Who united with whom in the United Nations by whom to serve whom?(Part 9-B)
Posted on June 29th, 2010

Geethanjana Kudaligamage

Rajapakse, regional politics, “Eurocentric Developmentalism” and the western hegemony (Part 9-B)

“European philosophy reduplicates Western foreign policy, where democracy at home is maintained through colonial or neo-colonial oppression abroad” (Emanuel Levinas)

Eighteen years ago, the “ƒ”¹…”Human Development Report 1992 (35)’ issued by the UNO reveled frightening facts. It says that the wealthiest 20% of global humanity, mainly Western Europe, the United States, and Japan consumes 82% of the world resources; meanwhile, the poorest 60 percent, the historical periphery of the modern world system including Sri Lanka, consumes only 5.8 percent of these resources. The rest of the 20% of the population in the second world, mostly in the Eastern Europe consumes the rest of 12.2% of resources. Furthermore, in 1930, the ratio between the richest 20% percent of humanity and the poorest 20 percent was one in thirty (1-30), while by 1990, in the meantime the world was marching toward utopian condition of globalization, the ratio had risen to one in sixty (1-60). Frighteningly figure had doubled in just thirty years. What would be the figures by now and in next ten years?

 Can someone explain this alarming condition? Can anyone say that continuation of this dreadful imbalance, with the silence approval and, at times with direct help of the likes of Ban Ki Moon, does not manifest to the most atrocious variation of Human Rights violation in the world? Isn’t this the most fearsome crime against humanity, a disparity that western world is maintaining in full-throttle in post Columbus era since 1492? This is the deadliest economical weapon of mass destruction ever to be invented, that capable of bringing slow death to 80% of world population. This disproportion is of course deadlier than the nuclear weapons altogether. If Ban Ki Moon has an iota of concern about violation of human rights, why this violation of the fundamental right of all rights, the “ƒ”¹…”right to live’ has never been addressed in his agendas, or never been in the agendas of Louse Arbour and Naveneethan Pillai?  Mustn’t they undertake these issues in immediate effect as these conditions are mostly inherited due to the exploitative economic-social structures of European Colonialism? All they have to do is turning 180 degree turn and grab the head of the European Union by ear and tell him that he is the culprit number one. Instead of doing so, they use their good offices for the perpetuation of this imbalance and work hard to strengthen those colonial structures. When any poor nation struggle to get out of these European hegemonic structures or struggling against European hegemonic political military tools, UN embark on punishing those poor nations. It is well known trick now; these soulless individuals are working for their pay masters to tighten the screws on the coffins of third world. All their actions, including the latest appointment by Ban Ki Moon of his advisory panel are falling within the category of maintaining above said imbalance.

 Do not forget, this imbalance reveals another myth; the myth of promising progress that west is perpetually distributing around the world. The world’s current environmental catastrophe is a direct result of the phantasmagoric, resource wasting consumerism of just a 20% of world population of the west. That means, to satisfy just a 20% of the west, according to their western style consumerism, or their phantasmagoria, it has cost 82% of world resources consumed annually. If we believe in western pledge of bringing economical development to the rest of the world up to the standard of the west, then these numbers will have to be exceeded relatively over 400%. So for existing global conditions, this western pledge of delivering the life-style of western consumerist society for the entire world is clearly a fake pretension. They know such development will be catastrophic for the entire planet. So then what can be the objective of all these financial institutions, developing banks and other mechanisms of the west?

 The western capitalist strategists must be well aware of the fact that the present stage of civilization has been forewarned by many limitations of this 500 years old modern capitalist system. One insurmountable limit of capitalism is the limit of natural resources, in other words, the impassable limit of nature is the limit of capitalism. Now they are searching for new planets to drill for oil. In current system, we already have reached to the limits of the nature even way before we reached to the pledged utopia of capitalist development for the global south. Although their pledged development not appearing even in the hindsight, the west already have eaten-up the earth within last four hundred years and have reached to the limits of nature even while maintaining an economical disparity between richest 20% and poorest 20% at the ratio of 1:60 in 1992. That was eighteen years before. How if we managed to resolve this disparity by acquiring the same mode of consumer pattern for the whole global humanity leveling this gap? Raising the living standards of global south to the level of Western Europe must be recognized as a catastrophic target and even a criminal target. We need to search for other systems of economics and consumer patterns.

