Lorne Gunter: Send the Tamils back, sadly
Posted on August 17th, 2010

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent. Gloucester . Ontario . Canada

17 August 2010
The Editor (Letters)
It is sad when there is one more journalist who writes about Sri Lanka after Sun Sea brought in 490  ‘millionaire’ illegal Tamil migrants, when they have little knowledge of what has happened and is happening in Sri Lanka.Unfortunately Lorne Gunter falls into that category.  I called the Tamils ‘millionaires” because to pay $45,000 to get a ride to Canada in terms of Sri Lanka’s monetary value, if one has $45,000 one is a millionaire four times over when you convert the dollars into rupees.  I doubt there are many Canadians who after working for 20 years can afford a $45,000 trip in search of an utopia in the island of Elysium.
Gunter says in ‘Send the Tamils back’, that ‘They (Tamils) were more willing than their Sinhalese countryman- mostly Buddhists – to accept missionary education and British institutions”.   Wrong.  What he did not say was the British
gave the Tamils an education in English by establishing Missionary schools in the north where the majority of the population were Tamils. But when they started establishing Missionary schools in the south, they considered mainly Christian children to enter their schools and so the Buddhist children initially  were kept out of them.  I could write a thesis debunking most
of what Gunter had to say.
However, I agreed with his last paragraph and his conclusion, “So we have no choice but to send them back, quickly”.  But not so quick Gunter.  First let us find out from these ‘millionaire’ illegal Tamil migrants who funded their trip in this global criminal network scam.  If the Tamil Diaspora were involved in funding this scam, lets choke them legally.  Lets start by interrogating the Tamil Tiger front organization, the Toronto based Canadian Tamil Congress spokespersons who are all over the Television screens defending these Tamils who they say are running away from misery and persecution.  And then lets find out from the Tamil lawyers who turn up in Victoria in a hurry to help these Tamil millionaire refugee claimants as to what they know about this global network scam and who their paymasters are.
The Conservative Government says that they want to be “tough on crime”. Let’s see how  tough they can be on this criminal human trafficking episode. and let’s choke these culprits.
Asoka Weerasinghe

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  1. Raj Says:

    As always, well said Asoka!

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