India’s manipulation of Sri Lanka to hide Tamil Nadu demands for separatism
Posted on June 12th, 2010

Shenali Waduge

India‘s manipulation of Sri Lanka to hide Tamil Nadu demands for separatism   Creating, aiding & assisting the separatist agenda in Sri Lanka was for India a necessary evil that annulled any goodwill shared or nurtured between the two nations. In probably a few sentences we can but summarize the outcome & how India fooled Tamil Nadu, while the LTTE fooled the Tamils & the International Community piggybacked to plug its western agenda in Asia while realistically India’s designs on Sri Lanka have just started & LTTE was only the appetizer.    

The difference in Tamil Nadu separatism & LTTE/Prabakaran Eelaam

The root of the problem realistically starts from the argument demanding why Tamil Nadu or any other state in India cannot demand independence from the Indian State on the grounds that India came to be called as it is because the British on arrival in the Indian subcontinent found it easier to govern by consolidating all the current territories (including Pakistan & Bangladesh) into one administrative unit.  This single argument obviously must be the reason d’etre for several other states fighting to separate from Indian rule.

The first “Tamil Nadu for Tamils’ Conference was held on 10 December 1939 calling for an independent Dravida Nadu. In 1939 Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru was quick to make constitutional amendments prohibiting political parties & individuals demanding independence to contest elections. Understanding the scenario at hand it was US Congressman Hon. Edolphus Towns who speaking on 2 October, 1998 declared thus:   “India is a country made of many nations. It has 18 official languages. While it maintains a democratic form of government, the principles of democracy do not seem to apply where the minority nations are concerned. Tens of thousands of Sikhs, Christian Nagas, Kashmiri Muslims, Dalits, Tamils, Assamese, Manipuris, and others have been murdered by the government, with no apparent difference no matter which party is in power. Currently, there are 17 freedom movements within India’s borders.   India‘s breakup is inevitable. I think I speak for most of us here when I say that I hope it happens in the peaceful way that the Soviet breakup did. Otherwise, there is the risk of another Yugoslavia in South Asia.   It has been American policy to preserve the current artificial stability in South Asia, but let us remember that we pursued a similar policy with regard to the Soviet empire and it collapsed anyway. The best way to preserve stability, democracy, prosperity, freedom, and peace in South Asia is to get on the side of the peaceful, democratic, nonviolent freedom movements in Khalistan, Kashmir, Nagaland, and the other nations living under Indian rule.”   North Indian dominated India takes much effort to through its influence over media portray a One India motto, yet the reality remains that most Tamils know that they are culturally dominated by Hindians & nothing much has changed over the years.   The tendency with most freedom struggles has been the trend to end up diverting from the actual struggle for separation to turn their struggle into a  “profession” with leaders linking up with foreign nations keen to use these struggles to enforce their own agendas. Similarly, the Indian Government was quick to see the need to divert Tamil Nadu nationalism to another terrain & Sri Lanka was naturally its chosen territory.  

India could not have been unaware of the growing Tamil Nadu nationalist sentiment which still prevails though artfully dealt with by India’s intelligence & the manipulation of its political parties using their weakness for power & money.