 This simple logic exposes the paradoxes of capitalism and tells us a lot about our mythical beliefs. Actually what west really doing is preventing the third world getting out of this colonially derived unending cycle of poverty. They do not want to reduce their consumerism to a practical level, but they want to maintain it at the expense and the misery of the rest of the world. They want to keep the periphery in manageable level, poverty is the leverage. English gentleman is the one who decided to use salt as a political tool. Shame on him! Now he want to use third world poverty as a political tool maintain his lucrative lifestyle. So should we have any more proofs to expose the low level cruelty of this so-called European gentleman’s mentality other than this? Can any body guaranty that he is not using third world poverty as a political tool and leverage?       

 They targeted Africa and Asia for centuries and now they have especially focused on south Asia, not only because it is a major region of world civilization rich in culture, knowledge and natural resources, but also because of its probability of becoming a major threat to the west in decades to come. How if China and India, the largest populations of the world, develop to the scale of the Western Europe? How much resources require satisfying the demand of a population in that scale? Our planet couldn’t handle bottomless desire of just minority of the world, that is the west. For that reason from the western point of view, if they want to survive and maintain their lion share of world resources, they need to stop China and India. Targeting Sri Lanka and the destabilization of the region is one step forward toward that direction. 

 From our part, what we must do is, without vesting our time for “ƒ”¹…”barking at Moon’ the global south must work hard to bring these criminals in the UN accountable for their collective responsibility of crimes against humanity. Although it will be vetoed, still we need to submit our no-confidence motion before the UNO, and submit our charges against these criminals for the sake of future records.               

 Existing global order is designed to perpetuate this imbalance.

What are the reasons behind this tragedy in the failure of the so-called third world? Is that because, as western countries repeatedly implying us, are we les intelligent or inferior in any way to the west? Is it just only because our politicians are corrupt, lethargic, and ineffective? Or, as always we were told, do the structures of our economies are bad, or due to the historical social backwardness of our societies? Or otherwise, as this writer suggests, the existing design of the hegemonic global politico-economic apparatus of the west?  

 Since he is plotting against Sri Lanka, simply we have to ask Ban Ki Moon, for his being the Secretary General of United Nation, if he unaware of above UN figures in those reports of his own institution. We need to ask him if he know, by attacking Sri Lanka, he too becoming a part of the global conspiracy of maintaining above said imbalance. How come these figures are not known to Ban Ki Moon, Navaneetham Pillai or Louise Arbour? Are these figures kept away from western countries? Not only they all well aware of these figures, but also they do everything possible to keep these numbers unchanged. That is the ultimate result they expect through the Trans National Corporation’s globalization agenda. That is the result they expect through agenda of fragmentation of South Asia. To achieve this ultimate result, they need to divide the planet again and again. Create myriads of weaker states in the periphery world over. Ultimately that will preserve the position of the western center unchallenged until the dooms day of our planet is dawned. But as Slavoj Zizek once said, the story never ends even there”¦as he said, “Although our world will end one day, capitalist greed will last even after that”            

 According to the design of existing global order, the developing nations have to follow the western rules without questioning their negative effects in national levels. And on the other hand, these rules have been enforced under the guise of global rules, although the powerful countries never abide by those rules, as they repeatedly have proved by their actions in other conflict zones in the world. To the apparatus of the existing world system, literally there are no alternatives for nations in the global south other than submitting to these dictates of the west, due to the absence of alternatives support ground for them to survive in the event of reprisals of the west.

 The politico-economic will of the west have been enforced in the forms of global institutions; treaties and agreements, international conventions/laws and myriad of other mechanisms. Quite strangely, neither following them to the highest compliance nor shunning them makes any difference in results at the end. No matter however you respect or denounced them, still the end result will be a lost and defeat for us. That is the way these rules have been designed for the adherence of the developing nations in the global south. Since the down of the post-second World War era, widely known as post-colonial era, Most of these rules have been effectively used to keep the global south under the yoke of the western countries.

