Posted on July 6th, 2010

Ranjit Wickremeratne. 

Peace came to our land after thirty years of war and destruction.Twenty six thousand of our young and old war heros sacrificed their lives. Men,Women,Children,Political leaders,Buddhist Priests and new born babies were massacred in cold blood. Citizens couldn’t walk freely on the roads. Temples,schools,bridges,banks,offices were bombed in daylight and in the dark. People were leaving the country in thousands. Inch by Inch Motherlanka lost her land to terrorists. They were the rulers for half of our beloved country. Daily we could hear the sound of sirens of the Ambulances and the cry of humans in agony after every bomb blast in the city and in suburbs. We all lived in fear and horror because of bloody terrorism. Motherlanka and it’s citizens of all faiths were crying and praying to their gods to free them from terror for last thirty years. Citizens lost their loved ones and their pain can be seen in their faces. No hope from anyone until one saviour was born in 2005 amongest our political elite and it was none other than our current President of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapaksa.
When he came to power all eyes were on him as there was no one before him to stop the massacre and carnage of our peoples. Son of a prominant politician in the south he climbed the ladder just from an M.P. to the Presidency within forty years of his political carrier. He appointed his brother who was living a decent and a quite life in America to become the Defence Secretary in his cabinet. With the blessings of our great religion Buddhism they both started to find a way to stop the blood bath in my beloved country with the help of our gallant soldiers in the three Armed forces,police and the civillians. He and his government stood together in all matters and gave the President all the support he neads to bring peace to my homeland. That was the begining and gradually Mother Lanka was smiling in the horizon. From Mavilmaru our lion hearted war heros started walking through Jungles,rivers,mountains by Land, fly through our air space and sailed through the rough seas destroying and eliminating the enemy one by one and taking over the lost land inch by inch. At the last days of that bloody war in Nandikadal in Mullativu we saw the end of a brutal murderer who was responsible for nearly hundred thousand deaths of my fellow citizens. He and his gang of ruthless murderers were eliminated and my beloved country was freed at last by our war heros headed by our great Sinhala son of Motherlanka His excellency Mahinda Rajapaksa. 
We celebrated our freedom and victory in style on May 18 2009 and now the government of President Mahinda Rajapaksa made this great day a permanent holiday. It is the day we all remember our dead heros. Whole country irrespective of faith,color or religion celebrate together this day with parades,prayers and other activities. Motherlanka is in all smiles seeing the faces of it’s citizens free and in peace. All citizens were very greatful to the President,his government and the war heros for freeing the country from terrorism and getting rid of the most feared terrorist leader Velupillai Prabakaran and his gang of killers for ever from our beloved land. So now the war is over and peace is prevailing in the whole country and our citizens freely move around visiting places where they were denied to visit for thirty long years and big big new projects have been started and so much excitement in the country as Motherlanka watches happily of her citizens.
After so many years of sacrifice and pain our people have not learned a lesson.Beacuse of disunity we suffered for so long and now with this freedom and peace we need to be united as one nation then no enemy on earth can make us cry again. To make this country prosperous all should get united and start building the shattered economy and the country without fighting for petty things. We all should serve the country we were born not waiting till the country serve you, this is our land one and only Sinhala land where we lived with other faiths together in harmony until a monster was born aided and financed by India to destroy our land and the people. We Sinhalese forget very soon what ever happens and our Government and the citizens all alike treated the enemy and the people in North and East as our own brothers and sisters after the war ended. In this past year our Government has done so much to those war torn areas than any other government in the past. If we treat every citizen alike whether Sinhala,Tamil,Muslim,Burgher or Malay and give every one equal rights then there wont be any terrorism or division in the country.The problem is our political leaders.They dont love the country except they love themselves when they take the power in to their hands. We have 244 political representatives from different parties covering the whole country and those M.P.’s duty is to serve the people of their districts without serving themselves as soon as they come to power. In both elections all these polticians promised to eradicate poverty and corruption from our society so they need to work on those issues concerning our citizens without fail and delay. Because of disunity and fighting among political parties our enemies inside and outside trying their old habbits again to harass and create fear among our citizens.
