Posted on June 24th, 2010

Dr Anura Weereratne PhD Laws University of Canberra Barrister Australia

We read that the Tamil terrorist lobbies in the West have succeeded:

  1. Getting the UN to attempt an inquiry about alleged abuses of human rights during the war;
  2. EU to suspend preferential tariff for Sri Lankan exports.


No self respecting Government will agree to any inquiry that is tainted ab initio by signs of persecution by the West to satisfy the requests of the Tamil  Terrorist Diaspora.  It is transparent that these terrorists groups have used their illegally obtained  drug money to influence this investigation.

The UN must first commence investigations in the GAZA, Afghanistan and Iraq before turning to Sri Lanka.  The Crime that Sri Lanka has committed is the total annihilation of the world’s most deadliest terrorist group whose leader the megalomaniac  Prabakaran was not second to Pol Pot.

It is also opportune for the UN to first investigate the activities of the Human Rights Commissioner whose views have obviously been tainted  by her Tamil background.


 We must all congratulate President Rajapaksa  for totally rejecting the EU demands for the restoration of tariff concessions. No self respecting Government should be allowed  to be black mailed in this way.

Sri Lanka should stand on its own and not be dictated by any other country.

 Three decades back, the writer with two others prepared the blue print for Sri Lanka’s First IPZ.  At that time, we did not crave for tariff concessions but the selling point was our inexpensive and highly productive labour.

It was pointed that Sri Lanka should start with garment industries but move away within the maximum period of ten years  to light industry following the example of Singapore, Taiwan and Korea.  Regretfully, the then Government did not encourage the diversifying of our industries.

 The writer in his capacity as Permanent Secretary Industries and Chairman Ceramic successfully negotiated and established Sri Lanka’s most productive export based industries with Noritake of Japan and with Danto Wall Tiles.  We did not seek tariff or got concessions.

 Full marks to President Mahinda  Rajapaksa for not only decimating the Tamil Terrorists but also not giving into Western blackmail.

Most Sri Lankans are with you.

 Dr Anura Weereratne
PhD Laws University of Canberra
Barrister Australia
Advocate Sri Lanka
Ex Secretary Ministry of Fisheries and Ministry of Industries
Ex Chairman Ceylon Ceramics Corporation, Industrial Development Board, Fisheries Corporation, Founder Chairman Noritake Sri Lanka and Lanka Wall Tiles Balangoda.,  



  1. S de Silva Says:

    The hipocrisy of the West has no limits as you and others constantly point out – starting from ‘no punishment’ for those dropping nukes on Hiroshima to the current report by Lord Saville submitted to the UK government on brutally killing 13 unarmed civilians on a civil protest for Human Rights on a high street!!” The report stated: “The firing by soldiers of 1 PARA on Bloody Sunday caused the deaths of 13 people and injury to a similar number, none of whom was posing a threat of causing death or serious injury,”[10] and also said, “The immediate responsibility for the deaths and injuries on Bloody Sunday lies with those members of Support Company whose unjustifiable firing was the cause of those deaths and injuries. And the David Miliband UK MP speaking for racist tamils goes on about white flags in SL in tghe heat of battle. SL Foreign Office please note this report and make Miliband eat his vomit ! – S de Silva – London


    We need to be very careful and not to give in to the stooges of LTTE. We must fall behind our President until the ghost of LTTE is gone for a long time and it is not going to go any soon. Hail our great President!!

  3. Sri Rohana Says:

    As ex secretary to ministry of fisheries and industries I hope you know very well when was the Cey-Nor (Ceylon- Norway) foundation started business in Ceylon. Norwegians interference started to Ceylon under Cey-Nor foundation and this is the stepping-stone to Vikings. Cey-Nor foundation had several boat building projects in north and east and Karainagar Cey-Nor workshop is almost northern head quarters.
    It is not a secret that Norwegians used the Cey-Nor foundation’s resources to trained Susai’s sea tigers marine unit and sea tiger suicide cadres and other LTTE terrorists.
    It is well know to most Sri Lankans that tamil Terrorists sea mines technology, submarines technology and under water welding technology and more skilled marines technology thought by Norwegians.
    As a secretary haven’t you ever suspected why these Norwegians interested so much to come to Sri Lanka. Haven’t you noticed that what their hidden agenda was? Cey-Nor came to Ceylon to train our fishermen how to catch the fish but ended as main arms and resource provider to Tamil Terrorists to destroy Sri Lanka.

  4. S de Silva Says:

    What’s in it long term for Norway ? Here it is! Yes Sri Rohana, you are right on the Norwegian interests. There is of course a bit more……. My suspicion is that once Elam was established Norway would have ‘automatic rights’ to the area via the LTTE. That would be a bonanza to Norway on offshore mineral and petroleum rights in view of the known deposits followed by exploitation – that is the particular area of global technological lead that Norway has, following its experience in the North Sea – S de Silva – London


    The Norwegians came into Sri Lanka offering aid to the Fisheries. Ceynor commenced operations in the late seventies. The Agreement with Colombo was that Norway would help to set up ice plants, cold rooms, fishnet factories in Sri Lanka. The land to be provided by Sri Lanka and the expertise and machinery were to come from Norway. When the undersigned became Secretary Ministry Fisheries, it was evident that all the projects were set up only in the Jaffna District contrary to the agreement with Colombo. The Undersigned directed a fish net factory to be established in Dankutowa and boat yards in Dondra and Mattakuliya. This was in addition to all the inputs given to Jaffna like a boat yard at Karianagar, fishnet factory in Gurunagar and several cold rooms and ice plants. The undersigned ceased being Secretary Fisheries in the mid eighties. He is not aware of the projects being used for terrorist activities thereafter.

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