Canada’s Acceptance Of Refugee Ship Could Set Up A Dangerous Precedent Towards Global Security!
Posted on August 13th, 2010

Insight By Sunil Kumar For LankaWeb

August 14th 2010
 It must be the aspiration as well as expectation of all sensible discerning Canadians that this time around the refugee ship headed for Canada with over 300 people  which is getting so much publicity on world Newsw will not be granted safe haven in their beautiful country by its administration on simplistic albeit passionate grounds of sympathy and various excuses pointing to humanitarian needs, as research and investigations by the Government of Sri Lanka as well as other reliable sources qualified to the task indicate that this is a shipload of terrorists and terrorist supportives. Sadly there are women and children on board but they will simply have to be deemed victims of circumstance where some compassion will be needed to deal with them and something for the Canadian Government to decide on.
A very interesting features item captioned Canada-Bound Refugee Boat Carry Terrorists by Mr.Alastair Reynard also attests to this likelihood where he addresses those against the ship entering Canada saying Thanks for the eye-opening reports on the Canada-Bound ship full of Tamil Terrorists. It has been known for some time that this is not a ship full of refugees but a ship of escaping terrorists.”

In an almost advisory tone it is suggested  by him that  Ship-bound Tamil refugees if there is such a category acceptable to the Canadian Government anymore that is~ need help to read about this bogus refugee ship that’s full of terrorists. A small excerpt: “ƒ”¹…”Perhaps in  the media, especially he Toronto Star, probably would have paid much more attention to any bone fide refugees~ once again said hypothetically ~ if they had money to pay the smugglers to come to Canada, or owned laptops with access to Skype and the Internet, like the bogus Tamil refugees stuck in a boat”¦. It is a shame those poor refugees in Iraq and Afghanistan lack the media support, or the backing of a global criminal network like the LTTE, which had been involved in smuggling Tamils to countries like Canada, with the help of the liberal politicians, and bleeding-heart newspaper columnists ” and well said Mr Reynard where hopefully the Canadian Govermnet based on such astute observations will take the sensible option of not permitting them safe haven in Canada and stick to the no nonsense policies of nations such as Australia, the USA, the UK and others which do not accept refugees at random!
Ironically this vessel is reputed to have been part of a fleet manned by Tamil Tiger resources during the heyday of their Anti Sri Lankan Government  terrorist campaigns alongside ships smuggling explosives and other terrorist material where one of the men who made the month-long voyage from Southeast Asia to Canada has been identified as Kartheepan Manickavasagar, who is wanted by Sri Lanka for his alleged role in a procurement ring that smuggled electronic equipment to the Tamil Tigers’ and more than adequate reason why the Canadian Government should be cautious.
Surely a certain K Pathmanathan might have some interesting observations on this issue too and probably needs to be made to sing like a canary towards further consolidating the concept that this ship is not carrying bonafide refugees and the requred attention and necessary action forthcoming by Canada!
Furthermore the security argument is based on the explosive residue found by police and allegations by Prof. Rohan Gunaratna, a Singapore-based terrorism expert and author of several books on the Tamil Tigers that the ship had been part of the rebel weapons smuggling fleet .
According to Canada’s primary Law Enforcement Agenct the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)”¦ Canada is “one of the few places in the world where LTTE terrorists and supporters might seek to hide in plain sight, and potentially launch terrorist operations” in the words of RCMP Commissioner William Elliott all of which point to the only  stand the Canadian authorities should take in turning this ship away as indeed Canada is a haven for the Tamil terrorists. where many hard-code Tamil Tigers once operated openly in Canada, raising funds and spreading terror-ideology until recently when the RCMP cracked down on their operations as well as organizations fronting for them and they went underground!!.And what is mind boggling according to the many reports in circulation about this topic is that they point to shocking reality that  these Tamil terrorists have even got Canadian politicians collaborating with them. One example of a Canadian politician who worked to fund the Tamil Tigers in Canada is Canada’s former justice minister Alan Rock. whose transparencies toward related guilt seem to stick out like a sore thumb where he seems to have little or nothing to say in his defence except prevaricate and splutter in favour of the LTTE although one may at times need to read between the lines in how he tries to justify his actions!And there are others  who danced to the LTTE tunes and caught with their pants down all for a block vote which could have assured them of retaining their constituencies!
The astounding write up by MrAlastair Reynard quoted in the beginning  suggests that  quote “the Liberal politicians in the West including Canada are high recruiting targets for the Tamil Tiger terrorists. The list of such politicians is quite long. The Tamil terrorists living in Canada are lobbying Canada really hard to get these hard-core terrorists admitted into Canada so then can join their terror buddies already operating in Canada.Keep up the great work on exposing LTTE operations here in North America all you sources dedicated towards keeping Canada terrorist free! as well as pointing out those who are gullible and naive enough to believe fabricated Tamil refugee stories.
It surely will be a clear cut case of Canada bending to the will of terrorist supportives inadvertently at least if the demands of these refugee seekers are met and a dangerous precedent which may open up a whole new Pandora’s Box towards global security!

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