Banki Moon,Navi Pillai, Karunananidhi,Waico,Jayalalitha,Sarath Fonseka,JVP,Europian union,Tamil Diaspora,Blake,Nesriky
Awamangalaya,Ranil,solheim and many more of this mixed bunch of traitors and enemies to our country continue to harass and unneccessarally questioning our new found freedom.These ugly bunch wont sleep till they get rid of our great son of Motherlanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa. Any child can understand their motives behind all these harasments. Thirty years these bunch of traitors and enemies of our land supported the terrorists behind the scene with money,Arms and training pretending that they were all against terrorism. What Isreal was doing to Palatine is not a crime? What America does to Iraq and Afganistan is not a crime? When Thailand government used live ammunition to kill their own people was not a crime? When Myanmar soldiers killed Buddhist monks and innocent civillians in cold blood was not a crime? Like these so many human rights violations were happening around the world commited by so called world powers but Mr.Banki and that black witch cannot see those violations because they dont have guts to stand up against the powerful forces in the west. We should not allow these hypocrits to come and meddle with the internal affairs of our country or allow them to visit our beautiful land to question our leaders or to inquire about anything at all. Any one of our citizens whether rich or poor who will try to support these inquiries should be branded as traitors to our homeland and should be brought to justice for treason. No country will forgive traitors to their Motherland. Banki and Pillai both supported and financed by Tamil dispora try to make a story to put the blame on us for the killings of Tamils during the war. Instead of blaming and harassing these organizations should congratulate our leaders and help to rebuild our shattered economy and the country. These two gobbels should understand how many years we suffered and how many of our innocents were dead in all those years. Terrorism is a curse and all the countries facing terrorism should take a lesson from us and their leaders should stand together to wipe out terrorism for good from their countries. 
No country should support terrorists or their sympathizers or give them sanctuary in any country.Anyone who kills innocent civillians is a terrorist. How many innocent civillians were killed in Iraq and in Afganistan for the last nine years after 2001 by the western forces mainly by America? Why nobody understand the truth? Before they open an inquiry for war crimes in my country they should open a seperate war crime tribunal to bring America,England and other western countries to face justice. There will be thousands and thousands of innocent people from all over the world to give evidence against these evil few countries. Banki start doing that and you will be remembered as a decent respected UN administrator. if not you will be remembered as a pamper boy to the white assholes in the west. You and your evil partner the black witch both should be ashamed to be called Asians. You parasites purposely harassing innocent countries like us because our own shameless traitors are there to provide you with all lies about our country and our leaders. They were paid in millions for providing lies and already one was caught with millions in his bank account. Banki and the evil world should give us credit for ending a brutal war of thirty years and allow us to live in peace without any conditions. Our country is very peaceful and citizens are very happy and you dont find any terrorist activity anywhere after 2009 but if you Banki helps the terrorists or their sympathizers in America,England,Canada,Norway,Europe,France or anywhere to organize or talk about seperating my homeland again we as a nation wont stand idle like before. We Sinhalese will stand as one and defend our land with our own lives until we kill each and every enemy to our land.No more peace talks or no more listening to your pep talks as a sovereign nation we should be allowed to live as decent human beings in this world.
Banki,Pillai,Solhiem,Blake you four stooges aren’t welcome in my homeland at any time.We curse you from the bottom of our hearts for harassing our innocent country and it’s citizens. You big heads acts like kings now but the day will come soon to be with Prabakaran and terrorists like him in hell. You have to suffer like them for your sins to the mankind.You  evil stooges all working for the evil empire America and you survive by ill gotten blood money provided by them and terrorists organization like Tamil diaspora. Dont make Motherlanka cry again by helping terrorists movements sympathtic to Tamils to start terror in my beloved land.
Sinhala nation will stand unitedly aginst all odds and prevail this unjust harasments from enemies of our land. We will support our leaders who brought us peace and help to make our country light of Asia for all citizens of Motherlanka to live in in peace and harmony.
Ranjit Wickremeratne. 

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