GENTLE GIANT……………………………………in world of cricket
Posted on July 22nd, 2010

Piyal Samarakone

He is a gentleman in his own arena yet opponents treat him as a giant in the turf. Murali as we call affectionately is a true legend in the cricketing world. Fame is nothing unusual in his long and decorative career as the most successfull bowler of the history of both form of the game.

When most of the icons chase behind the success and undue recognition, Murali got all of them without a great fuss as a true winner who takes it all.ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚  The final appearance was a classic example of proving the norm of ‘good memory always can be memorised’.

The golden era of spin bowling originally dominated by great Indian trio comprising of Prassanna, Chandrasekar and Bedi thereafter champion Shane Warne who induced the strike to the art of spin bowling, not merely to contain the batsmen as it was done earlier.

It’s fair to mention that Murali had world of time and all the necessary ingredients with a conducive environment to reach all the milestones in his remarkable career which left immortal print in the history books of the game.

His encounter with infamous throwing accusations took place in down under was not a isolated coup, it was well orchestrated by the dominant cricketing nemesis who held sway of the game at the time. Yet handful of determined right thinking individuals who had the great passion for the game stood by Murali thus proving the legitimacy of the golden wrist. Nevertheless, couple of spinners from the sub continent still showing their ugly side by simply making remarks at him as Murali’s achievement is not surprisingly unpalatable for them.

The real essence of Murali is not his impeccable accuracy or his mesmerising skills but his devotion to the game who is invariably willing to give much more than what he could deliver at any stage. Above all Murali is a rare breed who is showing no reluctancy in sharing with his expertise even with his rivals and giving us a great lesson in life that the spirit of the game is not belongs to one individual.

Although there were countless greats who reigned the game of cricket in different eras, we remember only handful of greats who played ‘gentlemen’s game in the very same fashion and Murali too did so without a doubt.

He is leaving the longer version of the game with a high note at the time we all trying hard to believe will there be another Murali ?

We greatfull to you not only for the legacy you left behind in Sri Lankan test cricket but by being unselfish and a true champion.

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