Beijing, and their allies that has seen the animation of the Primakov Doctrine.  And so we lost Sri Lanka from our radar screen, although once upon a time, long, long ago, Sri Lanka and Canada had a very good and a cordial relationship.  Not anymore.

What are so obvious are the aid arithmetic and the influence that Canada is seeking in Sri Lanka.  Canada send 20 million dollar in aid and expects Sri Lanka to dance to the tune of  “Oh! Canada”¦”  And the US aid was only 7.4 million dollars in 2008 compared to China’s almost one billion dollars in aid.  There lies the alliance and the geo-political shift, and any threat by Canada trying to bring the Sri Lankan government as a War Criminal in front of the International 

War Crimes Court for the very reason that Sri Lanka helped the civilized world by eliminating the most ruthless Terrorist outfit in the world almost single handed is a lost cause.  Does Canada’s Foreign Ministry have a lesson to learn here?

 A lesson that ought to be learnt by you lot is that Sri Lankans have a rich history and are an extremely proud people.  They will not drop onto the ground and roll over and pretend that they are dead just because the Canadian parliament says, we want a “ƒ”¹…”Ceasefire’ or “ƒ”¹…”Give the Tamils their homeland, their Eelam’, or “ƒ”¹…”stop shooting at our friends the Tamil Tigers’ or “ƒ”¹…”we will not acknowledge that you eliminated the Tamil Tigers the most ruthless terrorists in the world as they belong to the same tribe as our Tamil friends in Scarborough, Mississauga and Markham who we are wooing for their votes.’

And if you peek your ears towards the direction of Sri Lanka, what you will hear from her people in unison is “”…”  “Canada, why don’t you  mind your own bloody business and go jump in the  Ottawa River and chill yourself.  And we don’t care if you allow 5,000 Tamils to demonstrate on your streets saying bad things about us.  We just don’t care as we have our lives to live.  And we will live it our way.”


Asoka Weerasinghe “”…” a card carrying Conservative

30 Responses to “Sri Lanka: Lessons to be learnt by Canada”

  1. M.S.MUdali Says:

    You are barking at wrong trees always. You purposely hide how LTTE terrorists were helped by UNP and its leaders like J.R.Jeyawardene, R.Premadasa and Ranil. If you are a Canadian, read the book BY WAY OF DECEPTION authored by two Canadians Claire Hoy and Vicktor Ostrovsky about how MOSSAD helped J.R.Jeyawardene to train LTTE cadres in Tel Aviv.

    1983 communal riot was a joint venture by LTTE and UNP.

    You are an ardent supporter of UNP and better bark at Ranil Wickramasinghe and the Catholic Church which praised LTTE as the DIVINE SOLDIERS of CHRIST!

    You are barking with your RACIST ideals and never bother about the lives lost in Sri Lanka. If your racist harangues taken seriously by Sinhalese for another communal riot, you or any other Sinhalese cannot stop dividing Sri Lanka.

    Tamils fled Sri Lanka with a real reason. Are you expecting the Tamils to be killed to save the throne of J.R.Jayawardene and his donkey Malayalee Christian clan in Sri Lanka?

  2. cassandra Says:

    This is not the first time you have written about “the Catholic Church which praised LTTE as the DIVINE SOLDIERS of CHRIST!” Could you please state when the Catholic Church did this? Who in the Church dis this – was it the Pope, an individual bishop or an individual priest? Please provide this information to back up your assertion.

    Secondly, what exactly do you mean by the “throne of J.R.Jayawardene and his donkey Malayalee Christian clan in Sri Lanka” ?

    It would help if you did not write in riddles, if you wrote simply and backed your claims with credible information.

  3. M.S.MUdali Says:





  4. cassandra Says:


    Fr Emmanuel is only one priest – he is NOT the Catholic Church. So, please don’t make incorrect statements that implicate the whole Church.

    Also, I would not be in a hurry to call people “criminal Catholics” unless I was sure they were guilty of crimes.

    By the way, you have still to tell me what you mean by “the throne of J.R.Jayawardene and his donkey Malaylee Christian clan in Sri Lanka”


  5. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    I am very much impressed by Asoka Weerasinghe’s depth of knowledge about events in SriLanka and the effort Asoka takes to protect the good name of SriLanka from the pedlers of lies and deception across the world. I wish Asoka all the best to succeed in this commendable venture, for the sake of all peace loving SriLankans. However the the section of the Tamil diaspora that still supports the Tiger Terrorists, control immense amounts of ill-gotten funds in addtion to claiming to control a large vote bank, and are able to influence the greedy and weeker politicians, journalists and other influential persons across the world, including in SriLanka. I believe the problem is with our foreign missions which lack people of Asoka’s calibre and commitment and are not able to counter the lies propogated by the Tamil Diaspora and those they have engaged to work for them. Though it is common knowledge that the Tamil Tigers were sponsored by a section of the Tamil Diaspora to commit genocide of non-tamils living in areas earmarked for a future mono ethnic Tamil state, this message is not adequately conveyed by our foreign missions. The new Govt of SriLanka need to address this weakness as a matter of priority.

