It is India that must be grateful to Sri Lanka
Posted on June 1st, 2010

Shenali Waduge

It was the nationalist thrust with a clear message that Sri Lanka wanted thirty years of terror to end that galvanized & provided courage to the Government of Sri Lanka to firmly commit itself towards the military defeat of the LTTE.

It is this same nationalist thrust that is now gathering momentum to ensure that Sri Lanka’s sovereignty is not ridiculed & humiliated & solutions to Sri Lanka’s problems are solved internally & not according to any dictates by any foreign nation.

 The eyes on Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s geographical presence has been the major reason or rather the guiding principle behind the endeavors of both well-wishers & heinous thinkers to create a stake for themselves in our nation. It is a pity that past leaders have not been patriotic & country-centric and lacked the wisdom not to allow the country to be prostituted as it has been over the years. Our leaders have allowed nations of the world to dictate terms to us, humiliate its people & end up a nation burdened with debt. It is desired that the present governance will have better wisdom than to travel the same path as that taken by previous leaders.

 Today, Sri Lanka’s position is very different. We do not have a war that looms over the country, we do not have terrorist activity “”…” we do have problems but these are internal in nature & nothing that is difficult to solve on our own that we need to go for expertise elsewhere or even for approvals. No MP elected to office has been given any mandate to go to foreign shores to show drafts & obtain their approval. If we are a sovereign nation we must not only behave so we must be forthright in telling all other nations even India that we are a sovereign nation & to treat us so. The foolhardy actions of our past politicians have resulted in countries deciding to intimidate us including India. When opposition & government politicians go running for “advice” & “approvals” from foreign leaders”¦why does the country need to elect these people, can they not function without a nod from these nations, must we continue this sordid practice (of going to foreign shores for advice & approvals) that has humiliated our nation in the past? Sri Lanka needs to tell its politicians that we do not approve of this practice & it must stop. True, we could not end the war alone “”…” when nations that we had traditionally being aligned with adapted double-dealing approach, it was nations like China, Pakistan, Iran & Russia that backed Sri Lanka’s military with equipment & the training needed. While we will always be grateful to these nations it was in the end the leadership given to our military that secured success “”…” it is a fete that Sri Lankan’s need to be proud of. We need not humiliate our own achievements by agreeing to any proposals that will AGAIN tie our nation to any ulterior plans and reverse all that we have gained.

 It is India that must be grateful to Sri Lanka

The logic behind India’s reasoning that it fears the build up of LTTE presence is one of the most farcical of statements given the hand India had in operating covert & overt operations that largely was responsible for developing the LTTE from a guerilla movement to a terrorist entity. The acceptance of this fear can be attributed to the LTTE’s surprising decision to assassinate Rajiv Gandhi but despite his assassination India never stopped aiding the LTTE “”…” so are we to buy this story? While we accept that following Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination most North Indian politicians did want to crush the LTTE it was the all-powerful Indian bureaucracy that didn’t allow it, for the greater plan was to use the LTTE to carve out a separate state & then eventually quote India’s territorial security & merge Sri Lanka totally ridiculing Sri Lanka’s sovereign status. India’s role in the last months of the war was purely confined to ensuring that publicity prevailed to showcase India was a key player in the defeat of the LTTE. 

 India’s sole reason to behind the scenes assist the GOSL was not for any fear of LTTE uprising but mostly due to two main factors “”…” the build up Chinese presence & securing of ties between China, Russia, Pakistan & Sri Lanka & the fact that India wanted to be a part of the Sri Lanka’s success story & not be overshadowed after the LTTE defeat. The  backing of these countries would ensure Sri Lanka would be able to fend off any western thrusts even through agents like India. To counter this India was tying its loose ends & this explains much of the diplomatic trips, the aid channeled & quick decisions to set up economic ties “”…” all troubleshooting solutions. The reality is that rather than Sri Lanka being grateful to India for eliminating the LTTE, India must be grateful to Sri Lanka”¦.it is a known fact that LTTE was having ties with the ULFA, Maoists, Naxalites”¦.even going so far as to train & provide arms to them. It would only have been a matter of time that the LTTE stepped up these partnerships which would have resulted in India being attacked from all corners in a much more sophisticated way than it is presently suffering from. LTTE would have acted as mercenaries for countries that would have desired to destabilize India & India would not have known how to counter these internal problems when the crux of their time is spent in planning to plot against their immediate neighboring nations.

