Desmond Tutu & “Elders” Rebuke Sri Lanka
Posted on August 6th, 2010

Ira de Silva London, Canada

TO: The Elders
Rev. Desmond Tutu
Former Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town
Leader of the “Elders Council.
Dear Sir:
 To give credibility to this statement on Sri Lanka by these “Elders” it is necessary to review your statements, actions and attitudes towards Sri Lanka in the past. Collectively you have shown a deplorable lack of knowledge and balance and based your “judgements” on minimal, biased information without any attempt at verification or consideration of the possibility that what you have been told is only one side of the story. Let us review the “Elders”.
Desmond Tutu looks at the world from his South African experiences, namely black vs .white, oppressed vs. oppressor, and most importantly apartheid where blacks were underpriviledged, had their own “areas” namely slums and ghettos and the whites had the rest of the country and led affluent “European” life styles. He translates this to Sri Lanka and sees the Tamils who are a minority as equivalent to the blacks, the oppressed and living in their own areas. He does not seem to be aware that Tamils live everywhere in Sri Lanka, that the LTTE carried out ethnic cleansing of areas in the north and east of the country to attempt to create Tamil only areas while they lived anywhere they chose in the island as well as the fact that they are educated, very prosperous, own businesses and live on par with the rest of the population.
What Desmond Tutu knows about Sri Lanka illustrates his massive lack of knowledge and ignorance about Sri Lanka. He does not seem to know that Tamils have the same rights to free education and free medical care as every other citizen of Sri Lanka. Given the Tamil minority in South Africa, mostly descendants of indentured labour brought there by the British from Tamil Nadu, India who wholeheartedly supported the Tamil terrorists in Sri Lanka as was evidenced by them demonstrating on the streets of South Africa in April/May 2009 he believes that they are discriminated against as were the non-whites in South Africa. He ignores the fact that these Indian Tamils in South Africa sent money to the Tamil terrorists of Sri Lanka and financed the purchase of planes for them to bomb civilians in their terrorist attacks.  Therefore by supporting these Tamils he has aligned himself with the Tamil terrorists. He is as guilty of the murder and massacres by the Tamils as those who perpetrated these atrocities on the population of all Sri Lankans regardless of ethnicity. That he should “rebuke” the Government of Sri Lanka is a perverse joke. That he should state “it is doubtful that the President’s “ƒ”¹…”Lessons Learned and Reconciliation Commission’ will help Sri Lankans to work towards lasting peace and reconciliation” before it has had a chance to even have hearings indicates his bias, ignorance and judgements based on his experiences in South Africa and it’s own hearings on” truth and reconciliation”. Perhaps it is also based on his “Christian” belief that he is right and all others are wrong and must be “rebuked” and shown the error of their ways. News from South Africa today indicates  a high level of violence, an average death toll of about 50 a day and that it heads the list when it comes to rapes not to mention the incidence of HIV  Aids. Today’s South Africa headed by a “black government” continues to discriminate against immigrants from other African countries. Perhaps with this scenario in his own backyard Tutu views other countries as being the same and has the temerity to make judgemental statements about them forgetting that he has no claim to infallibility and although he may wear a collar symbolising Christianity his views are un-Christian because they are based on lies. 
Regarding Nelson Mandela, who was indeed a great statesman, his views on Sri Lanka would be influenced by the history of South Africa much the same as Tutu. He thinks of Sri Lanka in the same terms, attributing to the Tamil terrorists the same goals that he had in South Africa against apartheid not realising that the two situations are completely different. Also, it was during his presidency that the Tamils of South Africa, even though they were of Indian Tamil descent provided funding to the Tamil terrorists in Sri Lanka and the South African government turned a blind eye as well as provided “political backing” to the LTTE supporters in South Africa. The international dimension of support by Tamils regardless of whether they were from India or Sri Lanka existed and flourished in South Africa. Even today, Indian Tamils in Tamil Nadu make daily attempts to interfere in the internal governance of Sri Lanka as do these  “Elders” completely ignoring the fact that it is none of their business just as much as it not the business of the UN to interfere in the internal matters of a member state. Given Mr. Mandela’s sate of health I doubt that he had much input into this statement and that his name is just being used for credibility.