  6. asoka weerasinghe Says:

    M.S.MUdali, you are full of it. You asked me to read the book BY WAY OF DECEPTION by Claire Hoy and Vicktor Ostrovcsky about how MOSSAD helped J.R.Jeyawardene to train LTTE cadres in Tel Aviv.
    For your information I have read it and have no clue what the heck you are talking about. I have gone one step further from reading it, I met Victor Ostrovsky twice in his residence to discuss the contents on Sri Lanka in the book and again met Claire Hoy and Victor Ostrovsky to discuss the book over lunch at the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa, when they even autographed the book for me on December 10, 1990 with the inscriptions – “To Asoka Weerasinghe: Enjoy. Cheers and God Bless, Claire Hoy, Dec. 10/90”; “To Asoka Weerasingha, Hope you see more than others did. V. Ostrocsky.” I came to know more on MOSSAD’s involvement in Sri Lanka than what is in the book.
    I established a rapport with Victor to the point that I have now got one of his paintings (he is also an artist) hanging on my living room wall.
    The pages 127-131 deals with Sri Lanka and no where does it give me the impression that “….MOSSAD helped J.R.Jeyawardene to train the LTTE cadres in Tel Aviv.” Perhaps you may wish to come back with the pages in the book where it says so that I may read it again in case I missed it.
    You also call me a “racist” for the very reason that I say that Sri Lanka belongs to all ethnic groups and no enclave should belong exclusively to one ethnic group, minority or otherwise. With your logic, I wonder what you would call the Tamils who are seeking their patch of real-estate in Sri Lanka to call it their own mono-ethnic, racist Tamil state, Eelam?
    And by the way, let me repeat unless it has not sunk into you as yet, that I don’t “bark” but I “roar like a lion”. Remember, my name is WEERA-SINHA.
    You know absolutely nothing about me, or else you won’t be this foolish.

  7. sharpeshooter Says:

    How come these Tamil asylum seekers go to Sri Lanka on holidays using Sri Lankan Passports? Are these Canadians who support them fools or idiots? Why don’t the Governments of both Canada and Sri Lanka dig into this?

  8. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    Thanks Ashoka for your article and also for the comment reflecting your true face. I think it is better to ignore comments by MUdali. Canadians, the vast majority of them are migrants, who know the fact that they live in someone else’s land. Unfortunately, they cannot admit to it knowing the consequences. Tamils having realized their vulnerabilities like those of Sinhala (Sinhala are very sensitive to claims of discrimination because it is not their character), try their best to cajole these migrants claiming land rights to where they live, to support these terror scum. Denying support means admission of their guilt by default. You know how well Tamils and all other minorities are discriminated on these lands, the same that they attributed to Sinhala people. They will not say a word about the truth because they will be sent back by plane after canceling visa. For those who champion equality of Sinhala with Tamils, I attached the following, which is also a response to the latest of twisted comments made against the history in response to a previous article by this MUdali to tell about the person behind the comments.

    Begin quote …
    This refers to your latest comment. Typical waste not even worth to comment, but I do so to make some self-claimed Sinhala speaking Diaspora members who advocate “Lanka belongs to all” kind of waste to understand that Tamils are Tamils whatever color cloth or glass they where. Look at how they throw the same words back without an iota of understanding. If we use the word Sinhala, automatically we are racist. For them the word Tamil is a symbol of never ending grievances. I said 80% of Tamil and hear the same in reverse order that as 80% of Sinhala. Sadly 80% is my number and there is no one else to support it. And it is limited to Tamils squatting Yapapatuna area. What a jerk. That amounts to 130% of Tamil words based on alphabetical strength alone, even after ignoring some letters that Tamils can never pronounce.

    You say that “anything considered true Sinhala” = Sinhala = pro-life and go on to interpret that Sinhala means pro-life. You are very clever in English. Keep going. What a good understanding to say that Sinhala means pro-life. You are an idiot to think that I will throw away the meaning of a word that has far reaching consequences to the intellectuals of your caliber who come through parroting. Did you buy your English qualifications like everything else from others. You are very good at understanding what I said about Kerala. Good English comprehension skills. Forget the technical stuff. It sounds like you have come from Jupiter.