 If India has any feelings of guilt, which it certainly should, then India needs to now start departing from how it has previously functioned. To divert Tamil nationalism from Tamil Nadu the Indian Government suavely created the separatist struggle in Sri Lanka so that demands for separatism in India would be stalled & nationalist thinkers would be keenly watching things unfold in Sri Lanka, towards the success of this India ran dubious operations that would provide two-fold results & ultimately ensnare Sri Lanka into running to Delhi for guidance & assistance. India flouted diplomatic decency when it entered Sri Lanka’s airspace & dropped essentials on the guise of taking care of the Tamil people, it won plaudits from Tamil Nadu politicos who in return ensured political backing for the Indian Government at crucial elections. However, India’s larger interests never lay with providing dignity to any ethnic group including the Tamils it was purely interested in dominating & functioning as a bully. The importance of Sri Lanka’s natural harbor in Trincomalee & desire to lock it into its fold resulted in the creation of the North-East merger following the Indo-Lanka Peace Accord which again was without the mandate of the people of Sri Lanka & almost signed by force. Cries for devolution presently is not without sinister motives & much of these calls certainly echoes that India is following orders from western shores as well as to use the Tamil cause to advance its strategic interests in the region.

 The damage India has done to Sri Lanka even after the elimination of the LTTE outweighs any & all of its goodwill for it has created a lasting impact amongst the people of Sri Lanka that India is merely functioning as an agent of the US & UK & totally against the interests of Asia & its cultural heritage.   

 India’s sordid foreign policy clearly shows how it has by its actions & inactions tarnished its relationships with its direct neighbors “”…” the SAARC nations to fulfill deeper desires to claim itself as “the” powerful nation of the region. India must understand that by antagonizing or playing “bully” to its neighbors is hardly going to put India into the mantle as a superpower. It needs to shed itself from the bully image & certainly depart from the intricate maneuverings it adopts through its intelligence services to destabilize other nations. India little realizes that while spending time formulating plans to upset the peace of other nations India is falling apart in all corners internally. India is today a dangerous nation “”…” it is being targeted from not only one separatist movement, calls for division comes from not only one ethnic group”¦.before long India will realize it cannot hold its own as the country is now seen falling apart. Yet, India is unlikely to be learning a lesson from this “”…” India is now demanding to set up offices in the North & in Hambantota”¦while we may understand the reasons to have an office in Jaffna (Sri Lanka has 3 missions in India) it is baffling why India should want to open an office in Hambantota? Obviously it is because of the Chinese presence. Fortunately, it is the Chinese presence which will balance the scales & the bullying that India is currently directing upon Sri Lanka, which insists that Sri Lanka’s Government does not end up humiliating itself by ludicrous moves that will diminish the pride of place that Sri Lanka today deserves as a nation for being the only country to rid the world’s worst terrorist movement including its leadership. Countries that assisted Sri Lanka will also be judging how far Sri Lanka can actually assert its integrity & sovereignty without doing anything foolish. It is best that Sri Lanka ensures its house is in order first & that our politicians do not end up doing anything foolish now that Sri Lanka need not go hanging to any nation to change things for the better in Sri Lanka.

 We may take some years to build up the nation from the abyss it has fallen into. We cannot blame the LTTE for all the ills that has prevailed. A large amount of blame must lie at the doorstep of our leaders & also at the public”¦.there are certain follies that could have been avoided. We could have improved systems that should have not required legislative changes. Why cannot a police station located in areas where the public speak Tamil not have an officer to take down grievances in Tamil? Does this require changes in legislation or an order from a court? These are simple changes that could have been done by the police station itself. Similarly, why could not public officials ensure that correspondence to Tamil homes were in Tamil”¦.these are simple remedial actions that could have been taken by public officials had they too been country & people centric. That people have not been has resulted in much of the simple issues being taken to global forums & showcased as gigantic problems for which the only solution is to carve out a separate state. Little have these solution formulators taken into consideration that the majority of Tamils actually live & work amongst the Sinhalese.

