False reporting by UN and lack of integrity in UN reports- Open Letter
Posted on June 30th, 2010

Ben Silva

To  : Mr. Anders Hjertstrand
Chief of OIOS Internal Audit Division
Geneva Office, UN

 Subject:   UNHCR/CORI Report on Sri Lanka

Dear Sir,

It appears that UN is accepting secondary data without verifying the integrity of data. If decisions are made on data, then the integrity of  the data is vital  and essential for any outcomes based  on that data to be valid. So, it is essential that the data  should be checked for accuracy, authenticity and verified that no bias has been  introduced to the data. Orgs such as HRW and AI and ICG, do not actually obtain data themselves and they have been accused of using  hearsay  as facts. Many have indicated that reports produced by HRW and ICG as garbage, due to the lack of integrity of their information [1],[2]. If UN use reports produced by HRW or ICG, then UN reports themselves become unreliable and could  be classified as inaccurate and false.

 It is well known that individuals and organization pick the data that satisfy their pet theories whilst ignoring other data. It is well known that AI, HRW and ICG have been sympathetic to LTTE and Tamils and against Sri Lanka. The same comments apply to UN as well, as there are influential Tamils, such as  Ms Pillay and Ms Coomaraswamy in UN. If UN picks AI,HRW and ICG reports, then it is to confirm their own bias. UN has completely ignored the deadly terrorist nature of LTTE and is now seeking revenge on Sri Lanka.

 We have to be aware that organization such as HRW, AI,  ICG produce sensational reports to attract donors, for marketing purposes and for self promotion. Clearly, due to the reasons given above, reports produced by HRW, AI and ICG could be biased and should not be used as credible evidence.  In the case of ICG, the potential for bias is even greater as the funding for ICG is from western nations and so are  most of  the officials of ICG.  We also need to be aware that various NGOs, HRW and even UN are lobbied  by LTTE fronts and all these orgs may get the same LTTE propaganda and hence produce similar reports. Further, due to lobbing of HRW,AI and ICG by LTTE and their fronts, it is even possible that these orgs receive LTTE donations and subjected to the influence of LTTE sympathizers/fronts.

It is also known that UN officials, NGO officials and LTTE activists were/are in the same grapevine  and  hence the potential to get false information into the system. One example is  the network of Coomaraswamy, Allan Rock,and   Garath Evans of ICG. They are in the linked through the Colombo based NGO, International centre for ethnic studies, with Coomaraswamy (a Tamil) as the link. Also the other interesting  link  that should not be ignored, which could be a source of bias is that  Coomaraswamy (a Tamil) and  Pillay (a South African Tamil ), and the terrorist group LTTE  is also Tamil. It is well known that South African Tamils have an extreme anti Sri Lankan attitude, unfortunately developed by LTTE, using false propaganda.

It is generally well known that AI, HRW and ICG reports are biased against Sri Lanka. If UN selects the reports of AI, HRW and ICG for its own report, then it is obvious and clear that bias is introduced to UN reports. If UN  use biased AI,HRW or  ICG reports with malicious intent or otherwise, the effect is the same, biased reports of UN. Only people capable of critical thinking, perhaps trained, would be ale to pick up bias. Unfortunately, UN appear to be short of people capable of critical thinking!

It has to be remembered that LTTE is very good  and well organized  at propaganda, manipulation of information  and images etc. and any naƒÆ’†’¯ve person could have been easily deceived by LTTE. Also we must not forget that LTTE were experts at corruption and briery and in a country with extreme poverty, money could have achieved what ever LTTE wanted in terms of statements.

 It is well known in Sri Lanka that AI, HRW and ICG do not have a clue about the situation in Sri Lanka, as they get information from LTTE sources and the reports produced by these organizations s are garbage.The issue of data integrity requires UN to determine how and to what degree lack of  data integrity influence its reports. In fact, UN should be investigated first, by an external panel, specially its information handling system,  as  UN is known as an institution mired in corruption, secrecy, venality and total lack of accountability, Claudia Rosett [4].

 Data is not collected directly by the researchers employed by these organisations. Very often they use second hand data and even third hand data  in their reports, making their reports unreliable.

 Due these orgs (AI, HRW AND ICG) relying on indirect sources  such as buzz, gossip, grapevine report, hearsay, rumor,  secondhand information, talk, unconfirmed reports, word of mouth etc   false information has  crept  into the reports of HRW, AI and ICG as facts. In one interesting case, Karuna Aman  [5] (Mr Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan ) was accused falsely or otherwise of various crimes. He was arrested in UK [5]  for an immigration offence and HRW wanted him tried for war crimes [5]. It appears that UK government did not have sufficient credible evidence to charge him. However it appears that UN has become a victim of false reporting and accusations by HRW, AI and ICG.

Another worrying factor is that AI, HRW and ICG are always seeking funds. LTTE and its fronts are ever willing to give funds as bribery in return for favours. In fact LTTE has been caught red handed offering bribes. Many wonder  how LTTE false allegations’ have appeared in reports produced by AI, HRW and ICG.

 Example of a malicious ICG report

The article with the title “International Crisis Group helps some to sell themselves for a few pieces of Silver ” by Raj Gonsalkorale ref: http://www.asiantribune.com/category/categories/news-analysis  expose the possible motive of the ICG report and the glaring errors. I find it difficult to believe that ICG are unaware that photographs  can be doctored and people can make any statement for a few dollars. Also people with malicious intent may be using  ICG to satisfy their agenda. So many things are possible, but the only thing  that is certain is that the  ICG has not got a clue about the situation in Sri Lanka and they have allowed themselves to be manipulated  either  willingly or through ignorance.

 To quote Alan Dershowitz Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law at Harvard Law School ” It turns out that Human rights organisations, cook the books about facts, cheat on interviews, and put out pre-determined conclusions that are driven more by their ideology than by evidence. These are serious accusations, and they are demonstrably true. ”  The to web sites given below, expose the false reporting by  HRW and AI.

1. hrw-watch   ref:    http://www.hrw-watch.com/

2.  Amnesty internationalwatch ref:  http://www.ai-watch.net/

 UN, ICG, AI and HRW failed to understand  that LTTE attempted to emulate Chola empire builders and made an attempt  to expand Tamil Nadu, by annexing parts of Sri Lanka. LTTE connection with the Chola empire building is evidenced by similarity of LTTE flag with the Chola flag, ethnic cleansing of non Tamils from areas controlled by LTTE, LTTE using  methods of chanting similar to that  used by Cholas to brain wash Tamils, links with Tamil Nadu racists with Chola intentions, Links with the international Tamil Community to create an Eelam.

If UN attempt to use selective information from AI and HRW whilst ignoring AI and HRW reports on Iraq, then UN is deliberately trying to mislead the world.

 Yours sincerely,

Ben Silva


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