 Sri Lanka has tried these both variations. Once they naively obeyed the dictates of the west believing their delivery of peace; and then realized at the very end that it was a trap which had been designed for Sri Lanka to loose in the game at the end. Then Sri Lanka went against the rules, and won the war but west try their best to make us to loose the peace. But we try in our best to gain much needed peace, and have realized that the whole west is working day and night to deliver a defeat even without a war. Now the most precious lesson we have learned in the hard way is that the western design of global politics has been designed to deliver us lost and defeat in both ends. I think Sri Lankan case is a classic example for both models.  

 What Ban Ki Moon is trying to remind us is the fact that the only destiny for poor nations in the current world system is submission and defeat.

 Western morality and principles  

I am very interested in stories symbolically narrating tales relevant to our contemporary social political issues. Today I have a story, although it is a modern story, still it caries a very important allegorical relationship to current global politics.

 According to this story, a teacher and a pupil were traveling from one destination to another by foot. In order to educate the pupil, throughout the journey the teacher was preaching subjects like social obligations, morality, high principles, ethics, and manners.

 In the afternoon they managed to reach to a township. Since they were tired and hungry, they went into a roadside eating place to take their lunch.

 Upholding the Sri Lankan tradition of respecting the teacher, the pupil asked”¦

“What do you prefer to have for the lunch master?”

“M”¦m”¦m”¦bread?” master said.

“What would you like to have bread with?… fish?”

“Okay” master replied.

Then the student called a waiter and asked to bring bread with fish curry. And the waiter served fish in a single bowl with two fish filets; the master noticed that one filet was bigger than the other. As soon as this disproportion was noticed, without leaving any second for the student to think, the teacher served the big fish portion for himself and begun to eat.

 Noticing this ugly behavior of the teacher, student was disturbed. He thought teacher’s behavior was sheer disgraceful and total contrast to his preaching of the whole morning of high principles and morality, ethics and manners. While watching this ugly spectacle of his master’s vulgar behavior, similar to that of Erik Solheim, the student was thinking of the credibility of his teacher’s utterances. In utter contempt, he even never touched the food. After only a few minutes the master realized that something was wrong. He asked”¦

 “Why, don’t you want to eat?”

“M”¦mmm No, — No master!” student replied.

“Why, what’s wrong?”

 Young student was an untamed wild tongue, never had been conditioned by any diplomatic “ƒ”¹…”civility’ at all. He suddenly began to release his burden upon his teacher, and said”¦

 “Nothing master, just I was thinking about the contrast between your preaching and the practice”¦you see, we traveled together all morning, throughout the journey you were telling me about ethics, high principles and morality, but alas, when it came to practice, you were the first to break your own principles, your own ethics”¦now see it was you who suddenly jumped and grabbed the lion share and began to eat”¦isn’t that most unbecoming and ugly behavior of a teacher?…One who set standards must also supposed to set examples, aren’t they? This is an utter disgraceful and totally opposite to the standards you were setting and preaching all day long my master?”  

Student submitted a long statement of his displeasure about his teacher’s behavior.

 When he heard this HARDtalk of the minor student, teacher’s mood was changing like the German delegate’s mood in front of the verbal barrage of Dayan Jayathilake at UNHCR in Geneva. Suppressing his anger while adhering to the norms of subtle, yet characteristically double tongued western diplomacy he said”¦

“How can you talk to your master like that, did you forget your discipline and principles?” Is this the way you learned how to respect your teacher?

 Student replied,

“I beg your pardon sir”¦I just wanted to uphold standards and your principles; that’s why I”¦” he couldn’t finish the sentence, master’s voice was overlapping.

 “Oh”¦o”¦o, I know”¦why you are unhappy, because I’ve got the big filet of fish, isn’t that the reason you got upset?”

“Well”¦not just for that my master, it’s a matter of principles” student said.”¦

 “All right, suppose you were serving yourself first, tell me which fish filet would you have served for you?” master asked.

 “My master, I know why you are asking that question.  If I served first, I wouldn’t do what you’re suspecting of. Instead, I would have served the big slice first for my teacher, that’s you, and then would have taken the small slice for me. Isn’t that of good manners you taught us my master?” student answered in a form of a question.

