Please help the flood victims of Pakistan instead of harassing Sri Lanka
Posted on August 11th, 2010

ben silva

Attention of Mr Ban Ki Moon
Secretary General, UN

 Please help the flood victims of Pakistan instead of harassing Sri Lanka

 It is generally thought that the proposed investigative panel on Sri Lanka is to harass Sri Lanka and its leaders for  having close ties with China, Pakistan and Iran.  As Mahinda Gunasekera [6]  pointed out, the proposed panel is unlikely to find any thing significant. Why on earth would  Mr Moon investigate Sri Lanka when there are more prominent human rights violators [3]. Wikileaks have given all the evidence of human rights violations of USA and UK and over one million civilians have been unlawfully and illegally killed in Iraq due to  the  adventure of USA and UK to control Iraqi oil assets. The plot and harassment against Sri Lanka is complex and some issues are discussed below. When dealing with Sri Lanka, it appears that Western nations have a hidden agenda [1],[2],[4],[5]. Western nations exported terrorism, for example by allowing LTTE to have its headquarters in UK and then turning a blind eye to fundraising by LTTE. Further, the export of terrorism was fueled by Western countries giving bogus refugees citizenship  of  their countries and at the same time discriminating against the Sinhalese. It is hypocritical of UK to ask Pakistan to stop exporting terror when Western nations including UK were exporting terror by turning a blind eye to LTTE fund raising and propaganda.

 It now appears that the Western nations, that turned a blind eye to LTTE  had/have  two aims:
1. To divide Sri Lanka by using LTTE to take control of the East coast of Lanka.

2. To fragment India, so that the region is destabilized and India is removed as a threat to Western  nations,  attempting to dominate of the world.

The Western nations are unhappy with  Sri Lanka for spoiling their grand plans. It is time the world woke up to grand plans of Western Imperialistic nations. We should all work towards the welfare of all humans rather than for the benefit of a few rich nations.

Whilst being aware of intensions  and the threat from Western nations, we also must not forget the intensions of India, and the threat to Sri Lanka by allowing a consulate in Jaffna.

UN member states should request this idiot Moon to spend the money on helping the flood victims  in Pakistan rather than attempt to frame Sri Lankan leaders for defeating Western funded  and exported Tamil racist  terrorism.


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