To all my fellow Lankan family and friends all over the planet…
Posted on July 17th, 2010

by Shyana Mushin

When will OUR MIGHTY LANKAN LIONS ever sleep,
For we linger in the insults that-
Hurt so deep…
Even though we NOW live in PEACE
‘Tis lost and tossed off like –
A ball into a deep abyss
By the so called “divided nations”,
That was created to UNITE NATIONS.

We fought our battles for twenty-six long years,
And finally without a doubt ‘our mighty lions’-
So bravely killed the beasts who-
Hungered for the blood of the innocent
With their inhumane machinations
And tried so hard to-
Divide our land of One Nation for One People!

There were many who sacrificed their fragile-
Precious lives to achieve this PEACE-
So why must they throw stones
At heaven’s door…
When they know it serves no
For we have; as a small nation,
Braved the so called few
First world nations;
Who never ever won
Any battle thus far,
And caused only more
Carnage and human suffering
All in the name of
Power Hungry-
Lust for their own gain…

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