A reply to that special correspondent of BBC Sinhala service
Posted on August 31st, 2010

Herold Leelawardena

As has been always, the sole aim of the BBC is to discredit MR government. No wonder BBC chose to send a LTTE sympathizer with a Nelsonian eye as their special correspondent to report on the plight of IDPs returnees. It is sad that BBC correspondent emphasises the suffering of only a section of our community (Mannar Tamils or returning IDPs) for homelessness. I must say, regardless ones race or creed, I too pity for those that suffer for being homeless.

Homelessness of some unfortunate people shouldn’t be a political football. Take for instance, estate Tamils of Sri Lanka had been suffering much more, under worst circumstances and much longer for being homeless. Very many of them live in shabby, tin roofed and tiny homes for ages. To say the least, very often, two or more generations live in one roomed line houses. At many instances more than six people crammed in to one room day in day out throughout their life.

We must ask how often BBC did expose the plight of such people with the aim of rectifying the situation. I say, BBC chooses to be mum because the root cause of such misery is the British raj. Everyone knows, British raj brought the estate Tamils to Sri Lanka and made use of their sweat to prosper. Now that the British and their western allies have discovered human rights, animal rights, etc and etc, they should be compelled to build them decent houses for free; not out of sympathy but as a pay back for blood money.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ Most of the IDPs concerned here were not just unfortunate victims but misguided LTTE backers. I wonder how many of these brainwashed people have marched behind Piripaharan like the Hebrew that followed Moses towards their promised land. If not very many, I am sure all at least some of them may have volunteered to be the cannon fodders for LTTE.

When they would be IDPs were boxed in at VellamullawaikalI, LTTE cadres had shed their tiger striped uniforms and donned in civilian attire. After that only God could identify the civilian and the tiger. LTTE placed their heavy guns in their mindset and started firing at the advancing army hoping. From then on, it has become too late for the vast majority or genuine civilians to escape. The sun God of LTTE may have thought the BBC would propagate enough lies to compel the government for a ceasefire, regroup and start a suicide bombing spree again. MR rid the enemy for good and rain the friends of the enemy. The question is; had not MR saved hoards of Tamil people from LTTE villainy. Obviously, BBC chooses not to ask IDPs such questions; they chose to disregard such episodes; they only try to pin MR as the sole villain.

No wonder BBC make a bonfire out of a cooking fire. We can ask few question ourselves about BBC: Had BBC reported on the plight of Iraqi children when Iraq was banned to import medicine. What about the plight of the Afghans that were killed or maimed and made homeless by US drone attacks etc right now. How many millions of Vietnamese might have been made homeless after the US fell more bombs than they ever dropped during the WW11. Where was BBC?

Everyone knows that LTTE had scattered millions of bombs all over the North. It was unsafe for anyone to roam around without such mines being removed. That had been a prime reason for the IDPs to remain in camps. The other being; there were ten thousand LTTE cadres at large among the IDPs. Among them there trained suicide cadres. If wrong people were to lay their hands on them, they would no doubt be potential time bombs. Isn’t it a good progress that the government managed to separate LTTE cadres from the three hundred or so ordinary backers of LTTE and settled in their homes during this short time fame. Take it from me, our IDPs are lucky to go back with two plastic bags full of stuff for in Afghanistan and Pakistan, they go back swinging bare arms after US attacks.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ For decades, Tamil Diaspora is said to have contributed three hundred million dollars per year for LTTE coffers. Most of it may have been collected by extortion. But BBC seldom reported about the thugs or rather terrorists that were involved in such acts. Even when such extorted money was known to have used to train human bombs such as the one that killed Rajive Gandhi BBC continue to categorise LTTE cadres as freedom fighters. I say; BBC is nothing but a hypocrite.

Many other journalists say; LTTE rumps are collecting large sums for a fight that they hope to ignite soon. I presume BBC reporters look forward to file their reports on a renewed terrorist campaign on Sri lankan soil with a glee.