It is precisely for this reason that we need to understand the greater difference between the need for Tamil Nadu to liberate from India & the farce for Eelaam carried out by Prabakaran & what India will do to not allow separatism to happen in Tamil Nadu.   The LTTE sprang into being realistically speaking as a youth movement against the norms of Tamil society. Many of these Tamil youth were from low castes including its leader Prabakaran. Animosity against the systems was what initially fostered hatred & was good enough to gather numbers that was soon hypnotized into upgrading their vent against the thought to be real culprit “”…” a country’s Government. In Sri Lanka’s case this was further expanded to be against the Sinhalese. In the context of the greater Tamil nationalist struggle & freedom of Tamil Nadu, Prabakaran, LTTE & Eelaam must be taken separately. It is on this basis that we tend to question how Eelaam can be created in Sri Lanka where there has never been any exclusive area for Tamils & where only 2.4m Tamils actually live (1m of this number presently live overseas) in a world where there are over 76million Tamils of which 66million Tamils live in Tamil Nadu.   Eelaam for Prabakaran was not for all Tamils it was for Tamils who accepted Prabakaran as dictator & only those Tamils who agreed to his type of megalomanic governance. What kind of Tamil Eelaam is this where over 95% of Tamils will be excluded from a Tamil homeland, in an area that all Tamils of the world cant even physically congregate? How can there ever be two Eelaams? Just imagine two Tamils representing Eelaam in Tamil Nadu & Eelaam in Sri Lanka”¦or two contestants for the Miss World pageant from Eelaam Tamil Nadu & Eeolaam Sri Lanka!   It is the knowledge of this makes us demand why India, the international community, the UN & the NGO/INGO lobbies should side with the LTTE over the Tamil people who were suffering all through the 30 years of LTTE domination. If India had been sincere of its concerns for the Tamil people in Sri Lanka why did India watch children, innocent men & women being brainwashed & turned into killers & child soldiers? This is what we demand an explanation for!   India never intended for the LTTE to actually create an Eelaam & in the worst case scenario that it did India had a plan for that too. India was content to keep the LTTE as a cancer with no cure. Delays would allay any agitation in Tamil Nadu, who were content to outsource liberation for Tamils to the LTTE and to watch how Prabakaran could create an Eelaam. In reality what was being done was to allow Prabakaran to do the dirty work of creating an Eelaam. Prabakaran was merely being used as a proxy fighter head in the larger context of Tamil Nadu nationalism. Had he succeeded in creating Eelaam in Sri Lanka he would have possibly been eliminated & Sri Lanka’s north would have been the foothold to launch attacks to separate Tamil Nadu.   The Indians were well aware of this or at most would have thought of this possibility for which their plans were already in place. The only faux pas made at all was during the rule of Rajiv Gandhi who stepped outside of the greater plan by agreeing to send in the IPKF which not only embarrassed India(deaths to about 8000 Sri Lankan Tamils & death to over 1000 Indian soldiers) but eventually led to the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi by the LTTE.   India was soon to apply other pressures upon Sri Lanka. By economically engulfing Sri Lanka using the issue of LTTE & the interests of the Tamils, India was able to pressurize Sri Lanka into various agreements & trade pacts over the years. Sri Lanka today ends up being Sri Lankan & buying Indian & it is as a result of this folly by our political leaders that is likely to lead to a future scenario of India possibly looking upon annexing Sri Lanka for with Indian labor working & living in Sri Lanka it would have another argument to be interested & exert pressure on Sri Lanka’s Government.   We may celebrate victory over LTTE but victory over LTTE may likely lead to defeat in more important terrains & prove far more dangerous than the LTTE itself. An India that transported its own separatism from Tamil Nadu to provide a balcony view of separatism in Sri Lanka could not have been unaware of the mechanisms that constitute the existence of terrorist entities globally. It is necessarily with this knowledge that India has planned its counter strategies all to its own advantage.   While we in Sri Lanka may ponder over what Sri Lanka has lost we need to pay marked attention to what India has been gaining through the conflict period & more importantly in the present context where we must wonder whether our Government has blundered & entered into death traps of late.   The incentive & disincentive carrots used by India upon Sri Lankan leaders by & large have always reaped required results. Opening doors to Sri Lankan students, sharing IT expertise, & networking between the corporate worlds provides no challenge or threats to India. However, 20% of Sri Lanka’s imports come from India & Indian tourists are also adding to Sri Lanka’s increase in tourist numbers. Similarly, 70% calls at Colombo port are from India. Yet, though there are more than 130 flights per week from Colombo to India though visa on arrival is only given to Indians & not provided to Sri Lankans arriving in India.   All through the conflict despite the anti-Indian sentiments amongst Sri Lankan, India has forged ahead with its policy to shroud Sri Lanka “”…” it has today stakes in our oil explorations, it has banks, Indian HR firms, petroleum control & it is now fast pacing its influence into Sinhala territories as well as by & large they now realize the need to move with the Sinhala & Muslim communities as well & that will certainly explain how it will place its officials to carry out a dual role in Hambantota while also keeping an eye on the Chinese. Why would our officials agree to allowing India to set up offices in Jaffna & Hambantota when the people would anyway have to come to Colombo to take any flight?  

