UN-becoming of the UN
Posted on June 20th, 2010

Editorial- The Island (Courtesy The Island  21-06-2010)

In 2006, the UN had to overhaul its human rights set-up, abolish the Human Rights Commission and establish the Human Rights Council to ensure, according to its resolution No; 60/251 of April 6, 2006, \’universality, objectivity, and non selectivity in the consideration of human rights issues and the elimination of double standards and politicization’. Going by the whimsical and arbitrary manner in which some key administrators are running the affairs of the UN today, it looks as if the UN had to be abolished and a new organisation founded in its place to ensure universality, objectivity, non selectivity in the administration of the apex world body and the elimination of double standards and politicization.

If the leader of a developing country violates procedures and traditions, overrides State institutions and runs a one man show, inevitably there will be a howl of protest from the developed nations. But, unfortunately, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has been allowed to run a one man show and launch a witch hunt against a UN member state at the behest of a handful of powerful nations.

The UNSG has announced that he will appoint, in spite of protests, an expert panel on Sri Lanka, which is widely viewed as the first step towards setting up a war crimes probe against this country. He has already named the panel members including a former Attorney General of Indonesia, Marzuki Darusman, who was part of the International Independent Group of Eminent Persons (IIGEP) assisting a presidential commission probe into some alleged violations of human rights and international humanitarian law in Sri Lanka.

The arrogance of UN chief and his acolytes was seen in the manner in which UN Under Secretary General Lynn Pascoe conducted himself during his recent visit here. He had the audacity to time the announcement of the UNSG\’s decision to appoint the so-called expert panel for the eve of the Victory Day celebrations in Colombo obviously in a bid to take the gloss off that event.

By appointing to the panel at issue a member of the IIGEP, which clashed with the Sri Lankan government and left in a huff, Ban Ki-moon has given away his game plan. Darusman like other \’eminent persons\’ is obviously prejudiced against the Sri Lankan government and no one else would have served the UNSG\’s purpose better!

Appointing Darusman to a panel to probe Sri Lanka is like getting someone like Fidel Castro to handle the proposed UN investigation into a recent Israeli attack on a flotilla carrying humanitarian assistance to Gaza!

It will be interesting to know the official stand of the US on the panel to probe Sri Lanka because, of the proposed “ƒ”¹…”flotilla investigation’, Washington has unequivocally said, “We will go along with any commission provided Israel agrees to it.” Will the US say the same about the UN panel to be set up on Sri Lanka as well? As a world leader, the US cannot have double standards, can it?

The UN has manifestly become a pliable tool in the hands of some influential terror backers. It has come to such a pass that as regards Sri Lanka, the UNSG does as a few countries like the US and the UK say and those countries do as their parliamentarians say and those MPs do as their pro-terror voters and lobbyists say. (Remember a female British lawmaker confessed while calling for a House of Commons debate on Sri Lanka the other day that she was doing so solely because some of her voters were concerned about the situation in Sri Lanka!) Thus, in the final analysis, the UN does as terror sympathizers/terrorists say! Sadly, terror backers by virtue of a plethora of ill-gotten funds and sizeable block votes at their disposal in western countries have become more powerful than UN member states! They have got the UNSG to harass Sri Lanka in defiance of the UN Security Council and the UN Human Rights Council!

What the future holds for this world with terrorists and their supporters calling the shots in the UN is anybody\’s guess. It is hoped that the civilised world will realise the danger and make a concerted effort to defeat Ban Ki-moon\’s sinister project to victimise a UN member state for having eliminated a terrorist outfit which the UN Security Council itself placed on its List of Shame for crimes against children. With the likes of Moon, Pascoe and eminences grises behind them at the helm of the UN, we need no enemies.

At this rate, the day may not be far off when we will have to save the world from the UN!

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  1. Sri Rohana Says:

    Dear Editor
    Great editorial. The Island Group is always done their duty whenever they feel any danger to our country.
    It is obviously the UN is no more than another tool of western countries. They act like 17th century East India Trading Company’s roll now for Yankee-Anglo European Christian fundamentalism.
    Has UN investigate 1945 Hiroshima/Nagasaki mass destruction of 300,000 humans killed by US. 1945 was the same year UNO formed. That means from the beginning itself UNO showed that it is for the agenda of US/Anglo European hegemony.
    1950-53 invasion of Korea by US, UK, Australia, Canada, France, New Zealand and Holland etc killed at least 3 Million humans. Same Christian fundamentalist involved in Afghanistan against Muslims.
    In Indochina invasion by US, Australia, New Zealand, The Philippines and South Korea killed more than 4 million civilians and 1.5 million freedom fighters in North/ South Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos from 1955-1975.
    In Iraq invasion by US, UK, Australia, Italy, Spain, and Poland killed more than 1 million civilians and Internally displaced 6 millions even now killings going on.
    Afghanistan invaded by US, UK, South Korea, Australia, Germany, France, Canada, Holland, and Poland. Civilian deaths are unaccounted even at this moment.
    Cuba invasion by US, Granada invasion by US, Sikkim invasion by India are few things happened on the reason history.
    What does UNO take actions to stop these human killings? What does Ban Ki Moon’s team’s proposals about that mass destruction? How many commissions he is going to appoint. Where is Navinathan Pillai’s human right commission?
    In present Iraq and Afghanistan invasions by westerners and his own country South Korea Ban Ki Moon is behaving like he came from Moon. He never ever utters a word against anti humanitarian act by his masters. Whole UNO is deaf and dumb when US and NATO killings or mass destructions. This is truly double standard. Kofi Annan and Ban Ki Moon pushed UNO in to such a diastral situation and now no more any faith or respect on it at all.
    No wonder if Sri Lankans chase UNO staff from Colombo Office. It is a high time for it. Enough is enough Ban Ki Moon and Navinathan Pillai clique.
    It is a shame to call United Nations Organization real name for UNO is more appropriate if change to US NATO Organization.

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