Posted on August 12th, 2010

Malin Abeyatunge

First the Anglo Saxons (mind you they are all from Christianity dominated countries) teamed up together to vilify Sri Lanka on her war against the LTTE terrorists who wanted to carve a separate monolithic state for Tamils. The Anglo Saxon trio ex-  UKFM David Miliband, French FM Bernard Kuchner, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton launched an international coup d’etat against Sri Lanka in support of the LTTE terrorists agenda but miserably failed. Government of Sri Lanka didn’t budge an inch on their war against the conclusive eradication of LTTE terrorism from our soil. When the trio failed their first attempt, they brought a resolution in the UN Human Rights Council to take action against  Sri Lanka for war crimes which was also unsuccessful. Having miserably failed to give oxygen to LTTE through this resolution and that the LTTE was militarily defeated, then they changed their modes operandi  to allege Sri Lanka for  human rights violation during the last ditch of war operation against LTTE. Christian dominated Anglo Saxons were screaming from all corners of the world to bring Sri Lanka before the International War Crime Tribunal in Hague. That attempt too was unsuccessful as the Anglo Saxons didn’t get the support of countries like Russia, China, Japan and non-aligned countries. Now they had to look for another way to denigrate and humiliate Sri Lanka and they decided to pressurize and influence the UNSG Ban-Ki-Moon to take action. Being a puppet of the Anglo Saxon clan, he had no hesitation in appointing a three member panel comprising of three stooges to investigate and report into war crimes in Sri Lanka during the last few months of the war. Mind you that all these attempts by the western block of Anglo-Saxons were merely an act of revenge against Sri Lanka for having defeated militarily the most brutal terrorist outfit in the world LTTE mollycoddled by them all the time.

 Sri Lanka strongly objected to the appointment of the so called panel and powerful countries like Russia, China, Iran, Japan and 129 countries of the Non-Aligned countries were behind us supporting,  In the melee, another group has emerged  to pressurize UNSG to go ahead with the investigation. It’s a group called “THE ELDERS”  and the leading members being  three “Black Christians” all from the African countries namely Rev. Desmond Tutu, Ex-UNSG Koffi Annan and Mr. Nelson Mandela ably supported by another Anglo Saxon Jimmy Carter. THE ELDERS group has  issued a statement detriment to the image of Sri Lanka which shows gross interference with Sri Lanka’s sovereignty.

 Quote”In a statement posted on its Web site, the group called on international governments to end their “deafening silence” in response to a list of recent actions by Sri Lanka, including:

“¢The persecution, intimidation, assassination and disappearance of government critics, political opponents, journalists and human rights defenders.

“¢Ongoing detention of an estimated 8,000 suspected ex-combatants without charge or access to legal representation, their families or independent monitors.

“¢The government’s failure to withdraw wartime emergency laws more than a year after the end of the conflict with the L.T.T.E. [Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam].

“¢Lack of action by the government to address the political marginalization of ethnic minorities that was at the root of Sri Lanka’s 30 years of war.

“¢Unacceptable behavior towards the United Nations “”‚ including a siege by demonstrators of U.N. offices in Colombo, led by a cabinet minister “”‚ following the U.N. secretary-general’s appointment of a panel of experts to advise him on accountability issues relating to alleged violations of international human rights and humanitarian law committed by both sides during the final stages of the conflict in Sri Lanka. Unquote(Source- Wikipedia)

Just as much as Ban-Ki Moon has no right to impose an investigation on Sri Lanka on one of the member states of UN without the sanction of the Security Council, what right do these “Elders” have to interfere with the sovereignty of Sri Lanka. I find that this is a group of “Black Christians” along with the Anglo-Saxons working against a Buddhist country in subtle way.

 Let us examine the comments made by Rev. Desmond Tutu and Mr. Koffi Annan .

 Rev. Desmond Tutu

The government of Sri Lanka needs to show a much greater commitment to achieving meaningful reconciliation. The ongoing persecution and disappearances of human rights activists, journalists and government opponents is truly terrifying.

“Unfortunately, previous internal commissions have done little to reveal the truth behind human rights abuses. It is doubtful that the President’s “ƒ”¹…”Lessons Learned and Reconciliation Commission’ will help Sri Lankans to work towards lasting peace and reconciliation.”(Source: Wikipedia)

Desmond Tutu has been a  pro LTTE sympathizer garbed in that Christian tunic collar and the garb. This is not the first time he spoke against Sri Lankan Government. Once he openly supported LTTE back in year 2008 and Rev Tutu pleaded for UN intervention in Sri Lanka for human rights violation and canvassing to oust Sri Lanka from UN Human Rights council. This was his plea “Sir, We call upon the UK Government to press for an urgent Security Council Resolution on the situation in Northern Sri Lanka, with the view to dispatching a fact finding mission there under the auspices of the UN Secretary General, in furtherance of the Security Council’s primary responsibility under the Charter of the United Nations for the maintenance of international peace and security” Unquote. He further said in attempt to appease LTTE terrorists Quote With a terrible record of torture and disappearances, Sri Lank does not deserve a seat on the Human Rights Council Unquote “.