Are the Tamils in Tamil Nadu without any problem? Should Tamil Nadu realistically be the Tamil Homeland since 66m Tamils live there whereas hardly a million Tamils live in Sri Lanka’s North & East? Is this not a state that suffers from the enough of discrimination against its own people? 11million Tamils in Tamil Nadu are Dalits (20% of Tamil Nadu population), 50% of this number live far below the poverty line, over 90% of these Dalits have no right to own property. Over 90% of Dalits are illiterate, infant mortality amongst Dalit community stands at 104.2%…when the Indian Government nor the Tamil Nadu state has answers to the pitiful conditions of these Tamil Dalits who have suffered & continue to suffer. There are approximately 167 million Dalits in India, constituting over 16 percent of the total population. About 300 million Dalits have been facing social inequality and the stigma of low-caste for 3,000 years in India. In a historic turn of events in 2001 over 50,000 Hindu Dalits embraced Buddhism shouting slogans against the upper caste Hindu’s oppression. These numbers are daily rising – why does the Indian Government wish to dictate terms on how Sri Lanka should treat its people, when it should first rid its nation of caste differences & the social stigmas attached to the millions of people accepted, treated & termed as “untouchables” where Indian society has done little to accept the dignity to live respectably in society?

Obviously, India will continue to dictate terms to Sri Lanka. Rationale thinking or action cannot be expected from India. Having said that, Sri Lanka’s politicians should have concluded this & devised how to counter the dictates from any nation especially India. Sri Lankan’s politicians should know that the public does not understand given the nature of India’s role in Sri Lanka vis a vis the LTTE, why we need to now go begging for approvals from India”¦.is there something that the public has been hidden from? Sri Lanka would much rather have friendly ties with India rather than distrust every move India makes.

 Moving forward, we need to now build the nation & for that we need to first believe that we can take our nation from the abyss it has fallen into. We must also be firm that our problem is internal & as such one that can be internally solved. What is the point in saying we have an internal problem & then sending drafts for approval to foreign leaders?

 The damage to Sri Lanka’s image was created not only by the LTTE alone. Our so called peace crusaders “”…” those employed in organizations that call themselves as “peace” have successfully portrayed a pathetic situation in Sri Lanka bloating isolated issues into generalizing Sri Lanka’s situation & applying enough media publicity into making the world accept their foregone conclusions. A very lethargic foreign service with equally lethargic public officials cared little to counter these to show the world the errors of these conclusions. As such the country had to suffer the humiliations it did over the years. Those that visited the nation now see the reality & are able to decide for themselves the true story. Yet, media institutions that are usually owned by powerful bodies often aligned to political parties end up being mouthpieces & carry stories that are often misleading & serving to deceive the public. Today, the media of Sri Lanka has lost its place amongst the ordinary people so much so that people do not believe much of the stories it runs. This is not a good scenario as media are expected to present facts & not their version of the facts “”…” people must decide from the facts given.

 We cannot dictate terms to any nation similarly no foreign nation should dictate terms to Sri Lanka. To build our nation, we now need to focus on core areas needed to create sustainable development. For this effort we need to match government mechanisms with efforts by the people. Ours must be a multi-pronged solution that covers all areas”¦no area of our country should be denied & no ethnic group should be intentionally sidelined. The public sector seriously needs to be reshaken”¦its officials need to change the way they function. Politicians alone cannot create the change, the people must also be apart of the change. Having said that as the direct interface with the international community, the people of Sri Lanka does not expect its Government to continue to follow previous practices that only led to Sri Lanka being prostituted & its people humiliated on global platforms. We now expect better & wiser governance from a Government that has been given a clear mandate that now spells the need for action that matches the type of action taken to eliminate the LTTE for which the people showered gratitude at the resoluteness of the Government “”…” that same resoluteness must prevail in future as well.

India needs to be firmly told that there is a limit to its interference in Sri Lanka.

 Shenali Waduge

19 Responses to “It is India that must be grateful to Sri Lanka”

  1. M.S.MUdali Says:

    I do not know in which country Shenali lives.

    India tried a FEDERAL solution to solve the language problem of Sri lanka. But Catholic Church-LTTE-UNP combine tried to create another EAST TIMOR in Sri Lanka.

    Shenali failed to give the number of Sri lankan who live under the poverty line. Think about the mother who threw her child in Kalu Ganga.

    India still look after more than 80,000 Sri lankan Tamil refugees. India never ever support a SEPARATE nation for Tamils.

    If Shenali WADUGE trace ancestry, all WADUGA(e)s are end up in Andhra or Tamil Nadu. Speaking Sinhala is not enough to bark at India while your ancestors graves are still in Tamil nadu or Andhra!

  2. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    Thank you Senali for your very valuable article that has greater insight like in many others of yours. While most of us watching whales and monkeys dancing around bushes, there are thieves robbing our houses as there is none to look after our belongings at home. In that case you are doing a wonderful job by focusing on something very important.