    Sinhala are worried about spirits. Is that why they got means to get rid of them instead of sacrificing an heir like the Nepalese?

    It sounds like you got the best qualifications in the world when you say that you passed Sinhala/Tamil/English in Sri Lankan examinations. Alas, I would not even consider to give a job based on local qualifications because they are not even worth to consider. You tell exactly what Sinhala you know. Did you buy it too. Refer your comment about my Tamil (I already proved you wrong in understanding a Tamil word, remember Perumal), do you think that I learn many things to get qualifications and then to find work. Do you think Tamil is such a complex language that others can not learn. I do not even bother to learn Tamil anymore because it will convert me to your level. Rather I want Sinhala people to reject Tamil and anyone promoting Tamil should be thrown out of the country for reasons best known to me. You became Tamil because you were born among them, but no because it came out of your clever innovations. In time to come, it will be same welcome to Tamils with more vigor than what they have done to Sinhala.

    You are right. I am a joker who makes jokes out of jokers like you and laugh out loud to the world. You ask whether later versions of Kings in Rajarata were monkeys. No, they were half monkeys.

    By the way, did you create the concept of DNA. I know a few Tamil academics eating soil (waste) after discovering their concoctions submitted to gain western paper qualifications. Any way it was a Raman who paved the way in early 19th century for this great innovation that will save the mankind.

    Keep on dreaming. You are very close to judgment day. In this regard I go with Christians because that prediction was an idea borrowed by westerners, not something created by them. German researchers say that Jesus lived in India for twelve years before his religious adventures.

    I wish Lanka web find people that match their standing than this. Sinhala people should understand that so called other humans are different and not like them. How different should be assessed before thinking them as equals, if ever. I hope I gave some insight to how Tamils think. I find no difference between the best and the worst among Tamils. It is like trying to find the difference between a murderer before and after committing the act. Finally, nature will judge them properly. MUdali, why waste your time at this web site that at least have many people who know what they tell, but not like you.”

    …. End quote

  9. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Asoka Weerasinghe:
    But the authors or you never deny the LTTE was trained in Tel Aviv when the SL army also got trained at the same time.

    Getting a book from the author/s is not a proof of your claims. You read the sentences again and ask Viktor about the information “who did pay the cost of the training for LTTE” if you have a chance!

    But still you duck on the involvements of UNP with LTTE.

    You are not roaring but you are crying like a stoned dog!

    The name of Ananda Sangaree’s father too VEERA – Singham. Names has nothing to give to the brain!

  10. M.S.MUdali Says:

    You cry like a fool. You never proved anything on “PERUMAL” but you simply degraded an Alaha Peruma to a YAM DIGGER!

    You bark that Tamil language has 80% of the words originated from Sinhala and Tamil nadu once populated with Sinhalese. Then you cry TAMILS are different from Sinhalese but you become mad after reading MEIN CAMPF. Hitler and his NAZIS used COLOR and other genetical properties for their claims but you are crying on the basis of language which has no genetical property. You contradict yourself and crying for somthing not exist in this world!

    You are crying about GERMANS. What the hell you or any other Sri lankans have in common with Germans?

    You are a specimen of mentally ill people who follow RACIST ideologies or NAZIS!

  11. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Fr. Emmanuel was the Vicar general (next to the Bishop) of Jaffna. I hope POPE of Vatican gave the letter of appontment to him. Are you denying that too? He is a not a “SIMPLE” priest you said here. He is carrying out a MISSION entrusted to him by POPE who is a NAZI! How other SINHALA bishops go well with Mannar Bishop Rayappu who was publicly aligned with LTTE. Catholics never condemned the activities of these guys for supporting LTTE. Not only that Catholic clergies demonstrated against the government with the pictures of Prabhakaran. So, you better ask your Bishop why they still hang on with those Tiger Catholics!

    J.R. Jayawardene who was not from Sinhala origin but a Malayalee origin. He became a puppet of WEST and he used his brand of communal riots to be in the power by dividing the Sri lankan community. LTTE was not funded by Tamil public but paid millions by Catholic Church from the start. J.R. regime fequently “gave” arms by letting the LTTE to overun military installations in Jaffna. Catholic Church is the courier between UNP and Tamil politicians always. In the meantime JR family tried to be the BOSSES of UNP by eleminating Prema, Lalith and others with the help of LTTE. That is why RANIL emerged as the leader of UNP.

