Tragedy at Kalutara – Need to get organized and campaign for Human rights for all
Posted on April 26th, 2010

Ben Silva

It was a shocking story of a young mother allegedly trying to kill her son of two and a half years by throwing him into a river, as she could not support the boy. This shows the level of poverty in Sri Lanka and the inability of some citizens to cope with a free market economy. The Tamils have NGO’s, Indians,  rich relatives and GOSL helping them. At least they have refugee camps, where they are provided with food, water and shelter. I myself have seen old and disabled people begging in the streets of Colombo and nowhere to go, or no one taking  care of them. This is indeed sad and shocking to see people suffering in this manner. Clearly there is a need to protect the human rights of all citizens, not just that of Tamils. There are lessons that we can learn such as networking  and campaigning , from Tamils [1]

It is time for those who are in a position to help  others, to actually do something practical  to help poor citizens, irrespective of ethnicity or beliefs. We should not be indifferent when fellow humans suffer any where in the world. There is a need for well organised groups,  that develop  community spirit amongst themselves, arrange get togethers, events, meetings  outings  etc that encourage bonding and communication. This will help to develop a community spirit to  help each other in difficult times.

 What could be done is to provide training and skills [2] so that the weakest and the poorest people can survive. If this is not possible, then these unfortunate people should be provided with basic food water and shelter.  This is where Sri Lanka, a Buddhist country, religious organizations and individuals can help. It is hoped that some who read this article can get themselves organized and take practical measures to help the poor. These orgs or individuals can even approach GOSL, such as the ministry of Social services or Human rights   for help.

 It is also known that children of  dead soldiers are living in extreme poverty. It is the duty of the nation to care for welfare of the children of dead soldiers. Further, shocking news is that  people living in border villages such as the Abbassa Village are facing extreme poverty  ref:    

After thirty years in the grip of Tamil Tiger terrorism, these farmer families have forgotten how to lead a normal life, and is in need of counselling and training. The cases mentioned above need immediate attention of the social services department of GOSL.

I wish to thank Shanika SRIYANANDA  and Lankaweb   for highlighting the tragedy.



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