Australian regime change hits a rough patch
Posted on June 29th, 2010

Ajit Randeniya

The world outside Australia probably failed to notice one of the most significant political events, an Australian regime change: for the first time in Australian history, an elected prime minister was ousted during the first term of his government.

The unprecedented ousting followed an intensive twelve hour coup orchestrated by groups outside the parliament, with inside help from certain parliamentarians. Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was ‘replaced’ with his former deputy, a woman named Julia Gillard.

Quite apart from the historical significance of the event, the coup was also remarkable due to the wide gap between the reasons given by the plotters as justification for their treachery, and the “ƒ”¹…”real’ reasons that are not hard to see at all; The Australian media including many prominent political “ƒ”¹…”analysts’ clearly failed to properly grill the new prime minister and the plotters.

While intrigue is part and parcel of politics everywhere, this story is something else! A brief look at the ousted man, the former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and some of his key decisions essential to understand the “ƒ”¹…”force dynamics”ƒ”¹…” behind this coup.

Kevin Rudd comes from humble beginnings in the northeastern state of Queensland. He was a former bureaucrat in the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and has served stints in China and Sweden. He is famous for his Mandarin proficiency, strong Christian faith, and for being a workaholic.

During his two and half year stint as prime minister, Kevin Rudd demonstrated through several episodes of unwarranted swearing, including an instance involving the very politicians who plotted his downfall, that he is undoubtedly human. But Rudd is essentially a decent human being with total commitment for progressing Australia as a prosperous, and more importantly, a humane society: his first official functions upon coming to power in November 2007 were to offer an apology to the Indigenous “ƒ”¹…”stolen generations’ on behalf of the Australian people, and to sign the Kyoto Treaty; two deeds his regressive predecessor John Howard staunchly refused to carry out. He was also undertaking economic reform aimed at making Australia a more equitable society.

Any person with average intelligence would be able to see that the unspoken reasons behind his demise have their origins in a number of decisions relating to Israel he took since coming to power, particularly earlier this year.

Rudd is by no means anti- Zionist, and he has announced his “ƒ”¹…”love’ for Israel publicly many times. When he came to power, the leader of the Israeli lobby in Australia, former chairman of the World Jewish Congress, Isi Leibler described him as “ƒ”¹…”a Christian Zionist “ƒ”¹…” and thought it was time for a “ƒ”¹…”new momentum’ in Australia ‘s relationship with Israel .

But Rudd’s adherence to a strong Christian ethic prevented him from avowing blind allegiance to Israel, ignoring the atrocities of the Zionist regime against the Palestinians, as the Zionist Mafia expects from western politicians in general.

Rudd acted decisively against Netani-Yahoo’s bastardry of using Australian passports in the murder of the Hamas leader Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh in Dubai; Australia voted in the United Nations condemning the murder and following a thorough investigation in to the affair, in May he expelled a Mossad operative with diplomatic cover from Australia.

Rudd called Israeli terrorist attack on the Gaza Aid Flotilla that involved five Australian victims “deplorable”. “When it comes to a blockade against Gaza, preventing the supply of humanitarian aid, such a blockade should be removed,” he told reporters. But the Rudd government called for an independent Israeli inquiry into the raid on the flotilla and not an international inquiry.

Then he announced a decision to apply a 40% tax on Super-Profits being earned by mining companies, whom he said, were not paying a fair rent to the owners of the resource, the Australian people. The top three largest mining multinationals (Rio Tinto, BHP, Anglo American), being Zionist owned businesses larger than many governments, who repatriate part of profits to Israel for “ƒ”¹…”settlement’ building, they were not happy!

Rudd’s less than one hundred per cent support was a worrying sign for the Melbourne and Sydney based Israeli lobby comprising the richest billionaires in Australia who are part of the global Zionist network that has been fashioning Australian politics, like thosein the UK, France, Germany, America, and the whole of eastern Europe except Russia, for bipartisan, undivided support for Israel.

The Jewish community reciprocated to Rudd’s ‘transgressions’ by withholding funds for the upcoming election campaign. When Labor approached key groups to hold fund-raising events, they ignored.

Sensing danger, in early June Rudd invited six leading Zionists, including Jewish Affairs Council chairman Mark Leibler, and the relevant figure Albert Dadon to his official residence “ƒ”¹…”the Lodge’ for dinner, with special kosher food flown in from Melbourne.

Flies on the wall inform that Rudd, keen to mend fences, expressed his continuing love for Israel, and gave a full account of the favours he has dished out. The only decision he defended was the expulsion of the Mossad spy on the passport affair. He promised new initiatives including an official visit to israel by himself and the Trade Minister in July and the receipt of an official Israeli ministerial delegation in Canberra in coming months.

However, the Zionist madness is not cured by anything less than the complete surrender of the world to their whims. They were not looking back!

The putsch against Rudd clearly originated outside parliament with the announcement by Paul Howse, Secretary of the Australian Workers Union, a real heavy weight metaphorically as well as literally, to withdraw support to the prime minister; as to why the prime minister needs the support of a trade union at a time of no industrial disputes or obvious power struggle within government is anybody’s guess.

The link became clearer when the news trickled out that the man who launched the process within the parliamentary Labor Party happened to be Bill Shorten Howse’s predecessor in the union, until he secured nomination to a “ƒ”¹…”safe seat’ to enter parliament, as is customary in the Australian Labor Party. Shorten used to be connected to one of the richest Zionist families by marriage, and his ex-wife’s God Father was the late cardboard recycling billionaire Zionist Richard Pratt. Currently he is married to the daughter of the Governer General of Australia.