    The deaths of Tamil people/Sinhala people were exploited by JR, LTTE and UNP. The western masters thought a pro-western government would hold power for ever until Chandrika was elected. They thought communal divide will help a pro-western government in Sri lanka and JR Clans on the throne forvever. Killing Tamils is always a fodder for the west which directly back UNP!

    Can you tell why Catholic/Cristian churches always back WEST and UNP?

    Now WEST bark at a government which destroyed a TERRORIST organization backed by Catholic Church!

  12. M.S.MUdali Says:

    They are given asylum but they use Canadian passports. No one is going to Sri Lanka with Sri Lankan passports!

  13. Sita Perera Says:

    We have to be very careful of peoples like MS Mudali, Priyantha Abeywickrame etc. To me they are more dangerous than the LTTE,becasue these people wear the masks of the patriots.

  14. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    MUdali is dumping a few more loads of waste at this web site. I wish MUdali tells me how to cry like a fool though I know how to cry like a baby shouting grievances, discrimination, grievances, human rights, ethnic enclave and more grievances? It is true that I can be much worse than someone who read Mein Campf because I may have the capacity to differentiate every human being as an unique entity and to weaponise that knowledge. If I transfer that to destruction, it means that I can take out any one. In other words, every death comes with an identity label and thankfully no collateral damage. Actually that is why I am measured and restrained in my responses. If you call me Racist, I am more than happy to be a Racist. Actually, some Tamils say I am a rabid Sinhala Racist, a greater honor. If it is the case, I am glad that I have paid my debts to Sinhala people. By the way, Tamils are the most tolerant non-racist ethnic community that made Tami Nadu a mono-ethnic enclave and trying to carve out another mono-ethnic enclave on the Northern part of Sinhale’ (Lanka) after thousands of years of genocidal war against Sinhala people. Then I may be much closer to Tamils since I am asking Sinhala people to save at least their leftover rump for the future wellbeing of their children. I have no shame whatsoever to tell that.

    Regarding every word I utter, I take the responsibility and know very well what others will do when they come out of their myths and apathy after realizing the naked truth in my comments. Obviously, westerners take a long time to understand, but they are very decisive in their actions when they get it. I know for sure as they took more than three years to understand my foolish cries and then decided to force it down through every throat to make sure that others understand what I said. On the other hand, who is this MUrali and what MUrali said is clear to anyone from your own words.

    Dear Editor, I wish Sinhala people had a single chance to make even a single fair comment at a Tamil website, not anything that comes with derogatory tones of MUrali. I hope you are aware of the fact that best defense is to tell the truth no matter how hard it takes others to digest. On the other hand the current conflict in Lanka is not a problem Between Sinhala majority and LTTE as some pundits try to display. It is a continuation of what Tamils were doing to Sinhala people beginning with the genocide of Sinhala people on the northern part. In this process, LTTE was the latest face of armed struggle that could be the most primitive attempt to achieve their goals. Others are more sophisticated and hope you realize how people like Devananda behaved during the presidential election and Ananda Sangaree after the end of war. Obviously, you are doing a good job by providing an avenue for people to express their support to Sinhala people. But, whatever the facts, whether true or false, they can be negated very effectively if challenged at the origin. Tamils know it never allow it even if everything they say is false. Inadvertently, you seem to be leaving room for that to take place. Being Tamil, by design they have a specific role within their ethnic group and does not necessarily have to be identical to what others do, but the end result is the same to serve that ethnic group. Some acts are even beyond individual’s capacity to control. If the same is applied, we may puzzle why we support Sinhala people after having left to greener pastures to take the English identity. There are certain elements that make us to do things that are above our control. It is a price that we have to pay for buying an ethnic identity at the birth. So it is wiser to be more cautious to let someone like MUdali to insult every good article based on what waste he has already dumped here. Unfortunately, it is a waste of time for me to respond to utter waste dumped by a person of this caliber.

    Since it is worth to mention, I like to tell that I came to current mind set not by reading Mein Campf, but after finding that truth was much more than I made on my papers about Tamils before spending nearly 40 days in the accessible part of the north eastern part of the country. If I had access to the whole area, I would have called for their heads than writing these comments by finding how horrible and inhuman they are as a form of life let along be human. Unfortunately, belonging to an ethnic identity means every one of that ethnic identity carries those original ethnic values that never change no matter what.

  15. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    Sorry Sita, I am not a patriot, nor I belong to your kind, not knowing who I am shouting for. Can you please put “a”at the end of my name. In English, they tend to ignore “e”. By the way, you should try to read the full content of my comments than trying to another MUrali.

