Attitude towards Sri Lanka
Posted on July 3rd, 2010

Ben Silva

Mr Mathew Lee
Inner city press

 Dear Mr Lee,

Attitude towards Sri Lanka

Let me call a spade a spade. I have followed your anti Sri Lankan and proTamil imperialist  stand. Your stand against Sri Lanka is exposed in “Inner City Press! “, Your Attitude Towards Sri Lanka “,ref:

You may express a balanced view, if you did some basic research on Sri Lankan history and Tamil terrorism, before you express your opinion.  For example you could obtain information on LTTE atrocities at

For centuries Tamil invaders  have destroyed Sri Lanka . They are even credited with the destruction of the Sri Lankan hydraulic civilization. It is time the Sinhalese said enough is enough. Unfortunately, the Sinhalese have lost most of their homeland due to their passive nature, the very same  reason  why native Americans lost their homeland to your ancestors, who wiped out millions of native Americans, in cold blood. Of course your present day relatives are more used to using  nuclear bombing, fire bombing, using drones, napalm bombs, using awesome bombs to incinerate humans. Please don’t preach us human rights!, we know what you have done to fellow humans, including slavery and ethnic cleansing of native Americans. Save your sermon to the killers in Iraq (million civilians dead) and Afghanistan , and guide Looney Moon in the right direction. Please get Mr Moon to investigate Iraq and Afghanistan first, where millions have unnecessarily died due to a Western plot (robbery)  to grab Iraqi oil, using lies, just as Britain used lies to grab Chinese territory, and USA used lies to bomb Vietnam and so on. Mr Moon, I hasten to add, appear to get manipulated by Tamil women in UN, Ms Pillay and Ms Coomarswamy, probably as a special service.

  I need to mention that I have nothing against the present day Tamils who are part of the Sri Lankan family.

 It appears that you have only heard the Tamil terrorist side of the story. This is probably because the LTTE are very good with their propaganda and GOSL has not taken sufficient  effort to neutralize LTTE lies. You may be able to come to a more enlightened opinion if you took the trouble to read some material published at the following web sites:

  1. SPUR

  1. Lankaweb

  1. Sinale hot news

  1. Amarasara

  To obtain a balanced view, it is essential that you read material from the above mentioned sites and not merely get biased information from Tamilnet.

 You appear to be ignorant that LTTE attempted to create a  nascent Tamil empire by killing thousands of innocent civilians and  carrying out ethnic cleansing of non Tamils from LTTE controlled areas.  Links with Tamil  Nadu ( Land of Tamils ) racists, LTTE flag similar to Chola empire flag,  international Tamil  fund raising to fund the terror war  to create a racist Eelam etc. are further evidence of LTTE intensions.

 Your opinion indicate that you are either a clueless wanker, or  a joker singing pro Tamil terrorist  songs for your supper or you are the mouth piece of Tamil and Yankee imperialism. In either case your conduct is that of a rabid dog rather than a human being. With such support to barbarism of Tamils and imperialist, it is a shame that you call yourself a human. Sri Lankans do not have any respect for the gutter journalism that you practice. It is even be possible that you are another “ƒ”¹…”Fein”, who knows.

You suffer from the same basic problems suffered by other so called experts: They spend very little time to do  basic research , and put  no effort to eliminate bias and simply regurgitate LTTE propaganda as facts, as it is easily available or has been placed by LTTE agents at strategic locations that enable you to have easy access.

 I hope the material given in the references would be useful to you.

It is time that  the world identified who you really are: a pathetic, cowardly tool of Tamil and Western imperialism, singing the praise of Tamils and defending Western imperialism to earn your supper. Shame on You!

 Say No to racism.

Yours sincerely,

Ben Silva



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