    Refer This Mudaliar’s comment, I have not met even an Indian passport holder doing a better job like this fellow to white wash the Indian toilets. Number of Sri Lankans living under poverty is a creation of your monkeys and chummies lately. Obviously, our self-appointed saviour that you adore, grabbing every penny to feed the paper scribbling monkeys (public servants) and other parasites is directly responsible for increasing the gap between haves and have nots by imposing horrible taxes that amount to wholesale pillage of the country. You are crying loud about a women throwing a child to river who could not support without that spineless sucker who contributed to its birth. By the way, it is a typical natural behaviour inherited by every type of mother in the nature. Some beings in the wild deliberately feed only the healthier child and starve others to death during hard times though it is not required for humans if we have real leaders. How about your own ethnic brethren going to such a low life to smashing heads of children and pulling out unborn from the wombs of helpless poor women. Before crying for that hapless woman or child, or making comments about it, you got to clear a lot of garbage.

    Your motherland is spending a lot to look after 80,000 Tamils who came back to their native country. Look at how they are treated by your countrymen. They are aliens in their own native lands. You should use human waste to whitewash you beloved Indian brethren. It is true, Hindus do not want a separate country for Tamils. But they want to use them to annex our country. In the worst case scenario, Sinhala people will have to support Nadu Tamils to rule by themselves, something that they need to be reborn to do. Then do you know who is going to become homeless?

    Refer your comment “If Shenali WADUGE trace ancestry, all WADUGA(e)s are end up in Andhra or Tamil Nadu. Speaking Sinhala is not enough to bark at India while your ancestors graves are still in Tamil nadu or Andhra!”, I can affirm that you are the most despicable scum among Tamils that I could imagine. Having dishonestly adopted a custom that never let others to judge your ancestors, you come to compare Sinhala surnames with your scum thinking. The surname Waduge is an original Sinhala word created at a time that your ancestors were living in other forms, but never in human form. Your little brain does not know that what you call waduga (actually in Sinhala it sounds as wadiga) is another word for Demala. You are making such an enemy, those thinking along the same lines have to be purged out to protect the country and its future. Those English speaking Sinhala nationalists should read the following to understand what Tamils stand for. The surname Waduge is at least older than 30,000 years and Iranpola (Sawing Place), a place in the north where scum claim a homeland, served as the place where timber was processed to make buildings even during the time of Manu Raja who lived in Manu-na-arama. So this surname should be much older than that time. if not for the ancestors of this writer, we could have been without a roof over our heads and still living inside caves or on the tree branches. Just look at how this idiot look down upon such a great surname. If the writer had a drop of Indian blood, she would not have the intellectual capabilities to be this smart. Just compare her with our leaders who suck up to Indians.

    As a staunch defender of Brahmins (Hindu elite), Why don’t you let other readers know your answer to the following question and elaborate a bit about its origin? If you come across a snake and Brahmin, which one you would kill first?

  3. cassandra Says:

    I see MS MUdali is off on his hobby horse again, talking of the “Catholic Church-LTTE-UNP combine”. Time was when our favourite villians of the piece included the Federal Party and the CIA. Remember the CIA? I wonder whatever has happened to the good, old CIA.

  4. De Costa Says:

    Mudali is a tiger. Please ignore his comments.
    Watch the following to understand him and his culture.

  5. M.S.MUdali Says:

    De Costa? Who is that? a Parangiya or a Portugeuse or a desendant of a Malayali slave from Kerala?

    I know well what Portugeuse and their church did to hindus/buddhists in the past. Now Catholics join hands with LTTE criminals and praise LTTE as the DIVINE SOLDIERS OF CHRIST!

    What else I have to know about Costas?

    Further I watched more HORRORS in 1983 in Colombo! That was worse than your youtube video!

    Catholic Church is the agent of CIA. I have no doubt about it!

  6. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Priyantha, the yam digger!
    Toilets are the invention of the WHITES. Sinhalese and Tamils used/use bushes as the toilets even today!

    You dig more yams.
    WADU GE is not WADI GE!

    Further MANU was a latest arrival to HINDU culture and he created the CASTE based troubles in Hindu religion. No MANU ruled Sri lanka! MANU gave more powers to Brahmins and Buddha fought the IDEAS of MANU! HINDUS know very well about MANU and now they discard MANU but you are a FORMER HINDU bark for MANU!

    You are crying without knowing who the hell was MANU!

