Ontario Government support for terrorists
Posted on May 26th, 2010

George RupesingheƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ Former Chief Subeditor, Reader’s Digest Magazine, Australia and New Zealand

The Hon Brad Duguid MPP
Legislative Assembly of Ontario, Canada

Dear Mr Duguid

It is distressing to learn that you, as a Canadian legislator, has seen it proper to support your Tamil constituents and celebrate the first anniversary of the defeat of the LTTE terrorists in Sri Lanka as an observance of “genocide.”

One can only conclude that you have been and continue to be a supporter of this most vicious terrorist group and its diaspora supporters, who for the past 30 years wreaked havoc in Sri Lanka with its murderous suicide bombing and other campaigns, including conscripting child soldiers, that cost the lives of over 70,000 Sri Lankans.

Where was your voice and concern when your Tamil constituents and their kith and kin in the USA, Britain and Australia financed their campaign of murder and mayhem over the past three decades? Are you aware that over 150 suicide bombers took the lives of innocent civilians, military and political leaders including Tamils, and President Premadasa of Sri Lanka and Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi of India?

Are you aware that these Tamils used their insurgency in Sri Lanka to spirit their folk to “safe havens” in the West and exacted war taxes from them to finance the purchase of arms, drug running and people smuggling? Are you aware that they have conducted a clever campaign for years to win sympathy and enlist the support of Western media personalities, academics and politicians for their murderous cause with spurious cries of “discrimination and persecution?”

The Tamil diaspora, smarting from the LTTE defeat by the Sri Lanka Army, is now embarking on spreading the fiction of “genocide.” Their claim, among others, that “40,000 civilians” were killed in the last phases of the war has been blown by simple facts: one of them being that no one can explain how such a large number of bodies could be disposed of so quickly under stealth.

A dark chapter of Sri Lanka history has been brought to a finish. But the villains of this tragic episode are intent on continuing their campaign of evil from their cocoons of comfort in the West.

Besides arming yourself with some facts I suggest you listen to the voices of other Sri Lankan Canadians and inquire, for instance, where some of Canada’s welfare payments to these Tamils have been going.

More importantly you should consider, very carefully, if treading the path of short-term political expediency to support a band of criminals and terrorists is preferable to continuing the time-honoured Canadian practice of helping Sri Lanka develop and stablise its institutions for the benefit of all its communities.


George Rupesinghe

Former Chief Subeditor, Reader’s Digest Magazine, Australia and New Zealand

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  1. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Catholic/Christian churches in Sri Lanka did the same. They said they remembered the “people” who died in May last year. The same thing happened in Toronto too. Better ask Prez Rajapaksa to close down the Catholic/Christian churches in Sri Lanka if you have guts!

    Many Sinhala Catholic/ Christians keep silence about the involvement of their church with LTTE even after Fr. Emmnuel praised the LTTE as the “DIVINE SOLDIERS OF CHRIST”, 15 years ago. Catholic/Christian churches directly involved with LTTE in North and East. One Fr. James Pathinathan is now in custody for “catching Children” for LTTE but government and others keep silence about the CATHOLIC involvement with LTTE. Now Catholic Church uses “influence” to liberate many “Catholics” who are directly involved with LTTE through Rajapasa’s family because his wife is a Catholic!

    Now Sri Lankans go to burn ICG report but no demonstration infront of the Embassy of Vatican. Vatican is the direct reprsentative of all criminal WEST. Even the anti-Sri Lanka politics are carried out by the ICG or Navi Pillai or others on the information supplied by Catholic/Christian church and their NGOs.

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