The most prominent “retired United Nations Official”, although his name is not mentioned, is none other than Kofi Annan. During his term as Secretary General what did he do regarding the brutal terrorism that was being perpetrated by the LTTE terrorists on the Sri Lankan population? Several of his envoys visited Sri Lanka, had face to face meetings with the Tamil terrorist leaders and issued statements that children would not be recruited to fight, civilians would not be massacred and other such acts of terrorism would cease.  Not only did terrorism not diminish, the frequency of these acts by the LTTE increased and were brazenly taking place under the noses of the UN officials. Kofi Annan himself showed his indifference to terrorism in Sri Lanka as well as his ignorance when he visited the country after the tsunami. On that visit, while in Sri Lanka he, as Secretary General of the UN which is supposed to uphold peace in the world, made a statement of condolence on the death of a low level LTTE cadre (terrorist) who had been killed by a rival Tamil. When the Foreign Minister of Sri Lanka, who was also a Tamil was killed by the LTTE terrorists, Mr. Annan had no sympathy for the people of Sri Lanka on their great loss. As for trying to make out that he was a statesman, he was not. He was an administrator and even in that his judgements and behaviour were not exemplary. The world will not forget his role in the Oil for Food programme in Iraq, the 10 billion dollar scam in which his own son took part. 
As for Jimmy Carter, he represents the ever interfering Americans who talk of human rights, reconciliation, accountability and then present to the world illegal wars, (Britain’s Deputy Prime Minister stated in the British Parliament in June 2010 that the Iraq war was illegal, a fact that  Kofi Annan did not have the guts to state), torture, rendition, indefinite detention in Guantanamo, incessant killing of civilians by predator drones operated by trigger happy Americans from Nevada, the creation of millions of refugees, who consider that killing of civilians is unavoidable and passed off as collateral damage so long as it is the western countries that do the killing and the civilians are not westerners. They ignore the hundreds of thousands they have killed and are killing in Iraq and Afghanistan not to mention the long lasting damage to those countries by their use of toxic weapons all the while claiming that these actions are because the U.S. is spreading democracy and human rights to the rest of the world. 
As for the unacceptable behaviour towards the  United Nations in Sri Lanka, if any of these “Elders” had cared to read the press reports in Sri Lanka, the media, ministers of the government and the general public expressed their condemnation of the actions of the few who demonstrated at the UN premises. However, it was also brought to the attention of the UN by these same critics of the demonstrators that the UN had no authority to appoint a panel to interfere in Sri Lanka. As pointed out by Russia and China, the Secretary General requires consent from the General Assembly or the Security Council. In June 2010 the former US Ambassador to the UN, John Bolten recommended the withholding of U.S. funds to the UN to chasten the Secretary General claiming that Ban is close to making “an enormously significant misjudgement about his role and authority” when he called for an international inquiry into the Israeli actions off Gaza in May 2010. Another glaring example of the U.S. operating on double standards.
Given the above what right have these “Elders” to pass judgement on Sri Lanka? Why do they not address the problems in their respective countries where it is presumed they have “influence” if they claim to be statesmen? If they read the news reports in their own countries they would have ample evidence of persecution, intimidation, ongoing detention without charge or access to legal representation(Guantanamo being the classic example), and lack of action by the government to address political marginalization.

