B E W A R E OF BIG B e e’ S
Posted on June 5th, 2010

Ranjit Wickremeratne

He was the brand manager the great BIG B Actor,Producer,Director,Businessman and Entertainer. He praised our country and our leaders when he visited our beautiful country for the first time.We welcomed him in grand style and our country and the people were very greatful to him and to the whole Bollywood cinema for bringing this great event IIFA 2010 to SRI LANKA my Motherland. We suffered 30 long years of war and now the time for our people to breath freedom freely from North to South and East to West. We Sinhalese never treated Tamils in a different way as they were all Sri Lankans. Tamils were the ones who did so much damage to the country and to the people of Sri Lanka by producing the most brutal killer with the help of Big Brother India.

We dont have any fight with Tamils but only with Tamil terrorists who fought a bloody war with us for three decades. They detroyed our unity,our economy and killed thousands of our citizens Sinhalese, Tamils,Muslims,Bugers,Malays in cold blood.We lost very distinguished leaders in our political field,We lost mothers fathers,sons and daughters because of Velapillai Prabakaran the most brutal killer from Tamil origin. He was raised and helped financially,and politicaly by big brother India.He and his killers killed the most famous Ghandian Rajiv Ghandhi in cold blood and those killers were not friends of everyone in India.

 So BIG B shouldnt have boycotted the great event beacuse of few protests from Tamils here and there. IIFA is not a political event but an entertainment for every section of our peoples whether Sinhalese,Tamils or Muslims.It’s a fun extravaganza for all the people to enjoy so it’s not fair for him and his family to boycott this grand event. We loved him and had a great respect for him and to the whole Bollywood because most of our citizens enjoy watching Hindi,Tamil movies and dramas and we have close connection with the stars of India through cricket too. Sorry BIG B now I dont like you because you let us down.

Your family was special and many were hoping to see you in action but now you dissapointed everyone in Sri Lanka but it’s o.k. it’s not a big deal for us because we are not Bollywood or Hollywood crazy people like in India. We have more important other businesses to do in my home country at the moment but your show was a strength to our economy and we are very greatful to Bollywood for that.
Our sincere thanks to the rest of the Bolywood stars and other guests who visited our country at this very important moment of our history. We as neigbours should not quarrel for petty things and Big Brother India should give more respect to our Motherland without trying to bully our tiny nation. India can give good advise but they cannot force anything on us.

All our leaders in the past and present tells that Big B India is their relations or brother or sister but all of them have to understand that who was responsible for three decades of darkness,horror and bloodshed in my beloved nation and who helped Velupillai Prabakaran and his gang of killers and who gave shelter for them when they were hounded by our gallant security forces and who killed our famous sons like Kadirgama.  Premadasa, Athulathmudali, Gamini Dissnayaka and many more?

Can we have leaders like that anymore in our society? Amitab Bachanan the famous son of India should understand how we feel about Tamils but after the war we Sinhalese treated them like our own race with Love, kindness and forgivness. No other Armed Forces in the world treated the enemy like ours because Sinhalese are very kind hearted and our religion says to forgive your enemy, love thy enemy that’s what our gallant heros did on the last days of war. Sinhala race rushed food,clothing and other essential things to the North and East in cars and lorries non stop to feed the innocent Tamils in war torn areas and in IDP camps without any bad feelings.

Those innocent peoples were our citizens though they were taken as hostages by that murderer Prabakaran to hide behind them to fight our heros in the Armed Forces. You may have heard our great Presidents words after the elimination of Velapillai Prabakran.” WE DONT HAVE MINORITIES IN OUR COUNTRY WE ARE ALL SAME AND WE ALL LIVE AS SRI LANKANS IN ONE SRI LANKA”.
Your latest Movie was important to you than your visit to a friendly country to attend to a greatest show like IIFA. You should not bow down because of few protest from Tamil Nadu or elsewhere. When China told America not to entertain Dalai Lama did America listen to them? Now Maoists killing in hundreds of your citizens financed and trained by L.T.T.E so do you believe that L.T.T.E was a good organization and you should support them? You thought if you come here your film will not be entertained in Tamil Nadu and you will lose millions. Dont be greedy BIG B dont be a coward be strong and be like the rest of your colleagues in the film world of yours who came despite of protests because they love humanity and they love our country not for anything else beacuse Sri Lankans are very kindhearted and loving people. 

