Proposed investigation on Sri Lanka by UN officials
Posted on June 20th, 2010

Ben Silva

Attention of Mr Ban Ki Moon,
Secretary General, UN


 What is the most morally corrupt international organization in the world? Without argument, the UN has degenerated into what esteemed journalist Claudia Rosett [10]  refers to as an institution mired in corruption, secrecy, venality and total lack of accountability ref: The UN: Corruption Junction,

 The corruption, secrecy, venality  and total lack of accountability of UN  is well known  and reported  as given in the references. In addition to the above, UN is also influenced by Tamil racism due to the presence of Ms Coomaraswamy and Ms Pillay , both Tamils in UN. The presence of two Tamils in UN is an obvious source of bias.

 If a faulty instrument is used  for measurement, then the outcomes, results and conclusions also would be faulty. UN is a corrupt, biased, incompetent,  racist organization and is not a suitable instrument for investigating Sri Lanka.

As such, before any investigation on Sri Lanka is carried out by UN officials, UN  it self should be investigated and corrupt, incompetent, biased racist officials must be eliminated. If this is not done, the outcome is predictable: A malicious, false  report against Sri Lanka.  A false  report against Sri Lanka, is the very purpose of  the biased racist UN officials, as UN has ignored more serious violators and is hounding on Sri Lanka. In fact, as Christian Science monitor has indicated, Sri Lanka does not come in the 10 most violators of human rights. The proposed investigation is clearly a vendetta against Sri Lanka, (perhaps by Tamil UN officials)  seeking revenge for defeating Tamil racist terrorists.

 UN took no notice when  Tamil Tigers plucked a young Sinhalese mother’s infant from her cradling arms who was sucking on her nipple and bashed the infant’s head on a rock and celebrated watching the blood oozing like from a broken bottle of ketchup, wasn’t that a merciless and a brutal killing?  When the Tamil Tigers pulled out 33 novice Buddhist monks from a bus and shot them dead at point blank range, wasn’t that a merciless and a brutal killing?  This incident happened on 2 June 1987 (Ack. Asoka). It is a pity that money is wasted on investigations, when that money could be spent on helping the victims of terrorism, who are living in extreme poverty.

 Thousands have been killed brutally by Tamil terrorists, yet UN was silent and when Sri Lanka, defeated  Tamil racist terrorism, UN  officials are seeking an investigation, Some thing wrong and fishy going on here. Is Ban Ki Moon influenced by Tamils such as Pillay and Coomaraswamy ? . These two Tamils, one with a name similar to the Tamil terrorist leader,  are obvious source of bias.

 Sri Lanka should realize this and should not yield to UN bullying and should not allow bullies into Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka should ask for an investigation of UN corruption, racism, lack of accountability, before  an investigation on Sri Lanka. There is ample evidence for the charges made against UN. It is sad that Sri Lanka does not have a team to deal with these bullies. Serious consideration should be taken by GOSL to obtain the services of people such as HDL Mahindapala, Asoka Weerasinghe and Dayan Jayatilleka.



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3 Responses to “Proposed investigation on Sri Lanka by UN officials”

  1. aravinda Says:

    Whatever they do, however much they try, they can not bring back late Prabakaran and his killing machine. They can not break up Sri Lanka and India. The window of opportunity to break up Sri Lanka and India has passed. So called Western countries can not bear up this outcome. They invested large sums of money and time to break up India. That project has now come to an end. Ban Ke Moon must be an idiot. The death toll in Iraq oil robbery is closing on ONE MILLION. What the #### is UN doing? Why waste time on three terrorists carring white flags? Is that all they have against Sri Lanka?

  2. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    With UN officials like Navi Pillai UNHRCommissioner trying to overule the decision given by the UN Human Rights Council in favour of SriLanka and Richard Alston UN Undersecretary General, insisting that a fake video claiming killing of prisoners by an unknown party as an act of SriLankan soldiers and Radhi Coomarasamy ignoring the forcible recruitment of children to the Tiger army with funds given by their overseas diaspora, it is a genuine concern whether the UN is able to hold a credible investigation in to any allegations thrown at SriLanka by these UN officials and/or Tiger Terrorist sympathisers. Therefore, Sri Lanka has no option but to ignore the findings of an unwarranted panel appointed by the UN Secretary General to report on SriLankan accountability issues.

  3. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    Sorry!!!! in my comments of 21/6/10, I should have stated Philip Alston, (who is the Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions) and not Richard Alston nor the Undersecretary General. Sorry for the mixup.

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