  16. Sita Perera Says:

    Good to know Priyantha that you are not a patriot. That’s ok, but please do not try to attack good patriots like Asoka. We must emulate and prosper the ver lmited good patriots that we have

  17. Sita Perera Says:

    Priyantha, it looks like your attack had been on MS Mudali and not Asoka W. Thus I take back my earlier 2 comments about you. Very Sorry. I was angry if you were criticizing Asoka whose excellent credentials do not need any explanation here. Yes I have noted your surname. I will try to read the entirety of your essays, albeit they are very boring and often senseless. Now I know you are not the same family that I was thinking of in Tangalle.

  18. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    Sita, I am sorry to say that you are very emotional and short sighted. you misunderstand a lot in English. I did not attack Ashoka this time as you say, and was proud to hear some of his own words in his comment referring to his surname. But, mine was in appreciation and complementary to tell how Tamils deceive migrant politicians in Canada. You must be dreaming about my previous comment related to one of his articles. No matter what, if someone does type in text that is not correct, I will not hesitate to make my point. I am not a Patriot because you are. It reminds my claim that I was not Sinhala when one of my bosses said that he was Sinhala. In English, patriot means essentially someone who goes with everything their government does and there is no Sinhala word for that than something like ‘pandan karaya”. In Sinhala, the words used to describe people like us could be more close to Racist to some extent in English. English do not want us to be concerned about our ethnicity and use people like you as their tools by conversion to undermine us so that they can superimpose their ethnicity. You just remember that I never want Tamils to be forced to learn Sinhala unless my intent is same as that of English. In other words, you are more a backer of English Super-racism, supporting imposition of ones own ethnic values on others by force who favors English, as found from your own comments. When it come to forcing English (or Tamil) down the throats of Sinhala, it is great. I say to hell with such Sinhala patriots!

  19. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    Thanks for your later comment. I wish you read my comments in full. If you do not get it, please ignore it. My comments are not meant for everyone. Ref. Abeywickrama(e)s of Tangalle, I know very little about many of my relatives. I am walking since I was fourteen years old and hope soon to breath fresh air in my home village. At some point, I was an Abeywickrama living in a village close to Colombo. Let me tell you something though personal. My grand father (Abeywickrama) who lives in the Matara district had six brothers living in the Magampura (Maha Gama Pura) district, a few miles apart, as I heard from my late father and am not aware whether he had sisters. But, I have never seen these six grandpas and their descendents who happened to live in a village next to Middeniya according to a reflection of a time gone by. All Abeywickrama(e)s that I know have a few specific characters. One is they tell what they have to. But more personal ones can be used to find whether it is an imposter. I do not think that anyone in our part of the world would dare to act like an Abeywickrama(e). The use of “e” is a poorly thought out idea by some Anglicized idiots who ignore the fact that the last letters such as “e” are ignored by English speakers (but never “a”) to sound the name more like Tamil.

  20. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Instead of answering my points you are always writting garbage. Now you are begging LANKAWEB to be partial and to believe your notorious NAZI ideology!

    People like you claim Sinhalese and Buddhist is another disgrace for both. You better write your theories in any websites controlled by KKK or NAZIS.

    I tell you one thing. if you preach your your so called “yam digger” theories, you will be a baffoon in Sri Lanka.

  21. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Priyantha, you are from Matara but I see no German faces there but many look like Tamils of South India or something like Somalis. Look at Sanath Jayasooriya.

    Most of the time the converts are arrogant than the ORIGINALS. In your case you are a convert descended from Thoothukudi. That is why you bark at the extreme always.

    Your INNER-MIND reminds you “You were a Tamil” but the circumstances in the South push you to tell ” I am a Sinhalaya”. To support your sorroundings you invent something which are not existing.

    Visit Tamil Nadu and Kerala instead of reading MEIN KAMPF and cure your mental problems! Once you see those people in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, you will think about your close realtives. That will give you “SHANTHI”.

  22. Andare Says:

    Dear Asoka,
    Congratulations on a well researched article. I am not sure if you read this article which was posted in the Lanka Web on 03/25/03. You can find it if you search under “The Hoax of the Century”. Here are some excerpts which are relevant even today.

    Y. Gumperaliya

    As far back as the 1920’s, Sri Lanka’s Tamil leaders wanted a separate
    state in Sri Lanka. …

    The LTTE has perpetrated the biggest hoax on the whole world. ….