 Rithick Roshan,Anil Kapur Obroie,Lara Dutta and the rest of the great stars of India will realize how important their trip to Sri Lanka would be after this event.They are not doing this only for Sinhalese but to the whole nation of twenty million of all races who lives side by side in harmony and in peace after the bloody war for thirty years. Big B Buchnan and Big B India both should treat Our Motherland Sri Lanka with respect and in no way you should try to put us down at any time in the field of politics,sports or entertainment. Twenty million is like one city of India so Big B’s should treat us like small sister with kindness,Love and respect and should help us financially and politically as a friendly,brotherly nation.
Amitab Bachnan the great entertainer let us down by not attending the IIFA celebrations because of protests by Tamil Nadu Tamils in front of his house and elsewhere in India. These Tamil Nadu’s should come to Sri Lanka and see for themselves how we Sinhalese treat their counterparts in the North and East after the war and they should asked the Tamils how they were treated before when Prabakaran and L.T.T.E was ruling their areas? The truth lies in my homeland if anyone wants to know the truth come visit my country and see for yourself what took place during the terrorists rule in the Norh and east and the rest of the country? Navin Pillai  and those Big B’s in the west should not harass our sovereign nation unnecessarily again and again. 

Those people like Bachannans have to safeguard their own interests rather than finding the truth. Our great president should too safeguard our interests when he visit India next week rather than obliging to Indian interests. You think that they are friends of ours but I dont think majority of our population think that way MR.President because we have seen how they have treated us all these years in the past. I dont have any relations in India but I want all of them to know the truth and how we suffered for so many years because of terrorism started by Tamils and I want them to respect the Sinhala community and SRI LANKA as a nation. 

I am angry with everybody who disrespect our Sinhala race and the Sinhala nation although we live in harmony with all other races and religions peacefully in our land.I am angry with the Sinhala traitors who dont have any respect for our country and to the Sinhala people. Every single Sinhalese should understand that we have only Sri Lanka to be called as our Motherland on this earth and they should by all means try to protect it from bad elements at all costs without trying to sell it or condemned it in front of other nations. 
Though the Bachannans will not attend the IIFA rest of the great stars from India entertain our citizens with their evergreen magical showcase which will not be forgotten easily by the ever gratefull citizens of SRI LANKA for many more years to come. Do not mix politics with sports and entertainment for God sake just make people happy irrespective of race,color or religion. Like Indians listen to their people and do things we too Mr.President should listen to our people and do things.Dont act on your own and be unpopular on some issues not helpful to our country or to our citizens.

India is a big country like BIG B they have money and strength but we should not be afraid of his size or his strength or money.They cannot buy us or bully us therfore do not allow the Indians to come and destroy our unity and happiness when we are marching forward. Dont allow them to open embassies or factories all over the country.We have our own entrepreneurs who can be very helpful to our own economy. To hell with GSP plus sell the garments to our own people rather than sending to europe and the west.Stop buying all rubbish garments from India and other countries.If you go to America we can buy better quality shirts and garments Made In Sri Lanka than in our own country so let us buy our own in our own country rather than buy from America or from Europe.

Encourage our citizens to buy MADE IN SRI LANKA and our products should be made to be world class not cheap things like indians or chinese. Government should help small enterprises and start our own products in every  category. The Tamil terrorists made their own guns and ammunition when they were fighting our forces likewise search for talents in the whole country and encourage them with some financial help to start businesses. Our country is a paradise with natural beauty and wealth. We should love it more than the outsiders as this our own Motherland.Traitors who bring harm to our country should be treated as traitors and should be kept behind bars.To hell with Human rights or any other organization why dont they take action against Israel for crimes against humanity and the Americans and the west? 
Dont be afraid of protests or to do the right thing BIG B be reasonable in your life. If you was here for this great event it will help thousands of our innocent Tamils because you were doing this mostly to help them. I hope you will visit our beautiful country on another day and see for yourself and do more to help us build our shattered nation after the bloody war with bloody L.T.T.E terrorists for so many years. Do not support terrorists they are just plain murderers not fighting for any reasonable cause although they say they fight for their rights, killing innocent civillians anywhere in the world is not the answer to any cause. BIG B YOU DONT HAVE GUTS OR BACKBONE TO STAND UP FOR THE TRUTH I feel very sad about it anyway that’s your choise. Watch out for Indians. Our leaders should be more alert and should protect our own interests than others.
Ranjit Wickremeratne

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  1. Nihal Fernando Says:

    They are only heroes on the silver screen but not in real life. Please have sympathy. We can’t make anything Bigger than what it should Be Big enough. We can only make a simple ‘b’ a capital B.

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