Liberal Party Statement on Sri Lanka – July 8,2010
Posted on July 11th, 2010

Ira de Silva London, Canada 

Hon. M. Ignatieff, M.P.
Leader of the Opposition
House of Commons,
Ottawa, Ontario.
Dear Sir:
                           Liberal Party Statement on Sri Lanka – July 8,2010
I have just read your statement on the Liberal party website. To be honest, I do not read anything published on your “party website” – this outlandish statement was sent to me by an “offended” Canadian. My comment to you is that the appointment of this panel is NOT a step forward and is causing resentment at every level of the entire population in Sri Lanka. According to reports from Sri Lanka it has served to unite the people of Sri Lanka in support of the government and against the UN and the western countries who are pushing for the “panel” ignoring their own violations of human rights, indiscriminate killings and the creation of refugees in other countries. What is disheartening is that actions such as this panel, set up at the dictates of the west, is pushing Sri Lanka away from it’s traditional allies such as Canada.
Although you may have various degrees from universities and the masses in Sri Lanka do not, they are still aware of the following:
This panel is not a UN panel but a panel created by the Secretary General without legitimate authority in violation of the UN Charter and the rights of individual members of the UN. Contrary to the Charter, it seeks to interfere in the internal matters of a member state.
The much maligned media in Sri Lanka has accurately reported that the Secretary General does not have the authority to appoint such a panel without the prior direction from either the Security Council or the General Assembly. This is confirmed by statements from Russia and  China. Mr. John Bolten, the former U.S. ambassador to the UN who on June 24,2010 writes in the Washington Times that “for Mr. Ban to act without express U.N. Security Council authorisation, however, would far exceed his legitimate authority. It would create a troubling precedent”. Of course Bolten is saying this because it concerns the U.S. and Israel but the principle remains the same. 
What authority Ban has is “moral authority” and it appears that his disorganised statements and biased actions have eroded that authority too. The Liberal Party of Canada also  lacks moral authority to comment on Sri Lanka when you have in government and out of government pandered to the supporters of Tamil terrorists in Canada at the expense of thousands of lives destroyed in Sri Lanka. The whole world saw the spectacle of lawlessness on the streets of Ottawa and Toronto when tens of thousands of your Tamil Tiger terrorist supporters carrying Tamil Tiger flags blocked roads, disrupted the lives of ordinary citizens and Canadian tax payers had to pay the massive bills for police presence  as well as the clean up. In the face of the images transmitted across the world of Tamil terrorist supporters running amok in Canada with the tacit support of the Liberal Party, both in Ottawa and Toronto, your statement regarding state-sanctioned protests of the UN’s Sri Lanka offices is the height of hypocrisy. As pointed out by Ban himself, Sri Lankan’s have the right to protest.
This “panel” is an unprovoked attack by the gang of twelve who lost the vote at the UNHRC in May 2009 which was supported by Canada and orchestrated by statements in Parliament by the likes of Rae, Karygianis and the usual Tamil Tiger supporters in your party who for over thirteen years helped to raise funds, provide political support and international backing for the Tamil terrorists in Sri Lanka to  kill thousands indiscriminately.
Considering that this panel is not a “UN Panel” why should Sri Lanka issue visas? This panel is composed of people who have in the past made it known to the world that they are anti-Sri Lanka. To make it clear to you, this is a lynch mob. The verdict has been made even before the terms of reference have been set up. That the Liberal Party supports it is further evidence that judgement has been made against Sri Lanka. Also, contrary to your belief and that of the Liberal Party and Parliamentary Caucus, as pointed out earlier, this panel is not the wish of the United Nations because it has been created without any reference to the General Assembly or the Security Council. It is merely your wish and that of the other western countries who have throughout the conflict supported the Tamil terrorists.
Your lack of knowledge is clearly evident when you state that the appointment of this panel is a significant step forward in healing the wounds from last year’s conflict which has deeply affected so many Canadian families. You ignore the fact that this is a conflict that lasted thirty years. You ignore the fact that the Liberal Party was an active supporter of the conflict on the side of the Tamil terrorists. You ignore the fact that it was the Canadian  Tamils who were funding the terror against their fellow Tamils as well as everyone who lived in Sri Lanka. The thousands who were “touched by this tragedy” in Sri Lanka and Canada know the role that Tamil Canadians and your party played in  promoting the “tragedy”. Contrary to Rae’s pretentious statement that “Canada’s own government can play a useful role by urging greater openness from the government of Sri Lanka”, your party destroyed any role Canada could play because you made Canada part of the terrorism in Sri Lanka. 
The appointment of the illegal panel, your statement as well as the one from Rae should serve to make Sri Lanka  more united against western oppression and attempts at interference, not facilitate visas for the lynch mob. 
Yours truly,
Ira de Silva
London, Canada 

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  1. Fran Diaz Says:

    Many thanks to Ira for a fine response to Mr Ignatieff. Here are some more Points to Ponder on the issue of the UNSG Panel.

    (1) To anyone who wants to know the truth about the last days of the war with the ltte : the some 300,000 Tamil hostages taken by the ltte ran towards the Army cleared areas. The Army welcomed them and let them enter those areas. The hostages were given food, clothing & shelter. All this is was filmed and put on UTube – we saw these films. It was the ltte who shot at the running hostages from behind, and that is where the hostages suffered.
    (2) UNSG Ban Ki Moon stated that the UNDP Colombo was closed permanently in direct response to the Wimal Weerawansa fast & protestors at the site. Now that Wimal has stopped his fast & the protestors are no longer there at the UN compound, will the Sec.Gen. reopen the UNDP office ? If he does not, then his words were hollow and Mr Moon has made a false statement.
    (3) Tamil people should demonstrate to the UNSG that they too are against the UNSG Panel. It was the SL Army who rescued the some 300,000 Tamil hostages. Some 6,000 Army personnel died in this effort. Gratitude would be a good thing and Tamil people should not be afraid to show it.
    (4) All recent action against Lanka by vested interests is to keep the country in a state of unbalance & under development.
    This will not work – Truth wins, every time. We have seen this through World Wars I & II. The motto on the Flag of India says “Truth Wins”.

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