Yours truly,
Ira de Silva
London, Canada

3 Responses to “Desmond Tutu & “Elders” Rebuke Sri Lanka”

  1. Raju Says:

    Well written.

    However these frauds will not listen or give a damn, there mind is already made up based on their own prejudges, racism, arrogance, intolerances and pocketed dollars.

  2. De Costa Says:

    Des Tutu has contributed to killing in Sri Lanka by helping terrorists. Kopi Anan is a corruput criminal. Jimmi Cater now a wannbe saint but ex killer. Bunch of old criminals !

  3. Wimal Ediriwira Says:


    European Union vs Sri Lanka

    What is happening?

    The ‘International Community’ of White, Christian, Western (ICWCW) nations have preposterously accused Sri Lanka of ‘War Crimes’ and ‘Human Rights violations’ !

    1. So, hasn’t Sri Lanka committed any ‘War Crimes’ and ‘Human Rights violations’?

    Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country which, throughout its 2,560-year documented history, has never waged war against any other country and has never invaded any other country and whose Buddhist people even never kill any innocent creatures – even tiny insects!

    2. And what about the ‘International Community’ of White, Christian, Western nations?

    In fact, almost ALL of the ‘International Community’ of White, Christian, Western nations have, more than 1,600-year histories of brutal and predatory War Crimes and Human Rights violations.
    For example:

    • Countless invasions of the homelands of other nations and the brutal and bloody murders of millions of indigenous peoples (including the near-exterminations of the Amerindians, Canadian Indians and the Australian Aborigines) to rob their wealth and colonise their lands;
    • Tortures and murders (including by the Catholic Vatican’s Inquisitions and predatory Crusades – which included brutal murders by drawing-and-quartering live people or burning people alive at stakes!) of millions of believers of other religions around the world and terrorising the rest into forced mass conversions into Christianity. [“Christianity tops the list of belligerent religions” – Bertrand Russell, Bernard Shaw.] The Crusades are still being continued, just that the weapons are different.
    • Mass murders of more than 640,000 men, women and children in the American Civil War;
    • Mass murders of millions of men, women and children in the internecine World War I;
    • Mass murders of millions of men, women and children in the internecine World War II;
    • Mass murders, directly or indirectly, of tens of thousands of men, women and children with gas weapons and chemical weapons;
    • Murders, directly or indirectly, of millions of people in gas chambers in Auswichtz, Belsen etc.
    • Mass murders of more than 100,000 men, women and children by fire-bombings in Dresden etc;
    • Mass murders, directly or indirectly, of more than 500,000 men, women and children with the use of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki;
    • Genocidal mass murders, including with napalm bombings, of millions of people in Vietnam;
    • Genocidal mass murders – STILL continuing – of over 860,000 civilian men, women and children in over 10 years of torturings and bombings in Iraq and Afghanistan;
    • Directly or indirectly, the War Crimes atrocities, in May 2009 alone, where over 200 children were killed in a single bombing raid in Afghanistan; Etc. Etc.

    3. Almost all of these atrocities by many of the ‘International Community’ of White, Christian, Western (ICWCW) nations have been backed, directly or indirectly, by most of the ‘International Community’ of White, Christian-dominated Western mass media organisations, many of which:
    • Directly or indirectly or implicitly, supported (depending on which side they were) many of the above acts (from the beginnings of these media organisations);
    • Directly or indirectly concealed or camouflaged or under-reported most of the above brutal atrocities, cynically flouting the principle of Press Freedom;
    • Yet, at the same time, most of these media organisations substantially distorted, exaggerated, otherwise mis-reported – or even, simply, invented – for the past thirty years, ‘facts’ relating to the Tamil terrorism in Sri Lanka. For example, they:
    (i). Concealed from the world public during the past thirty years the fact that the Tamil
    terrorists were Catholics – to camouflage the fact that they were part of the Christian Churches’
    predatory neo-Crusades – and, instead, disseminated the fiction that they were Hindus;
    (ii). Concealed from their reporting the fact that the Catholic LTTE Tamil terrorists were
    directly or indirectly, and secretly, financed, armed and trained by many of the
    ‘International Community’ of White, Christian, Western (ICWCW) nations;
    (iii). Concealed from their reporting (contrary to principles of Press Freedom) the fact
    that, in Sri Lanka, the Catholic Tamil terrorists committed War Crimes and
    Human Rights violations by brutally torturing and murdering more than 85,000
    people, mostly Buddhist Sinhela men, women and children, monks and nuns (In
    many villages, each person’s limbs – and then the head – were cut off one by one while
    alive!) during the past thirty years; and destroyed Buddhist temples and shrines.
    (iv). Under-reported the enormity of these genocidal crimes committed by the Catholic LTTE
    Tamil terrorists, by describing them as ‘rebels’ and ‘militants’, even ‘freedom
    fighters’! – yet almost invariably described anti-Western criminals elsewhere, who
    committed even minor crimes as ‘terrorists’;
    (v). Falsely described the Tamil terrorists as ‘fighting for a Tamil homeland’, concealing the
    fact that the Tamils were already having their own homeland, Tamil-Nadu (meaning
    ‘Tamil country’) – which is twice the size of Sri Lanka – in south India. (See map below);