Should we say any thing  more about Rev Desmond Tutu who is  hiding behind that Christian garb? Has he ever spoken against human rights violations in his own country and the neighboring countries in Africa? Has he ever spoken against the Human Rights violations in Iraq and Afghanistan by the western forces? May be he does not want to antagonize the  Anglo Saxons. What steps has he taken to stop the violent crimes (alleged to be highest crime rate in the world) happening day to day life in South Africa? Shouldn’t he look at his own backyard before he pokes his finger into others?.

 Koffi Annan

“There has been a deafening global silence in response to Sri Lanka’s actions, especially from its most influential friends. The international community cannot be selective in its approach to upholding the rule of law and respect for human rights. Impunity anywhere is a threat to international peace and security everywhere.”(Source: Wikipedia)

USA and its western alliance invaded Iraq and Afghanistan while he was the UNSG and  he did not have the guts to tell USA and its alliance to stop the illegal invasion  but kept totally dumb and mute. Did he talk about  hundreds of thousands of ordinary innocent civilians getting killed in Iraq and Afghanistan at the hands of the USA led western allies?  Ironically, he had the audacity whilst holding UNSG post to convey condolences to the family of a high ranking LTTE terrorist (Kaushlayan) who was killed by an opponent.. This is true Koffi Annan who is now talking of human rights in Sri Lanka.

 Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela whom I have all my respect but  being the Founder Chairman of “THE ELDERS” I couldn’t  find any comments by him on this issue but presumably he would have given his blessings for the other two to go ahead with the statement issued. Or may be that Rev. Tutu and Koffi Annan had sidelined him because of his age. However, suffice to record the fact that it was during his time that the LTTE got its unstinted support from South Africa and established a LTTE base  which he turned a blind eye on its illegal activities.

Jimmy Carter ex President “”…” Out of the other members of THE ELDERS, Jimmy Carter also figures prominent. He talks of Human Rights violations of small countries like Sri Lanka but has never uttered a word against USA whom he was once the President, UK and the other western allies where human rights are violated not in hundreds  but in hundreds of thousands..

 It is quite obvious that the members of  THE  ELDERS or the none of the above mentioned people have an iota of knowledge of the situation before the LTTE was defeated and aftermath of the war in Sri Lanka. Their statement appears to be based on hearsay and what the western media and the LTTE Tamil Net websites reports. Except, Koffi Annan I doubt others have ever visited Sri Lanka during the terrorist conflict and after the conflict. The Black Christians are in a vain attempt to compare the apartheid in South Africa with that of Sri Lanka’s terrorist conflict, the difference of which is polls apart. But yet one thing is clear and that is when the Anglo Saxons failed to destroy Sri Lanka morally, the Black Christians  have now teamed up together in a subtle move to humiliate this small Buddhist democratic country.

We urge the “THE ELDERS” led by three black Christians to mind their own business. Anglo-Saxons tried to destroy Sri Lanka with their  coup d’etat   during the final operations against LTTE. Now the Black Christians have teamed up to give oxygen to the Tamil Diaspora  in their attempt to carve a separate monolithic state for the Tamils in Sri Lanka in other possible ways.  EU thought that they could strangle Sri Lanka’s economy by not granting the GSP plus concession but  Sri Lanka’s economy continues to grow despite all the global financial turmoil.

 Lastly may I request the members of ” THE ELDERS” to focus their energy  and resources to find the truth of the 91000 classified documents relating to human rights violations by USA in Iraq and  Afghanistan. This will help them to keep themselves occupied for the rest of their lives.

 Malin Abeyatunge


  1. sharpeshooter Says:

    The moment WikiLeaks report was out what did the US do? Immediately the case was handed over to FBI to find out if any criminal actions have were committed by the founder. When expat Tamils conspired against GOSL with cry of war crimes what did US/British do? They immediately influenced the UN Security to pass a resolution, luckily vetoed by China and Russia and coerced Boon the Moon to appoint a panel. This is the usual game Anglo Saxon play, smelling the filth of others as their own filth doesn’t smell. One of these days someone should write a book about this hypocritical race to expose everything from War Crimes commited in Hiroshima/Nagasaki to present day Afgan war. All powerful WASP propaganda machine, more powerful than the Atomic and Hydogen bombs, helps the CIA an Pentagon and the US and British military machines. Sunil Vijayapala

  2. jana Says:

    when the white man came he had the bible and the blacks had the land. Then they prayed and when they opened their eyes the whiteman had the land and the black man had the bible. Now the black man with the bible is doing the donkey work for the white man. Now we understand the fight of the islamists.