    As soon as these refugees got on their feet and starting making money, then the LTTE
    started getting funding for their “cause” from these refugees as well as
    the wealthy Tamils abroad who felt that the Sinhalese were on a
    genocidal path to destroy the Tamils……

    However in their case, when the JVP led the revolt the Sinhalese leaders had no
    compunction in putting down the revolt mercilessly. To date the numbers
    dead are not known. It is estimated that at least 120,000 youths were
    killed with no courts or even a proceeding to see if they were guilty or
    not by the Sirimavo Bandaranaiyake and Premadasa regimes. The army went
    to villages and rounded up the Sinhala youths and asked them to dig
    graves and they were then asked to line up at the edge and shot. Some of
    them were still alive when the graves were covered up. Did any one care
    ? There were no Amnesty International no NGO’s, no Norwegians, no one to
    protect the interests of these innocent lads. They had no money, no
    leverage to use except their fists to express their anger against a
    corrupt system. Except for the Senanayakes, and J.R., all the rest of
    the top Sinhala leaders had no second thoughts about killing their own
    people to save their own skins.

    However when the LTTE did the same type of rebellion which is what it
    was in essence, it became a racial issue with the Tamils all over the
    world getting involved. It became a Sinhala Vs Tamil issue with 50
    million Tamils abroad getting angry against the Sinhalese. The LTTE made
    sure that it was made into an ‘ethnic issue’. …..

    The last cease-fire that was negotiated by Premadasa ended up with 700
    of our best STF being disarmed and then slaughtered by LTTE who broke
    the cease-fire and lined up the unarmed men in cold blood and killed
    them. …..

    Tyrone Fernando has gone on record as saying that
    Prabhakaran is a great patriot. ….

    Prabahakran appears to have taken on the role Gonawela Sunil earlier had
    as the body guard of Ranil W until he was killed by a rival gang member.
    The hoax was perpetrated on the Sinhalese by the LTTE, Ranil W
    and his British advisors who master minded his elections strategy….

    Prabhakaran hoaxed the church and changed his religion to become a
    Christian so that he could get the backing of the church for his

    It appeared that all was lost until the September 11 terrorist attack
    happened in New York. Overnight the relative complacency of the US
    government and other G-7 countries towards terrorists changed. ….

    At a time when the LTTE has it’s hands tied with funds frozen, their
    London office closed and the state department declaring the LTTE as one
    of the most murderous terrorist organizations, the UNF government
    decides to negotiate from a position of weakness giving the LTTE the
    drivers seat in the so called Peace Process. …

    Ranil W has gifted Prabhakaran with a high powered FM transmitter
    capable of transmitting to South India. …

    It appears as if the LTTE are completely in
    control of the UNF….

    I believe that they have realized that it is cheaper to bribe people than
    to fight a war. That it is easier to get what they want by bribery
    rather than by direct means…..

    To the credit of the Black community in USA, even though they went
    through a terrible period of slavery, they have never killed a white
    leader. ….

    God gives every human being a choice at every moment. We are asked to choose
    between right and wrong, the good and bad, the self and the greater
    good. As Jesus said those who try to save themselves will lose
    themselves and those who lose themselves will save themselves.

    Some of our leaders have lost their way and are trying to save their
    skins with LTTE money. They will surely be destroyed along with their
    protectors. The Sinhalese are the minority in the region since the
    Tamils in Tamil Nadu and worldwide outnumber the Sinhalese by 5 to 1.
    We the Sinhalese are therefore an endangered species on planet earth.

    Just as the Third Reich of Hitler collapsed because it was built on the
    lies of Goebbels so will the LTTE empire collapse along with all those
    who are ardently supporting them.

    Truth MUST win in the long run. It cannot be otherwise.

  23. Sita Perera Says:

    Priyantha to fight against Tamil extremism where lies and deceptions are the norm sometimes one has to be on the other extreme. But the Sinhala extremest who fights for the just cause must be fair and just. Such Sinhalese are patriots. The Sinhalese racist is the one who discriminates the Tamil, and I abhor them. If you let the Tamil extremists to run the show like what JR, Ranil and Chandrika did you will lose your country (Sri Lanka), religion (Buddhism) and culture (Sinhala). Only Mahinda came and saved us. When he came to the scene we had lost about 75% of of the war. Gota, Sarath Fonseka, Roshan Gunathilake, Karannagoda, Lalith Weeratunge, Bogollagama, Weerawansa, JHU etc etc., all were there to safeguard those 3 things. Finally we WON!

    For once I agree with Mudali, you basically write nothing but garbage.

