Mr Ban Ki Moon wants to be the King of the world – Abuse of power in UN
Posted on July 9th, 2010

 Ben Silva

Attention of Mr Ban Ki Moon
Secretary General UN

 Mr  Ban Ki Moon wants to be the King of the world   – Abuse of power in UN        

 The former South Korean foreign minister has got power into his thick head. He appears to be manipulated by Tamil women in UN.  He now want to extend his weapon (no pun)  and power  to satisfy the  Tamil women in UN manipulating him. He appears to use UN as a weapon against Sri Lanka, although UN member nations  have voted in favour of Lanka, on a human rights issue.

Some say, UN is a corrupt, worthless  organization [1], that does not work. Mr Moon wants to  be above  the sovereignty, people, and the President of Sri Lanka and  wants to  take charge of the and law and order  situation in  Sri Lanka. He  believes that he is a better judge of the situation in Sri Lanka  than the people of Sri Lanka or the Present who was elected with an overwhelming majority. This is indeed a deadly threat to world peace and should not be allowed to happen. Already, Mr Moon’s stupid decisions are causing violence and instability in Sri Lanka.  As this idiot cannot think for himself, he wants a puppet panel to advice him. He has completely ignored the far more violators of HR, such as the killing of over one million people in Iraq due to an illegal war to rob Iraqi  Oil assets by a few Western countries, the  same countries that hound Sri Lanka now. Sri Lankans are glad GOSL  did not give in to bulling by Mr Moon who appears to be a puppet of Western   and Tamil imperialism, manipulated y Tamils in UN.

  Sri Lankans know his ultimate aim: To punish Sri Lanka, for defeating Tamil racists terrorists that  generated funds from  Western countries using bogus refugees. If Mr  Ban Ki Moon  is  interested in finding the truth, he should have appointed a panel to determine: 

  1. Who funded the terrorists ?
  2. Who trained the terrorists ?
  3. Who sold arms to the terrorists ?
  4. How did the arms get to Sri Lanka, what is the trail ?
  5. Who did the propaganda for the terrorists
  6. What is the connection between Chola empire, LTTE, Tamil Nadu and India
  7. Did LTTE carry out ethnic cleansing and if so for what purpose ?
  8. What is the damage to Sri Lanka in terms of loss of lives, loss to the economy, suffering, creation of orphans, disabled persons and so on ?

 Questions 1 to 8 certainly need answers and three further questions are:
1. If LTTE succeeded, would it have produced bloodshed in the Indian subcontinent and eventual breakup of India ?

  1. Is  breakup of India , the eventual aim of Western imperialists, who do not want either India or China to become powers ?
  2. Who wanted to give a life line to LTTE and for what purpose?

 It is time Sri Lanka found the answers and communicated  the answers to the world.

 Very often, UN and media obtain the opinion and  data from NGOs such as ICG, AI and ARW. These organizations openly seek funding.   It is generally known that “ƒ”¹…”He who pays the piper calls the tune‘.  The regurgitating of LTTE propaganda and the anti Sri Lankan stand, same as that of LTTE,  gives the impression that AI, HRW and ICG may  have received funds from LTTE, their fronts or sympathizers.

 Further reasons for doubting the credibility of AI, HRW and ICG are given below. We have to be aware that there are many charities competing for public donations. At a time of recession, getting donations is not easy. We have to be aware that organization such as HRW, AI,  ICG produce sensational reports to attract donors, for marketing purposes and for self promotion. Clearly, due to the reasons given above, reports produced by HRW, AI and ICG could be biased and should not be used as credible evidence.  In the case of ICG, the potential for bias is even greater as the funding for ICG is from western nations and so are  most of  the officials of ICG.  We also need to be aware that various NGOs, HRW and even UN are lobbied  by LTTE fronts and all these orgs may get the same LTTE propaganda and hence produce similar reports

 Mr Ban Ki Moon appears to have less knowledge, less intelligence and less common sense than Mr Bean.  UN is  run by  the clueless idiot, some say Looney, Mr Ban Ki Moon. Mr Moon is doing a better job as a comedian [2] than as the Secretary General of UN.

Antics of Mr Moon should remind Lanka to have  a team to counter LTTE propaganda, that ought to have people such as HDL Mahindapala, Dayan Jayatilleka etc.



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