  3. marat2010 Says:

    Most westerners cannot be called as Christians now. Milliband is an atheist by his own admission and same can be said of Kouchner , a socialist. Most Sri Lankans are quite happy to spend their lives in these so called “Anglo Saxon Countries” ( including the writer of this article???) and go to any lengths to obtain visas. However once they become safely ensconed ( and mind you after taking the Loyalty Pledge :)) in Anglo-Saxon countries enjoying liberal democracy and clean politics that they have to offer, suddenly nationalist bug hits them along with a guilt feeling and to assuage this guilt they become aredent anti white anti Christian crusaders. This is especially true of Southern Sinahala Buddhists who pledge their allegeince to the White Christian Masters when they take loyalty pledge and then trash the very countries to which they tried to get in so hard just a few years earlier. This is the hypocrisy of highest order even worse than Pharissees.Take the case of Nalin de Silva the arch racist. He also sent his sons to learn un unversities of Great Satan USA. Need I say more?
    There are so many examples I can cite. Anyway it will be useless cos Hypocrites are Hypocrites all the time

  4. samaraweera Says:

    The LTTE from the inception tried to show that the problem in Sri Lanka was between the Buddhists and the non-buddhists to gain support of the world church. So they sponsored Catholic priests to visit Sri Lanka and once they returned they organised Fund Raising Campaigns for the LTTE. This was clearly seen in countries like Australia and New Zealand.

    The Invisible hand behind the LTTE is still the Catholic Church. Because they always wanted a Divided Sri Lanka to weaken the strength of the Buddhists.

  5. S de Silva Says:

    Thank you Malin and Marat2010 needs a bit of a tune up! Are you Marat2010 speaking of the hypocrisy of the message or the hypocrisy of the messenger?? The message is: “….the terrorizing and harassment of SL over HR is really a bogus excuse. The West who are accusing SL have been in breach of HR from centuries back to right now on a vast, unending, industrial scale. They never cared for HR when it suited them not to. This is all crocodile tears and utter hypocrisy! The West’s real grievance and the desire to punish SL has all to do with Rajapakse wiping out the LTTE. The West fully expected LTTE to win the war and gain via the ‘victorious’ LTTE, 2/3 of the SL coastline and the mineral and geo-political benefits that would follow. Instead MR achieved the victory over the LTTE to the surprise of the West with the help of Iran and China etc – the ‘enemies’ of the West,”… WHICH IS WHAT IS BOTHERING THEM! So read the message – the hypocrisy of the writer is irrelevant – S de Silva – London

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    To Mara 2010 : Let us ask ourselves why some Tamil people leave Tamil Nadu in large number. The problem in Tamil Nadu is that Tamil Nadu has a vast number of Dalits (Untouchables), some 5 Million. Latest reports on the Net puts it at some 10 Million. We can only surmise that Dalits from perhaps Andrapradesh have come into Tamil Nadu in huge numbers, (for what purpose ?), during the last few years. Anyway, Tamil Nadu Dalits (mostly) have been going to various countries in any way possible, particularly to Sri Lanka, Fiji, Malaysia etc. etc. and the west, if not by hook, by crook. In the east, some Tamils try to carve out separate countries for themselves. It is true that vested interests have ‘used’ Tamils when it suits them. The Lanka Southerners learnt many truths over the recent years. They write about the truths they have learnt. They find that truth sets them free ! It is an exhilarating experience to expose the truth. Many in western countries are doing just the same thing. Let us hope that good comes to all from exposing truth.

  7. sharpeshooter Says:

    Marat2010 – When we expats who live in WASP countries attack these countries, we focus our attack on filthy institutions such as CIA, Pentagon, KKK, AI, MI5, Greenpeace, English Media and not the governments per se or people who are law abiding, truthful, non hypocritical Anglo Saxons who are committed to compassion and charity. This is the marked difference between your statement of we being hypocritical and what we expats really are. Some individuals in governments such as Tony Blair, George Bush or John Harward did reflect the actions taken as a whole by governments and thats a sad situation when you come across unwise foolish leaders who are driven by their hegemonic Ango Saxon traits, thanks to the predessors such as Vampire Victoria. We will not even hesitate to criticise the GOSL or even Mahinda (in fact I challenged Mahinda on few issues in one of my articles some time ago)
    You hammer anyone, any institution or any country when you see INJUSTICE, irrespective whether its a WASP country or not but in recent years the world’s focus has been on these barbarians, mostly WASP nations, who go on rampages, plundering countries to show their might and superiority and play the role of ‘Managing people and Resources to their advantage’. I am a proud CANLANAUSSIE but my love for Sri Lanka comes foremost and above all I am a Sinhala. Learnt the best the 3 countries could offer and was fortunate to live in the 3 BEST COUNTRIES ON THIS PLANET. And now I spend my time in India too and truly losing my national identity. I hope Marat2010 you get the message now. Sorry if I did hurt your feelings. Sunil Vijayapala AUSTRALIA

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