 “So then what’s the fuss stupid? You’ve got your small piece anyway, and I got my big one, whatever the way you do it, still that is the end result supposed to be— isn’t it?”

 Being unable to comprehend this theoretical trickery and the treachery of his master, the open mouthed pupil was looking into the face of his master without words. 

Master also was contemplating for a moment, tried to hide his face in the same way like Gareth Evans when he was promoting R2P, knowing the fact that it was covered with pent-up sarcasm.

However, while this poor student was being rocked by this unbelievable explanation of his master’s new interpretation of his ethics, was idling for a moment on the chair while his mouth was still open. Here at this point a weird thing was happened. This was the exact moment that stray fly, who was said to be a hero at a point, landed in his mouth, leaving an awful taste in mentally and physically exhausted poor boy’s mouth that he could never get rid of for many generations.

 The story went on and on like that”¦still goes on.   

 However, this story is very similar to the behavior of global superpowers in relation to their preaching of morality, ethics and human rights norms to Sri Lanka while grossly violating the same norms elsewhere by them. Existing global order and its rules, HR laws, War Crimes, even institutions such as ICC, their ethics and principles all are supposed to be obeyed by less powerful nations, while they being violating them at their will in broad daylight. The most disturbing thing of the west is their state of denial, and their insistence to normalize such denial.

They never felt shamed to call us carnivorous, while knowing the fact that we know that they are cannibals. The main qualification to be a diplomat in the west is nothing but shamelessness.   

 All our actions, political or otherwise have been conditioned to the western ethics, morality, and high principles all are at the end however serving only western interests. The issue of Ban Ki Moon’s investigation panel reveled that this system is designed to inflict defeat to the less powerful in the both ends. If you follow the rules you will be lost, if you break the rules, still you will be lost. If Sri Lanka obeyed the rules set by the west to resolve the ethnic conflict that would have been ended in separation of the island by now. So the rules were there to make us to loose. But realizing that we are going to loose by obeying western rules, Sri Lanka finally got away of the trap and discarded all western deceptive standards and resolved the issue through their own rules. In the aftermath of the conflict it has been proved that even disobeying the rules also designed to make us to loose. This is the order of things that west has taught us throughout the history. We were walking towards alleged progress with the west over the last six decades while west was preaching us all sorts of high principles and morality all the way through. When it came to prove their faithfulness to their own principles, they have proved those morality and high principles are not for them but only for us.

 (To be continued)

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  1. Laxman GODEGAMA Says:


    You question why is there this Global imbalance?

    Have you seen how our Mervyn Silva and the UNPers behaved during the buidget debate. Why have we have elected a bunch of monkeys as our lawmakers?

    OK, JRJ initiated the crowding of the parliament with IRCs. But isn’t it the time to phase out at least some of these monkeys to the jungles ?

    If these donkeys know that the world is full of hungry Western sharks on the lookout for weak points in any society to quench their thirst for blood, they will never behave like that. These dumps are like the happy crabs while the pot is getting boiled.

    Also, it is necessary to observe that all the countries, which led the technical advances in the last 500 years, are situated between the 30th and 60th parallel. This is a region where the ingenuity is well incubated by the necessity to fight off the cold.

    Above the 60th, you are exhausted fighting the cold. End result, Eskimos.

    Below the 30th, the warmth near the equator is so agreeable and the nature is so generous with lush vegetation, you have no need to make your neurones work. Mother Nature gives you almost everything free. The end product is brainless Colombian UNP donkeys.

    But there is a magician working against the natural ways of the world : the Buddhism and Hindu Gnana Yoga which insist on fully awakening human mental capacity as the main aim of life. End result is hearty writers such as Kudali, Randeniya & Weerasingha on lankaweb itself. Wink, Wink.

    If the Sun illuminated the earth uniformly, how much diversity we would have missed? How dull the life would have been?

    Let us consider the 500 year old western onslaught as a viral attack which is necessary to stimulate our immune system.

    Let us give its rightful place to Buddhi in the land of the Buddha. When our 20 million minds bloom, the world can be at peace. It is the way we must pay our gratitude to Buddha who devoted every second of his life for us and all our young men who sacrificed their lives so that we may continue to live.

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