    (vi). Disseminated world-wide, an endless flood of lies, half-truths and distortions
    relating to the Sri Lankan situation. E.g. They blatantly invented a fictitious ‘civil
    war between the Sinhelas and Tamils’ (NO Sinhela civilians AT ALL fought against the
    Tamil terrorists or civilians – otherwise the terrorists would have been wiped
    out long ago!); fictitious ‘discriminations against Tamils’ [In fact, TWO out of the six
    presidents, and four prime ministers, were Tamils! What are the corresponding
    figures for similar minorities in the ICWCW countries?]; Invented fictitious ‘war crimes and
    ‘Human Rights violations’ by the Sri Lankan forces’; Concealed the fact that since more
    than two-thirds of Tamils still live among the majority Sinhelas in the South, the Tamils’
    absurd claim of ‘genocide’ was a ploy to hide the fact that the true motive for their migration to
    the West was not ‘to escape being killed’ [which, if true, they could have easily escaped by
    going just 22 miles over the sea back to their Tamil homeland, Tamil Nadu (See map above)],
    but for economic migration. Moreover, it was the Tamils who committed genocide of more
    than 85,000 Sinhelas, rather than the reverse! ALL these lies were invented to intimidate and
    blackmail Sri Lanka (Sinhalé) into allowing the Catholic Tamil terrorists to conduct their
    genocidal terrorism unhindered.
    (vii).Concealed from the world public that the real aim of the Catholic Tamil terrorism
    was to seize – with the direct (including weapons and finance) and indirect support of
    most of the above ICWCW countries – nearly a third of Sri Lanka (Sinhalé), in the
    north and east of the Island, to set up a Catholic state as a foothold for the invasion
    and subjugation of the entire Buddhist country and forcibly convert it to Catholicism.
    (viii). In other words, most of the White, Christian-dominated Western media concealed
    from the world public, that the genocidal Roman Catholic LTTE Tamil terrorists were
    formally, or effectively, a terrorist arm of the Roman Catholic Church. Indeed, there
    have been at least eleven reported cases of Catholic and other Christian priests having
    been arrested in Sri Lanka (Sinhalé) while transporting suicide belts, guns, ammunition
    and explosives for the Catholic LTTE Tamil terrorists or having similar equipment in
    their churches. Or for having given accommodation, like at staging posts, to the
    terrorists on their way to Colombo for bombings. Under pressure from the Churches and
    from Western Christian countries, the priests were illegally released and never prosecuted.
    Yet, Buddhist Sinhelas who stole coconuts or other minor items remain in prison in this 76% –
    Buddhist Island under the normal law. These facts were ALSO censored and concealed from
    the world public by the ICWC Western media.
    (ix). All these, and the frequent attacks in Buddhist Sri Lanka (Sinhalé) by Christians on
    Buddhist monks (at least two have even been beaten to death and two killed with poison)
    and attacks on Buddhist temples were totally self-censored and concealed (in violation of
    the principle of Press Freedom) by much of the Sri Lankan media, most of which are
    ALSO Christian-dominated and which have denied press freedom – and, thereby, denied
    freedom of expression – to the majority Buddhist population during the past 62 years. Instead
    they, then, disseminated to the world media inverted stories of fictitious ‘attacks on churches’
    and ‘the lack of press freedom for Christians’!

    4. Almost all of these ‘International Community’ of White, Christian, Western (ICWCW) nations and
    ICWCW media organisations have been backed by an ‘International Community’ of White, Christian-dominated Western (ICWCW) Human Rights organisations, many of which have, directly or indirectly or implicitly, colluded (from the beginnings of these organisations) in the atrocities listed in 2 above, by avoiding to demand prosecutions of those in the ICWCW nations responsible for those War Crimes and Human Rights violations; and by avoiding to report, or by under-reporting, the extent and enormity of the genocidal atrocities of more than 85,000 murders committed against the indigenous, pacific, Buddhist Sinhela men, women and children, Buddhist monks and nuns in Sri Lanka (Sinhalé) over the past thirty years by the Catholic Tamil terrorists..

