International Crisis Group’s Call For War Crimes Investigations In Sri Lanka Stinks Of Tamil Tiger Sympathy!
Posted on May 18th, 2010

Insight By Sunil Kumar

May 18th 2010
Here we go again! The matter has been laid to rest as far as the Tamil Tiger internal armed insurrection is concerned and only just recently the Sri Lanka Government has expressed concerns about the resurgence of A Tamil Tiger build up overseas and a group calling themselves the International Crisis Group  seems to be aiding and abetting the  very same cause!

 Sri Lanka fought a legitimate, precedent setting admirable war against enemies of the State  resulting in global acollades but continue to be harried  by the ludicurous accusations from a few  persistent pro Tamil activist boot licking Canadians  led by Mme. Louise Arbour and the ever dubious political turncoat  cum ever confused political troublemmaker who almost turned the smooth functioning of the Province of Ontario  into a comedy of errors  during his term as Premier, Bob Rae another ubiquitous Tami Tiger sympathiser  whose calls for “sanctions unless the regime submits to UN investigation of  the conflict’s bloody final months” sounds all but pathetic towards their bifurcated Tamil ( Tiger terrorist cells notwithstanding) sympathies based on the huge anti Sri Lankan Government lobby by the resident pro tiger Tamils in Canada or a greater part thereof operating now mostly from underground locales.

 What jurisdiction or mandate do such individuals have, to call for Canada to mount a domestic search for Sri Lankan war criminals and lean hard on the South Asian country to submit to an outside probe of atrocities on both sides during the last months of its war against the Tamil Tigers,as displayed by the recent rhetoric by a so called global conflict-prevention group led by Canadian Louise Arbour?

 Have they been so blinkered despite living in Canada  about the extent to which pro-active Tamil Tiger supportives in various parts of Canada  linked to their global counterparts indulged in criminal activities towards the massive attrocities commited by the terrorists they supported through fund raising for arms  procurement and financing the continuity of the insurgency where the diaspora Tamils alone are liable in so doing for any violation of human rights against peaceful civilians in Sri lanka so what is this load of insidious rubbish messers Arbbour, Rae et al are bickering about?

 In the report released recently, a year after the war’s end, the International Crisis Group  has cited “reasonable grounds to believe the Sri Lankan security forces committed war crimes”  a theme also echoed by the incarcerated Fmr. Major Gen. Sarath Fonseka as a pitch to discredit the Sri Lankan Government  where in doing so he seems to have shot himself in the foot! ~ is this the inspiration for the Arbouur /Ray cacophony one wonders? where the theme highlights alleged  intentional shelling of  civilians, hospitals and humanitarian operations in a final push to destroy the separatist Tigers but where is the tangible evidence of these accusation ? one might ask the blinkered and biased ICG where souces more credible than this obviously biased group have thoroughly investigated and dispelled this type of  accusations as trash, sources as credible as the United States, the UK and the EU  despite a few dissentors where officially the legitimacies for Sovereign Sri Lanka to protect her Sovereignity and Territorial integrity against a rabid secession motivated  band of illegitimate individuals banded into a terrorist group have been thwarted within national as well as international jurisdiction despite this so called International Crisis group  trying to criminalise and villify same!

 While verifiably it was the Tamil  Tigers who viciously and maliciously shot civilians trying to flee rebel areas and held others captive in a bid to raise international pressure for a ceasefire, the damning attitude of the ICG needs to be exposed as an affront to the protocols of International law despite using the idealogies of  this Brussels-based group, funded by donors and governments including Canada’s to study armed conflict and pontificating about how to avert it more as a pawn to appease the huge pro Tiger Canadian Tamil lobby with an obviously hidden agenda!

 To  call for a United Nations-backed inquiry to account for a Sri Lankan Government victory over the Tigers that came “at the cost of immense civilian suffering and an acute challenge to the laws of war.” is the biggest load of hogwash that has emanated from any rights group who should know better than to resort to these tactics based on the duplicity of  the rhetoric they spew to the world as only just recently the UN Secretary General Ban ki Moon tried this exact same route and was literally monkeyed into submission and exposed as a two faced Tamil Tiger sympathiser whose monkey like imitations of other people’s rhetoric was beyond transparency if one read between the lines and the same goes for what is needed to deal with the Arbour / Rae coalition towards discrediting the Sri Lankan Administration while talking shop about how the Conservative Government should dance to their tunes when it has done an admirable job to set right the pro Tamil Tiger sympathies blatantly displayed by the previous Liberal Government who even supped openly with the fronts of the Tigers in Canada!

 Thanks to the Conservative Government of Stephen Harper and the relentless pursuit of Tiger cells in Canada set in place initially by The Hon.Stockwell Day and executed to perfection by the Law Enforcement Agencies of Canada, the Tamil Tiger ambitions in Canada are history today.

 What the likes of Arbour and Rae seem to be attempting today by their rather misguided  calls for investigations to ( more than anything else ) pander to the Tamil Tiger Lobby which seems very apparent is something which will obviously compromise the Sri Lankan Government’s attempts to rebuild Sri Lanka after the destruction  by the very same terrorist group whose attempts to resurge outside Sri Lanka is lately becoming visibly apparent and need to be crushed while those championing the cause whether inadvertently or not. politely asked to take a hike while also being reminded that they will not be welcome in Sri Lanka in the near future as they would be considerd more than mere security threats as they present themselves as instigators  towards resurgence of  a terrorist issue albeit an internal matter harmful to a Sovereign Nation despite being settled legitimately in the eyes of World Legislators at the highest level where it seems to be the motivations and directions  of the Arbour / Rae bandwagon that need investigation given the circumstances!

 And it seems laughable that individuals such as David Poopalapillai, spokesman for the Canadian Tamil Congress, whose pro Tamil Tiger Sympathies are known universally seems”very happy”  about this report calling for an “independent inquiry” as Tamils have demanded since before the war ended saying that “Our cries have been vindicated,”  which rings hollow as the only independent inquiry needed here is  how in the devil’s name did Canada tolerate for decades the support the Tamil Tiger terrorists had  from Canadian Tamil Tiger sympathisers? who openly carried out their campaigns to fund raise and support the shamefully illegitimate Tiger insurgency with impunity which had devastating effects in Sri Lanka and widespread within Canada until the Conservatives so admirably stepped in to stamp it out!

If the International Crisis Group looked around objectively they are sure to find  global areas of real crisis which need a far greater scrutiny  towards resolution although its possible that the likes of Arbour and Rae would do more to compound than resolve issues with the biases they seem to carry!

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