  7. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    M.S MUdali, the Hindu licking rat eater, you know nothing about Manu referred to by me, the first leader appointed by Sinhala people using the Maha Sammatha concept, that referred to in ancient Sinhala history. Rats and monkeys have done a lot to hide the truth an invented a lot of bull stories to make rats look more like monkeys. You idiot, there are Sinhala people in the south still using Manu years to make astrological calculations who have not changed a bit from those times, which refers to a 30,000+ years. Even the Sinhala New Year auspicious times are calculated based on the time Sun reached above the Manu palace. According to their traditional calculations, Saka (Sakwithi – King of the world)) years run to more than 13,000 years. I do not expect a rat who does not know the grandfather’s surname to talk about such a long history. Hindu licker, you should try their best drink before making false and cooked up comments. You are a good case to prove that Sinhala people should never accommodate your kind. You speak from both ends and do not know which side to be used for what. He lived in Mannarama (Manu-na-arama), not in your barren hellhole infested with monkeys. THERE IS NOT A SINGLE TAMIL WORD associated with Wadu (Carpenter) when checked with Tamil Lexicon, University of Madras. Is there any credibility left with this moron?

  8. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Monkeys of Sri lanka who speak Sinhala got everything from Hindus but barking now they own “them” as their own!

    Astrology or Ayurveda or any damn thing is from Hindus. Very soon you, a yam digger. will claim Buddha too a Sri lankan. MANU KALPA is mentioned in Hindu Astrology only.

    Pali and sanskrit languages belong to India and to the Hindus. So dont bark like an idiot!

    You reads a wrong lexicon written by a WHITE- Christian. You never know there are other lexicons available and they were written by Tamil scholars. Further you do not know TAMIL. Then what the hell you look in Tamil lexicon?

    Hindus accomodate all including yam diggers.

  9. De Costa Says:

    Same question you asked in your first comment is popular in SE Asia ( particularly in Thailand), but the version is slightly different. Instead of Brahmin they use the word Indian.
    Dalits are born from the toe of the Maha Brahma and Brhamins from the mouth. Therefore they should suffer the consequences Shenali correctly identified, according their religion.These are their ancients scripts and we need not criticise that, that is India. But Shenali is saying before they teach us they sould become cultured first – regardless of worship of Hanuman.
    Lankaweb was a place for cultured human beings until the arrival of Mudalit the Tamil Tiger- now it is being transformed to expressbuzz of India. It is high time the management do something.

  10. cassandra Says:

    De Costa,
    I have also heard another version of that question; it is varied by people depending on the category of persons whom you want to show in poor light.
    I agree with you that the standard of discussion in these columns has degenerated; it is often very, very poor. What I find often happens is that some respondents, instead of sticking to the topic being discussed, take the opportunity to air their pet hatreds and offensive views.

  11. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    To De Costa and Cassandra, I quoted a very popular Tamil proverb, a reflection of their inner minds. Recently a Sri Lankan Tamil politician used this proverb in one of his long letters too. There are many people making bogus and concocted content as part of their articles and comments, both religious and political, which are nothing but whitewashing. We have an Editorial that looks more like censoring journalists as well as to appease individual interests. Sometimes people look more like walking backward.

    In that regard, I make my comments to honour truth and the honesty of individuals. Though I do not expect anyone to fully understand my comments given the current education focused on repeating borrowed words, I have not only a source to my comments, but the capability to challenge any one, whether expert or not. Truth prevails and nobody gains anything worthy by concoctions. I take note that there is a concerted effort running to nearly 6 to 7000 years by Hindus and lately by Tamils to deny Sinhala people their history, heritage and the lost treasures while dastardly claiming ownership. If so-called Hindus and the later-joined Tamils are that great, why are they still living in subhuman conditions and behaving more like in the wild while Sinhala are holding their heads above? Hindu Buddhists have almost succeeded in this endeavour who began the journey by burning every script kept by Sinhala people from the time they came to spread their suicidal belief using the power of Vijay clan, which is followed by the worst kind of barbarians spreading other beliefs. Even the Mahawamsa refers to that kind of acts a great endeavours representing the partiality. This MUdali is just doing that with the help of Lanka web. I OPENLY CHALLENGE ANYONE TO PROVE ME WRONG USING EVEN A SINGLE SENTENCE I MADE AS MY COMMENTS. We have become a bunch of morons who pretend to think that we came to this world yesterday from heaven. Refer Hindus gave everything to the world, check out the Deevali (Deepavali) festival in context and associated relics to find how they cry from one end and hate from the other end. Very Hindu scripts prove the claim by MUdali is wrong. Refer Buddha thing, there supposed to be 28 in total. There is none other than Gautam Buddha in Hindu Buddhism found in India. On the other hand, there are references to Buddhism in local archaeological finds that go far beyond these times. These are facts, not concoctions and you can verify from independent sources. Instead of learning to gain employment, proper unbiased study would reveal much more than I told in my comments. Imagine a dog trying to claim to be a cat. If we know what a dog and a cat are, we always see the dog who is pretending to be a cat. Even the Hindu script have reference to the origin quite contrary to idiotic claims by MUdali. Hindu character proves much more.