    5. MOST of these ‘International Community’ of White Christian (ICWC) Western nations and ICWC Western-dominated Mass Media organisations and ICWC Western-dominated Human Rights organisations as well as the White, Christian, Western-dominated (WCW) United Nations Organisation and the White, Christian, Western-dominated European Union and many White, Christian, Western-dominated INGOs and Christian Western-dominated NGOs have now ganged-up in an extraordinary AND VICIOUS ANTI-BUDDHIST, AGGRESSIVE, ORGANISED CRUSADE-WAR :

    a. Against one tiny Island called Sinhalé (Currrently wrongly named ‘Sri Lanka’)’;
    b. Containing a tiny Sinhela Nation of just 14 millions;
    c. Who follow the 2,560-year old – but rational and scientific – Buddhist religion, which decries the brain-washing of people to implant superstitious beliefs in an imaginary ‘God’:
    d. Which advocates Total Non-Violence against innocent beings (including tiny insects);
    e. And has, amazingly, a totally-pacific documented history of over 2,560 years;
    f. And has an incredible record of never having invaded the lands of any other nations or committed War Crimes or Human Rights violations – a record which is NOT possessed by MOST of the ‘International Community’ of White, Christian Western nations.

    6. This Twenty-first Century Neo-Crusade-War,being waged by this massive consortium of multi-level White, Christian-dominated Western blocs against Sinhalé (‘Sri Lanka’),was intended to white-wash, protect and promote a brutal, Roman-Catholic, Tamil terrorist genocidal-killer and his murderous backers who had been engaged in a thirty-year bloody war to terrorise the pacific Buddhist Sinhelas of Sinhalé (‘Sri Lanka’) in order to seize a one-third piece of their Island motherland to establish an East Timor-like Catholic state as a first foot-hold for the subsequent Catholic subjugation of the entire Buddhist Island.

    This LTTE Roman Catholic Tamil terrorist, V Parakaran had committed:
    (i). The murder of Mr. R Premadasa, President of Sri Lanka;
    (ii). The murder of Mr Rajiv Gandhi, Prime Minister of India;
    (iii).The murder of Mr Lakshman Kadirgamar, (a Tamil) Foreign Minister of Sri Lanka;
    (iv).The murders of other government ministers (including Tamils) of Sri Lanka;
    (v). The brutal murders of more than 85,000 innocent Sri Lankan men, women and
    children, most of them Buddhist Sinhelas but also including Muslims and Tamils;
    (vi). The attack on the most sacred Buddhist shrine in Sri Lanka, the Temple of the Tooth;
    (vii).The attack on the second most sacred Buddhist shrine, the Sacred Bo-Tree;

    In pursuit of an unbelievable vendetta – in retaliation for the eradication of the genocidal Catholic LTTE Tamil terrorist CRUSADER INVADING force – many of the members of the ‘International Community’ of White, Christian, Western nations have – apparently without irony and any sense of absurdity – also launched a vicious anti-Buddhist NEO-CRUSADE to punish the Sinhela Nation on invented ‘War Crimes’ and ‘Human Rights violations’ for DEFENDING itself IN ITS OWN TERRITORY!

    The white, Christian Western consortium also up-graded its earlier objective into an imperialist attempt to seize control of the ENTIRE Island by planting a PUPPET REGIME – by pumping in vast sums of money to SUBVERT DEMOCRACY in Sri Lanka with the use of a sundry collection of disparate and individually-no-hope political groups, and countless lackeys, to prop up an ex-army general as a figurehead to challenge the incumbent president in the presidential election.


    Wimal Ediriwira – The SINHALÉ (“Sri Lanka”) Centre, [Turn Over….]

    What the ‘International Community’ demanded from Sri Lanka in May 2009:

    1. To immediately have a cease-fire in the war against the LTTE Tamil terrorists.
    2. To immediately make arrangements to have peace talks with the terrorists.

    (Sri Lanka PEREMPTORILY REJECTED both demands as being unwarranted and illegal interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation!)

    What The British Defence Secretary, Dr Liam Fox, said on 30th June 2010

    ….prior to leaving for Washington to urge the international community to “hold their nerve” over the (Afghan) conflict’.
    [Times 1st July 2010, front page]:

    “ Premature withdrawal would be ‘a shot in the arm to jihadists everywhere, re-energising violent radical and extreme Islamism’.

    “The primary reason for being involved in a conflict is to win it, not to find the earliest exit. We must hold our nerve, maintain our resolve and have the resilience to see the job through”. [Dr Liam Fox]

    Sri Lanka FULLY agrees with Dr Fox

    …and is glad that (in the second paragraph quoted above) he, implicitly, supports the Sri Lankan war against the Tamil terrorists;

    And Sri Lanka totally rejects the double standards of the ‘International Community’!

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