    Yes I have apologized you for the minor error. If you are a gentleman you should have accepted it, rather than demonstrating your anger more and more.

    Keep you family hierarchy to yourself. I am not interested about your 6 grandpas.

  24. Sita Perera Says:

    Mudali, Priyantha,

    the moment we try to raise the truth – you guys call us Sinhalese extremists, Sinhalese chauvinists and even Sinhala Racists. When the Tamil Extremists and Tamil Racists have been destroying the mother nation for the last 34 years, including Fat Prabha, you call them Freedom Fighters. What Hypocrisy.

  25. M.S.MUdali Says:

    What is the definition of a Sri Lankan Patriot? Can you show a single line of mine supporting LTTE?

    If you are really concern about the welfare of the citizens of Sri Lanka, better write aboute the Sinhala supporters of LTTE.

    For more Nirvana, read Geethanja Kudaligama’s articles.

  26. cassandra Says:


    Referring to Fr Emmanuel, you state, “He is not a ‘SIMPLE’ priest you said here”. For a start, please don’t put words in my mouth. I did NOT describe Fr Emmanuel as “simple” – this is your word. I have no idea if he is a simple or complex character. What I said was “he is only one priest – he is NOT the Catholic Church”. Sure, he was the Vicar General and as such, high up in the Church hierarchy in Jaffna but he is only one member of the Church. The point I have been making is that there is a difference between one member (or even some members) of an organisation and that organisation as a whole, and that you cannot damn the whole organisation for the actions of one or some of its members. I would have thought this was clear to any sensible person, and I hope you appreciate it also.

    By the way, a Vicar General is appointed at the local level. So your jibe about “I hope POPE of Vatican gave the letter of appointment to him” is totally misplaced.

    It is well documented that President Premadasa gave arms to the LTTE to fight the IPKF. But this is the first time I heard of anyone accusing JR Jayewardene of giving arms to the Tigers.

    You have still not explained what you meant by “the throne of J.R.Jayewardene and his donkey Malayalee Christian clan in Sri Lanka” but have gone on, instead, to say that JR “was not from Sinhala origin but a Malayalee origin”. It does not seem you are using the word “Malayalee” in a complimentary way here, and your statement smacks of racism. What difference does JR’s ethnic origin make? For that matter, he could have been descended from Laplanders or Papua New Guineans. Would that have made him a lesser person? As usual, you indulge in irrelevancies. In fact, even in this instance, Asoka Weerasinghe’s article had no reference to the Catholic Church, and it is you who introduced this aspect into the discussion.

    Aside from indulging in irrelevancies, you also have a habit of making wild and unsubstantiated statements, as you have again done, with such statements like “POPE who is a NAZI!”, “LTTE was not funded by Tamil public but paid millions by Catholic Church from the start”, “Catholic Church is the courier between UNP and Tamil politicians always”.

    It is clear to me that while you carry on in this fashion, it is futile to even attempt to engage with you in any form of rational dialogue.

    So long.

  27. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    Rather than engaging in a public brawl, should not each one of us address these issues directly to the persons or institutions concerned and expect some kind of redress?
    Reading these statements I can see most of you have an in depth knowledge relating to matters raised, but unfortunately these are not addressed to the responsible parties. For instance, MS Mudali seems to know quite a lot about the catholic church and UNP actions or inactions which are quite damaging to SriLankan society. Wouldnt it be more productive if MS Mudali could address these to the Catholic Church or the leader of the opposition, by way of an open letter, just like what Asoka Weerasinghe is doing, when he writes directly to the individuals or organisations concerned? This is the way I believe, we could counter all the negative manufactured propoganda spread across the world by the enemies of the nation. Yes, challenge the responsible parties directly and add value to your well researched statements!

  28. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Yes! Sooriya! I do!

  29. veera Says:

    This article over all is simply a biased theory. It proves nothing, and has no evidence to back it up. Quite weak with
    a lot of content.