    This website carries the word Lanka, essentially a derivative of the word Sinhala, a word with meaning lost because of its age though there are many pretending to know it. So it has responsibilities on how it presents its information. Talking about ethnicity is not essentially irrelevant if they present a danger to other ethnic groups, but a humanitarian task.

  12. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Costa and Cassandra are just vomit the criminal Catholic Church propaganda. I am not wondering about the Catholics and their crookish behaviours.

    But both keep silence about the praise of LTTE as the DIVINE SOLDIERS OF CHRIST by a Catholic Vicar General S.J.Emmanuel who is now the head of World Tamil Forum. Are you both telling here that different Jesus Christ for Tamils and Sinhalese? Are you both telling “no caste” among Sinhala Catholics or Tamil Catholics”?

    LTTE was lead by a LOW CASTE and not by a High caste. Is it the reason Catholic Church back the LTTE?

  13. M.S.MUdali Says:

    You blame every one. You try to show that you are a SUPERMAN among Sinhalese. It is a pity. You bark about TAMIL LANGUAGE without knowing it! People of your kind (among Tamils and Sinhalese) create more problems in Sri lanka at the expense of others.

    Now you are uneasy with LANKAWEB because you are challenged in public. If not, many have to go with your YAM DIGGER explanations!

  14. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    M.S. MUdali, If I am a SUPERMAN among Sinhala, you should know that you made me a Super Sinhala Man. As an ex-garbage believer, if I did not feel that there was something wrong in the way Sinhala history was told, I would not to go this far to demolish the myth. Stop behaving like a Tamil (You even don’t know what is meant by the word Tamil. Why not try to make me laugh just the way I laugh at those who interpret the word Sinhala) and come up with a response to my challenge “I OPENLY CHALLENGE ANYONE TO PROVE ME WRONG USING EVEN A SINGLE SENTENCE I MADE AS MY COMMENTS.” I do not give a damn about anybody, not just Lankaweb (read my responses to the last editorial). If I have the justification, I would not hesitate to tell anyone to go to hell. Tamil language?? You admit that you did not understand my comments. I used ordinary English and delivered an ordinary message. If anybody does not understand my comments, they should check inside their skulls for being such inferior humans. If I did not make my comments, I know you could get away with your concoctions and to deceive Sinhala speaking migrants. Isn’t it? I am yet to speak to Sinhala people and had only a chat with a few including a Buddhist monk who wanted to give up the robe and join my effort. You will enjoy the consequences when I tell everything, not just bits and pieces in these comments in the language they understand. How on earth you could claim you know Sinhala (my) history better than Sinhala (me). You should be ashamed. There are many others who see your despicable behaviour. You know nothing about what I have already done.

  15. cassandra Says:

    MS MUdali,

    You run true to form. All we ever get from you is predictable garbage – mindless, asinine, ill-tempered and often, scarcely relevant to the topic under discussion. For good measure, your language is disgustingly crude and offensive.

    Lanka Web and its users deserve better.

  16. M.S.MUdali Says:

    You become uneasy when I talk about the true nature of your Church. You better answer why catholic Church has joined with LTTE!

  17. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Consult a doctor!

  18. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    Is it the last in your arsenal? Think of moving on. Thanks anyway. Did you mean Dr. Kanapathy Pillai or Dr. Param (two real family doctors I visited a long long time ago)? Any way, I thought of calling the Pilli of Velupillai P to finish his job of cleaning the north of Jaffna like the Maga did to Orissans, the best cure I can have.

  19. cassandra Says:

    MS MUdali,
    Haven’t we been down this road before? Anyway, let me say again that it is clear that some of the Catholic clergy in Jaffna supported the LTTE. But SOME of the clergy do not constitute THE Church. So, I simply do not accept your assertion that the “catholic Church has joined with LTTE!” You obvioulsy believe that but I cannot answer for what you believe.

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