KANGAROO COURT OF DR BAN KI MOON- EPISODE NO.2 (Appeal to Mr Marzuki Darusmaan to respect Indonesians and resign)
Posted on July 9th, 2010


As reported by the writer in an earlier article to Lanka Web, the United Nations charter has authority to expel a member nation, but it has no provision for a member nation to voluntarily withdraw from its membership.  Despite its governing rules, in 1965, courageous first President Sukarno of Indonesia withdrew its membership from the UN, protesting Malaysia’s membership in the UN, and thus became the first country to leave UN even for a brief period. UN learnt its first lesson from an Asian leader

After 45 years, an imminent  Indonesian son   Mr Marzuki Darusmaan  has accepted  the offer of Mr Ban Ki Moon to head the Chairmanship of the Panel to investigate any  war crimes against  Sri Lanka.. After several months of hard labour, Mr Ban Ki Moon (BKM) has delivered his ill-fated baby, by appointing panel headed by Mr Marzuki Darusmaan of Indonesian Golkar Party. The international condemnation against this panel was spontaneous and now gathering further momentum in large scale at home in Sri Lanka and overseas.

During the period of war against Terrorism in Sri Lanka, Indonesia was one of the countries constantly supported the government  of Sri Lanka.  Two Hundred and twenty millions in Indonesia are great fans of Sri Lanka.  In fact with my experience in Indonesia for nearly 20 years,  Indonesians can be regarded as the world’s best bunch of people.   They may be poor, but would not steal wealth of others. They may not be Buddhists, but would not tell lies.   They may be poor, but will not kneel down to American power houses to get their Nasi Goreng ( fried rice). They may be poor but will not hesitate to fight, demonstrate in front of US embassy, UK  embassy or UN head offices. 

Mr BKM has approached several personalities in the Asian region to lead his team, but was not successful.  In order to gain popularity Mr Maruzuki Darusmann (MD) would play any cheap stunts.  .   To his credit, it should be acknowledged that MD is not a corrupt person, but tried to use his  “Mr Clean” image to advance his political agenda.  After the downfall of President Suharto, MD tried unsuccessfully to take over the leadership of Golkar Party.  When late Mr Abdulrahmaan Wahid ( popularly known as “Gus Dur”) was appointed as the President, MD  and the entire Golkar Party supported Gus Dur. When  the winds were changing against Gus Dur ( who was 95% blind person for several years), MD proposed impeachment actions against the President Gus Dur.  The joint Legislators of  Parliament and the Senate ( DPR and MPR)  appointed a Commission to investigate  any violations of the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia  by the President Gus Dur.  The Commission was headed by Mr Marzuki Darusmaan himself.   With his future goals in mind, MD produced  a final report of the commission without any conclusion, but narrated several lapses on the part of the President..  The MD’s report  provided the platform to bring a resolution in joint DPR & MPR to impeach the President Gus Dur.  The impeachment was successful and the President was unseated.  Mr Marzuki Darusmann then tried to support the new President Mrs Megawati Sukarnoputhri ( the daughter of the First President of Indonesia) to become her  Vice President..  Ibu Mega distanced herself from MD and other conspirators  like  Prof. Amien Rais of Partai Amanat National, knowing well their short term and long term strategies.  

As Mr MD could not get elevated to highest ranks in politics through Golkar Party,  he then  became a human rights activist, conducting seminars and demonstrations along the protocol roads of Jalan Jendral Sudirman and Jalan Thamrin.    Yet MD could not get sufficient local support to gain his political ambitions .   Now he is trying a cheap shot at Indonesia’s  long standing friendly nation, Sri Lanka.

Local protests against this panel must continue in a peaceful manner.  UN staff should be allowed to function, but large scale protests must continue until BKM back-off.  All patriotic partners of Sri Lanka should take this fight seriously to protect our Leadership. 

Protests against Western World and the  United  Nations are not uncommon. When US invaded Iraq, Indonesians in their thousands blocked the United Nations Office in Jalan Thamrin, Jakarta for several weeks.  No staff member was allowed to enter the building.    When President of US  was planning to visit Indonesia, thousands of  Indonesians staged protests outside Jakarta’s parliament and in several cities around the country.  According to the protestors Mr  Barack Obama is an  enemy of Islam and an imperialist.

In December 2009.  A campaign to encourage Indonesians to use condoms as part of national HIV/AIDS prevention efforts has drawn  massive protests from Indonesians and protests were conducted at key high commission offices of the Western World and in front of UN Office..

In April 2008, indigenous people from around the world took part in a peaceful protest in front of the Brazilian Permanent Mission to the United Nations in New York to protest the construction of one of the Amazon’s most controversial development projects — the Belo Monte dam in Brazil.(Xinhua/Shen Hong)
In October 2009, the United Nations has temporarily closed all of  its offices in Pakistan after a suicide blast which  killed four people at the World Food Programme compound in central Islamabad.

It is still not too late for Mr Marzuki Darusmaan to resign from the Panel.  By doing do, he will be respected by 220 million Indonesians.  If  he continues his marriage with Mr Ban Ki Moon,  he will be divorced by Indonesians.   Indonesians hate those who support imperialists.  If Mr Marzuki Darusmann is planning to become the next Secretary General of the United Nations,  he should not be supporting  Mr Ban Ki Moon who is already down the cliff.

Good night Mr Darusmaan, (Selamat malam Bapak Darusmann).  I love you,( saya tercinta dengan  Anda).

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