True, Sinhala soldiers are vigilant all over the North and East. And what’s wrong with that? Did not the allies do the same after winning the WW11. Had they not go on Nazi hunting for decades afterwards. Is it not a fact that allies banned the Nazis even to-date. Did the allies handed over Germany to Nazi sympathizers after their win? NO. Take the case of Iraq as a recent example: the US invaded Iraq to look for WMD. Did they find what they were looking for? No. They are hang on to Iraq illegally by manipulation. Had they allowed the Bathist party to contest so-called free elections in Iraq? No. So, this reporter is naive if he expect the Sri Lanka government to hand over the North and East to the terrorist backers, TNA in a platter.

This BBC corespondent talks as if the government is all out to destroy the Tamil culture and heritage. I wonder whether he is dumb to the fact that the Sinhalese are cramming to all kinds of Hindu Kovils (temples) in the North and make offerings to getting the blessing of Hindu Gods through Tamil kurukals (priests). Is he blind to the fact that there are very many Hindu temples that are located all over the South attended by Sinhala Buddhists. Does he know how many Hindu temples are there in Colombo. Does he know, the famous Tamil Hindu kovils such as Munneswaran is in the south. Not only those kovils (temples) were not harmed but patronised by Sinhalese even at the time LTTE had blasted the famous Temple of Tooth in Kandy. If that is so, what’s wrong having Buddha statues all over the North and East? After all they were there for over thousand years.

Finally, I would like to ask the people with a mindset like this BBC correspondent to tell us what they expect to reap by unfair write-ups on the plight of these unfortunate and misguided people.

6 Responses to “A reply to that special correspondent of BBC Sinhala service”

  1. Raj Says:

    This BBC correspondent should be chucked out of Sri Lanka. No one reads BBC stuff anymore. They are liers, at best economical with the truth.

  2. S de Silva Says:

    It is the ‘bogus legitimacy’ that is being given by the BBC to the LTTE as the sole representative of the Tamils which ironically extended the suffering of the ordinary Tamil folk. While we all feel good letting our steam off against the BBC via Lankaweb, It does not achieve anything. Instead, what is required is for the High Commissioner in London to make (again ?) a formal complaint to the The BBC Board, may be threatning legal action which might make the BBC sit up and take some notice. But the HC may be tied up with more urgent business. I wish I was but I am not a barrister! So it is left for other SL legal eagles to carry this out. When the IRA was thrashing the excrement out of the Londoners they were terrorists, when the lTTE was doing the same in Colombo, they were Freedom Fighters to the BBC!! – S de Silva – London

  3. Sunil Vijaya Says:

    The root cuase of all problems on this planet is the Anglo Saxon. Their nature is to smell the filth of others like dogs do as their own filth don’t smell. The whole world including Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Chinese, Germans, Japanese, Arabs, French, Spanish, Indians, Pakistanis, Iranians, Sri Lankans must all unite to fight our common enemy the Anglo Saxon. This world will be a peaceful place when they finally get the flogging by kicking them out of all world forums and smashing their propaganda machine.

  4. Nihal Fernando Says:

    Well said Sunil Vijaya.

    Yes, they do not realise that they only use toilet tissues to clean themselves and forget where the smell coming from.

  5. Weeraya Says:

    Good one Herold! I think this BBC Sinhala person is Saroj Pathirana. BBC Sinhala or Sandeshaya is an utter waste. Real BBC is at least ok now since LTTE are gone. Priyath Liyanage runs BBC Sandeshaya and he is a big time LTTE parrot.

    @Raj, I dont think we should chase out Charles Harviland. He seems ok from what I see. Recently BBC has improved than before June 2009. Recent BBC hardtalk show focussing on Sri Lanka was ok as they interviewed lot of people from our side. Stephen Sarkur was very professional when he was discussing about media freedom at the London free press club with Douglas Wickramaratne if you recall early July.

  6. Raj Says:

    @Weeraya, You are right. Charles Havilland has been OK lately. Also as you said Sarkur has been very professional at that interview with Douglas and some LTTE guys.

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