How many of Sri Lanka’s products raw or manufactured are in profuse that we can cater to the giant Indian market? Of course private sector companies in Sri Lanka can benefit but how much it will actually translate to better the lives of the common masses in Sri Lanka is the question. It appears that many of Indian generosities are largely to counter China’s build up in Sri Lanka, South Asia & the Indian Ocean. The general view has been that while China & Pakistan have remained unwavering friends of Sri Lanka, India has preferred not only to play the bully but has preferred to tag along western motives & this view has in fact isolated India from its South Asian neighbors.

The patriotic calls during the LTTE times need now to be translated into actions by our leaders. The patriotic calls led to a nation backing its Government to help it withstand international pressures that warded off any possible plots to militarily send foreign troops over. The people acted as a front strong enough to backtrack any designs to enter & militarily intervene in Sri Lanka.   It is now the turn of the Government to use its strength to make calculated judgment & calculated choices. As custodian of the country & its people it must at all times remember that Sri Lanka is not a cake to be cut & served to foreign nations to do as they please. Whatever fruits are shown on paper is not important as the integrity of the country.  

We need a better strategy than having to nullify Indian interference by serving Sri Lanka to other nations. It may balance the scales but long term repercussions are detrimental to the people of Sri Lanka & the present pacts & agreements despite the promised monetary benefits are likely to lead to a country lost or handed over & nothing left to the Sri Lankans. For the Tamils there is Tamil Nadu, for the Muslims there is the Middle East “¦.where will the Sinhalese belong?

Therefore, our leaders should not end up being turned into Emperor’s without clothes by all foreign nations who now seek to have a piece of the Sri Lankan cake!  

Shenali Waduge

2 Responses to “India’s manipulation of Sri Lanka to hide Tamil Nadu demands for separatism”

  1. dhane Says:

    Very good article. Hope Sri Lanka leaders know Indian tactics very well and play suitably. LTTE was a cancer with no cure, Now its no more .Indian Government is quick to see the Tamil Nadu nationalism and trying their best to delay any agitation in Tamil Nadu. Prabhakaran was being used as a proxy fighter head to keep away Tamil Nadu nationalism coming to India. Now India have to look for alternative methods.

  2. M.S.MUdali Says:

    But why do Catholic/Christian Churches and UNP supports LTTE to carve out Sri Lanka?

    Shenali Waduge is trying to hide the role of the Sri Lankan (Pro-west), International white Pariahs and Vatican who tried to carveout Sri Lanka.

    Before British, many nations existed in India. When the Bristish assisted Muslims for a SEPARATE nation in the NORTH, the same Bristish stooges wanted a Dravidastan in the south. Before the Brits, South Indian Kingdoms and Sri lankan Kingdoms existed and FREELY had their own affars.

    Vallabhai Patel, Nehru, Krishna menon and other India leaders resisted and created the current India.

    In 1962 DMK gaveup the SEPARATIST idea after NEHRU introduced a legislation.

    American and British want India splitted. EELAM was backed by the Catholic Church which is an agent of USA and Britain. Shenali Waduge comfortably forget the role of VATICAN in the EELAM affair. Why?

    UNP, the tail piece of the WEST, carved out an area as a first step to create a pro-western enclave in the southern tip of India. Why? 13th Amendment never supported an ENCLAVE for LTTE.

    Not only Rajapaksa but Indian leaders too realised the interest of the WEST in this Eelam. That is why LTTE was defeated by the support of India and China.

    Shenali waduge is barking at the wrong tree to mislead the Sri lankans.

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