The news emerged that Bill Shorten and another MP whose father was a prominent trade union leader in the past, Bill Ludwig, had approached the Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard on Wednesday 23 June 2010, requesting that she should challenge the prime minster since the government has “ƒ”¹…”lost its way’. She fronted up in the prime minister’s office at 7 pm, giving Rudd the treacherous news. Accepting the threat that Julia Gillard would command 70% support from the Party, Rudd resigned to his fate by throwing in the towel at 9 am of Thursday 24 June. Julia Gillard was sworn in by the Governor-General the same day.

The Australian media, with its concentrated ownership and editorial control in the hands of Rupert Murdoch and a few other billionaires with similar vested interests, conveniently chose to offer the “ƒ”¹…”myth dressed as analysis’ that the Australian people had turned against Rudd because he was a fake, a label with specific connotations in Australia, being the reason for his ousting. It was conveniently ignored that Gillard herself was as responsible as Rudd for every major government decision since it came to power in 2007.

Another excuse that uncannily resembled the excuse of the authoritarian pigs for invoking harsh mind control in George Orwell’s The Animal Farm, Bill Shorten justified his action by wanting to prevent a return to the nightmarish living and working conditions under an opposition government!

The media never asked important questions such as, how the non compromising, faction ridden Australian Labor Party suddenly managed to garner the support of the ruthless right faction to elevate Gillard, who comes from the left faction! Was there a conspiracy in motion?

Julia Gillard is a classic “ƒ”¹…”red head with no friends’ from Adelaide, south Australia, and from day one, appeared to be carrying the knife when she stood behind Rudd at press briefings. She claims to be an atheist, she is unmarried and has previously indicated that she has made a conscious decision to not to have children due to her desire to…. dedicate her life to the Australian public! She lives with her partner, named Tim Mathieson, a former hairdresser turned hair products salesman and more recently, real estate salesman “ƒ”¹…”selling residential properties with the focus on international buyers’.

Then came the bombshell that blasted their Zionist masks: two former Australian ambassador to Israel, Ross Burns (2001-2003) and Peter Rodgers (1994-1997), in a letter to The Sydney Morning Herald of 27 June, revealed that Gillard’s partner has been given a job by the prominent Israel lobbyist Albert Dadon; the job involved selling apartments in a 50-storey complex in Melbourne’s St Kilda Road, owned by Dadon who is also chairman of the “ƒ”¹…”Australia Israel Cultural Exchange’, and the grooming ground for future Australian leaders, the “ƒ”¹…”Australia Israel Leadership Forum’.

Gillard travelled to Israel for the first meeting of the Australia Israel Leadership Forum in June 2009, six months after Israel launched its military offensive in Gaza in December 2008., A statement put out by Gillard, as acting prime minister at the time of the invasion became scandalous. She bleated: “Clearly the act of aggression was engaged in by Hamas which commenced shelling with rockets and mortars into Israel”, declining to criticise Israel for causing civilian casualties.

Dadon is close to Michael Danby, the only MP in the Australian parliament who owns up to his Jewish ethnicity (despite the obvious presence of many others) and was influential in the coup. In a congratulatory letter issued on the day Gillard was sworn in, Executive Council of Australian Jewry praised Gillard’s “principled stands” and “close understanding” of Jewish issues.

Two ex-diplomats asked the question whether the great Australian tradition of ‘jobs for the boys’ has assumed a new dimension.

Probably the Sri Lankan government will soon receive the latest lesson on democracy to be palmed out by these champions of democracy, attached to some sort of an “ƒ”¹…”aid package’ with instructions to allow Transparency International help clean up our affairs!

6 Responses to “Australian regime change hits a rough patch”

  1. gdesilva Says:

    Great analysis Ajit – hope the so-called political commentators in the West will take a few tips on how to write a political analysis. Obviously, they are doing their job, which is mass deception, distortion of the truth, on orders from their pay masters. They’ll do anything for a few extra dollars….

  2. Weeraya Says:

    Good one as usual Ajit. No wonder the Daily News said you have a doctorate from the University of Sydney, so you should know a lot about insides in Australian politics. But as far as Israel goes, dont you think Palitha Kohona should have declined the offer to be a part of the team to investigate the Gaza raid? I say so because we are in a typical dilemma similar to that with the UN.

  3. ajit.rand Says:

    I work as an advisor to another politician from another party, and his office is quite to the PM’s. I used to meet Rudd regularly on the corridors at parliament house and I know all his minders. Really nice guy. I will have the chance to have a coffee with him sometime after the next election.

    I think Ban got Kohona so that he could ‘balance’ the act. All our problems are due to Israeli US supporters wanting to distract attention to us to hide Israel. That fat guy Matthew Lee who runs the one man show called ‘Inner City Press’ from opposite UNHQ in NY who gives Ban a hard time is employed by Mossad, and some of our our people in Sri Lanka take him seriously! There is also a group in Geneva called UN Watch.

    Their job is to force UN to look at other countries, and with their money and US influence they achieve it.

    Russia and China will however, not allow them to take any action against us or any other developing country.


  4. Weeraya Says:

    Ok ok thanks a lot Ajit! Seems you are based in Canberra! Hope you meet Rudd again asap as you said.

    Yes I saw writers like Ira De Silva and Ben Silva post articles here criticizing Matthew Lee. I am sure Russia, China and the NAM will topple Ban Ki Moon,

  5. ajit.rand Says:


    In fact, I just completed the assignment I was on for the Greens. As I write I am packing up to go back to my usual abode in the black smoke of Washington D.C. I’ll be back in Aussieland sometime in December when the election is over and mor eimportantly, the weather warms up.

    If you are in Sydney or Canberra let us know.



  6. ajit.rand Says:


    I just did an IT analysis and you are in Colombo!

    What if I come to the Sunday leader office to share a bit of Serendipity?

    Get back soon if you want to organise something.


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