  30. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    It is interesting to find more waste from a Tamil racist like MUdali. I used the word Tamil Racist for the first time based on the facts found in many comments made by this person. It is hilarious to suggest that I am begging Lankaweb. I wonder for what. I have already change it from a Pro-Sinhala website to a Pro-English website and not consider it a priority to visit this site. If I use only this Tamil racist’s comments, Lanka Web will be read as Elam web by many local Sinhala people. One of my objectives was to find what actually Lankaweb stand for. A long time before SF coming to picture, I made a comment about which American Diaspora member will be the like of Challaby of Iraq and the Karsai of Afghainstan for very good reasons. What a wonder, Sinhala people should never talk about their language, heritage, rights etc. because that means Nazism. If it is Nazism, who cares. Some of these Tamil speaking pathetic waste think that Sinhala people can be silenced by name calling or attributing to other known despots like Vellu Pillais. I wish this waste-man know a bit of English properly (They never learn anything in full, but does pretend a lot) before trying to label me as Sinhala or Buddhist. As it looks like, this Tamil racist has even taken over to judge who is Sinhala. You will find your answers soon. You insult not only me many times, but Sinhala people as well and brought down this web to the level of many Tamil racist websites that I never bother to visit. Answering to points raised by a Tamil racist? It never happens and reminds those who try to solve the conflict by negotiation. Exchange of views should be among who can understand views, not with pathetic waste who see only their side of the story and throwing everything else out. When MUdali asked someone to check about its pedigree from GR, I downgraded my thoughts about GR that I held above the rest till that time.

    To people running Lankaweb, I suggest that it is better you change your web to United web because most of values that I read are truly that of US, whether bound by law or otherwise is beyond me. Those in the Diaspora crying loud about patriotism should worry more about themselves because you need more help than the poor Sinhala people living in Lanka. One specific reason for visiting web sites like this is to find a strange phenomenon that make people to leave the country and then make them to become self-appointed patriots. It is my wish that Sinhala people can do better without the Diaspora support. Many of those taking over the charge without knowing that they are championing values they embraced from their own masters will be surprised to see what stands in their way. Obviously, there are a few writers at this website who stand above the rest and hope they do what is right than spending time on journalistic fantasies.

    How low a Tamil could go is displayed by this Tamil Racist by the name of MUdali, who got to the end of that scale. OK. I am a Sinhalised Tamil coming from Thooththukudi. Then Sinhala people should try to understand me better because I must know better how Tamils behave. Sinhala people should use me to ensure they get rid of this Tamil menace for once an all. I will give 200% support to achieve the results. Having said by a Tamil that I am a Tamil, I am glad to do it with pleasure because it is not worth to call myself a Tamil. This racist think that I am a soothsayer. It is the first time, if anyone could have heard what I mentioned in my comments. But it is not the last time, nor the end of it. Knowing very well the focused readership, I did not tell more than I should, to make the mind of any misguided Sinhala person who could be among the readership, a very low number for Lanka web, some times giving me the impression that not even worth to spend my time. I am the one who used the word “Sinhalised”, of course, not telling the full version of the meaning. There is a big difference between every other ethnic group and Sinhala when it comes to cheats buying the ethnic identity. For all others, they become fervent supporters. Alas, not for Sinhala. Then Nadesan married to Vijitha could have been an asset. History tells otherwise. If I tell a bit about what I feel when I get angry with Tamil racists, psycho doctor writing many articles at this site would tell my history a few thousand years back. Your tricks are no longer working. The more people come to know your tricks, the more closer you get to your ultimate destiny. Keep poking your fingers in vain.

    Sita Perera, I told who you are a long time back. I hardly tell such things without doing a few tests. I challenge you to prove any of my comments are racist or discriminatory to any ethnic group. If I tell that cobra carries deadly venom, it is not telling that the world is better off without them or anything as such, but a mere fact. Whether you use that to get rid of a cobra trying to enter your house based on my information is purely your choice. Your arrogance has no bounds and could be a result of calling your self Sinha instead of Sinhala. I resisted your first call on personal reference to some Abeywickrame in Tangalle. I responded in kind when you mentioned for the second time and happy that you got the message. I strongly recommend to all these diaspora members supporting Sinhala people in their hour of despair, to first understand who Sinhala are and what the diaspora members stand for. I used a few of my comments to draw the sharp differences in diaspora thinking and hope some of you could understand them. You said “For once I agree with Mudali, you basically write nothing but garbage.” I can understand how you could tell such things and the means you used. Being one of the diaspora members, I am glad that I do not belong to your group and would like to tell you to rethink about your own conduct. Having made to leave the country a lot of many migrants without doing anything, it seems that Sinhala people have much smarter tools to cut from both sides. In fact, we are getting closure to making history soon. If I am called a Sinhalese extremist, Sinhalese chauvinist or Sinhala Racist by a Tamil, I am glad to hear that and feel better because Tamils are the best in that regard. There is a good news for you Sita as I would not bother that much to make comments at Lanka web (sorry you said garbage). You are the only one who could see that I am an outsider. Actually, I have completed my work/study and already told what I can. Feeling not guilty any more, I can help Sinhala people and hope diaspora members feel the effect of my work someday.

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